If PAYDAY 2 crashes generally on your computer system, you’re not alone. Many kind of PAYDAY 2 users have had the exact same problem occurring randomly.

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This is a very annoying problem. You can’t play your game if it keeps crashing. But don’t concern. This worry can be fixed…

Try these fixes

The complying with are a few methods that have helped many type of PAYDAY 2 gamers solve their crashing issues. You don’t have to try them all; simply work-related your way down the list till you discover the one that works for you.

Method 1: Rerelocate your mods

Mods are the reason of many game crashing problems. If you’re enduring crashing issue while you’re making use of mods on PAYDAY 2, you must try uninstalling them to see if this fixes the issue. If it is, stop using them on your game.

If rerelocating mods doesn’t fix your crashing problem, tright here are three even more fixes for you to try…

Method 2: Enable utilizing HQ weapons

If you’ve disabled the “Use HQ weapons” setting in your game, the game will certainly crash if other players usage brand-new tools. Go to your game settings and check your USE HQ WEAPONS establishing. Make certain it is allowed (checked). If it was formerly disabled and also you’ve now turned it on, check to view if your game is able to run commonly.


If enabling using HQ tools doesn’t assist you, or this establishing has actually currently been turned on, you still have actually two fixes to try…

Method 3: Upday your drivers

You might have the crashing problem through your game if you’re making use of a wrong driver of it’s out of day. You have to upday your chauffeurs to watch if this fixes your concern. 

You deserve to update your driver manually or immediately. The hand-operated process is time consuming, technical and riskies, so we won’t cover it below. Nor carry out we recommfinish it unless you have actually terrific computer understanding.

Updating your driver automatically, on the various other hand also, is extremely simple. Simply install and also run Driver Easy, and also it will automatically discover all the tools on your COMPUTER that require brand-new vehicle drivers, and also install them for you. Here’s exactly how to usage it.

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and also click the Sdeserve to Now switch. Driver Easy will certainly then sdeserve to your computer system and detect any trouble chauffeurs.


3) Click the Update button beside each device to download the latest and also correct driver for it.

You deserve to additionally click the Update All switch at the bottom right to automatically update all outdated or lacking vehicle drivers on your computer (this needs the Pro version — if you don’t currently have actually it, you will be triggered to upgrade as soon as you click Upday All).


4) Rebegin your computer system. Then inspect to view if this fixes your crashing concern.

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If this resolves your problem, great! But if not, you might need to…

Method 4: Verify your game file integrity

You might have actually corruption issues via your game papers so your PAYDAY 2 crashes commonly. You need to verify your game file integrity with your Steam client to repair your game papers.