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NamePavlos, Crown Prince that GreeceGender: M
born on20 may 1967 in ~ 21:06 (= 9:06 pm )PlaceAthens, Greece, 37n58, 23e43 TimezoneEET h2e (is conventional time)Data sourceQuoted BC/BR
Rodden Rating AA
Collector: Lescaut
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16°49 Asc.

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Greek royalty, kid of the exiled King Constantine II and also Queen Anne-Marie, and also the Crown Prince. That earned one M.A. Native Georgetown University school of international Service and as the child of a deposed monarch, operated as a fund manager in Manhattan, NY.

In 1992 the met London-born elegant Marie-Chantal Miller, 23. They ended up being engaged in January 1995 and also married in ~ the Greek Cathedral in London ~ above 1 July 1995. By might 2001 they had three youngsters, Marie-Olympia (4), Constantine-Alexios (2), and 10-month old Achileas-Andreas. Marie-Chantal had turned into a designer, putting out a line of high-quality children"s wear.

As a male-line descendant the Christian IX of Denmark, the is additionally a Danish prince.

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Relationship : accomplish a far-reaching person 1992 (Marie-Chantal Miller)

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Lescaut estimates L"tastecraftedmcd.comlogue 4 for B.R.


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