When you go on a Pearl Harbor tour, you see some of the many iconic areas on the island also of Oahu. From the USS Arizona Memorial to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, there’s no shortage of background to check out. As you discover the itinerary for your day, you might notice cite of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater. While it’s clear what the USS Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri, and USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park are, the memorial theater might leave you with some questions.

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Some of the places you view at Pearl Harbor were currently tbelow on December 7, 1941, as soon as the Japanese released their surpclimb assault, while others were constructed later, to commemoprice that damaging day. Structures choose the 2 hangars that home the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum were current for the attack and also still show indicators of being struck by adversary fire. The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, the USS Arizona Memorial, and the Memorial Theater, on the various other hand, were included to honor the memory of the hundreds of stays shed on that ill-fated Sunday morning.

History of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater, which is situated to the left of the major entrance, was an original component of the plans of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, which was initially built in 1980 and expanded and also renovated in 2010. The original theater was developed alongside a museum exhilittle and also a booksave.

Sign at the entrance to the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater

Renovated through the remainder of the Visitor Center, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater now has 2 the same auditoriums. The theater is the first speak of the timed USS Arizona Memorial program. The internal is a straightforward design with stadium-style seating that looks down at a movie theater-style screen. Here, tourists watch a 23-minute documentary film that contains archival footage from the attack, and information on the USS Arizona and the memorial constructed to honor the guys lost when the battleship exploded and also sank.

The Film

While the building that dwellings the theater is a reasonably recent building and construction, the film gives tourists via a deep link to the events of December 7, 1941. After viewing the film, guests arise through a a lot deeper understanding of what occurred aboard USS Arizona and also around Pearl Harbor on that December morning nearly 80 years ago.

The Next off Part of the Program

USS Arizona’s bell on display screen at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center

After watching the film, tourists leave from the front of the auditorium to a dock where they board a US Navy shuttle watercraft that takes them on a tour of Battleship Row and also the USS Arizona Memorial, problems permitting.

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Near the entrance to the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater is a physical item of USS Arizona: the ship’s bell, which was salvaged from the mighty battleship and also put on screen as another suggests of memorializing the guys who passed away throughout the assault on Pearl Harbor. Another piece of the ship, her anchor, deserve to be uncovered simply north of the Visitor Center entrance.