In the appropriate setting, a solitary scathing word have the right to prove deadlier than a poisoned dagger. Behind the scenes of heroic battles and also magical worlds lies a seething underbelly of danger and also deception. This world of intrigue holds countless possibilities for adventure, together heroes duel v words rather of steel, plot daring heists, and also engage in battles of wills versus relentless nemeses. A high-stakes game of shadows and secrets is yours to master—if you have actually the wits!

Whether the heroes space taming the blood-soaked ago alleys of your favorite metropolis or jockeying because that the queen"s favor alongside highborn nobles, Pathfinder RPG ultimate Intrigue is one invaluable companion come the Pathfinder RPG main point Rulebook. This imaginative tabletop video game builds upon an ext than 10 years of system advance and an open Playtest featuring more than 50,000 gamers to produce a cutting-edge RPG suffer that bring the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into a brand-new era.

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Pathfinder RPG can be fried Intrigue includes:

The vigilante, a brand-new character course that lives two lives—that of one unassuming member that the community, and also a cloaked crusader through his own agenda!New archetypes for alchemists, bards, druids, hunters, inquisitors, investigators, mesmerists, rangers, rogues, slayers, spiritualists, and also more!New feats and also magic item for personalities of all sorts, providing mastery of street-smart combat, impenetrable disguises, and also misdirection.Dozens the spells to manipulate tense society settings, whether to expose adversaries" keys or hide the truth.A finish system of influence, providing brand-new goals and also rewards to difficulty players and link their fortunes to nonplayer characters and organizations.Systems and advice to assist Game Masters introduce a range of brand-new encounters into their games­—daring heists, expanded pursuits, and tense searches for hidden secrets.Rules because that social combat and also verbal duels, enabling characters to use words as tools to sway hearts and humiliate foes.... And also much, much more!

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A Must-Have for heavy RP gamings 5/5 Jhaeman — Aug 20, 2020, 05:54 am

Okay, let"s get into can be fried Intrigue! together the location implies, the function of this book is to aid flesh out an ext subtle facets of the game: things favor spreading rumors, rallying a crowd, thefts secrets, and also other standard cloak-and-dagger stuff. I"ve supplied bits and pieces of it in vault campaigns, but read through it carefully (and included a fair bit of it) because that my present Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign, together that adventure path is designed roughly urban political strife. Boiled down to brass tacks, the book is a 256 web page hardcover comprised of 6 chapters. The full-colour artwork is very solid throughout, and the covering is an excellent (though Merisiel"s legs are prefer three times longer than her torso!). There"s a an extremely short two-page introduction that summarises every chapter--which is what I"m going to execute anyway.

Chapter 1 is "Classes" (60 pages). The huge deal right here is a new base case, the Vigilante. The ide is the the character has actually both a normal (social) identity and a masking identity, with details class choices only working while in the associated guise. Over there are likewise several safeguards to aid keep anyone indigenous figuring the end that Bruce Wayne is really Batman. I have actually a Vigilante personality in Pathfinder Society, and also one of mine players operation one in Curse the the Crimson Throne. Ns think the class is perfect for an urban campaign mostly collection in a solitary city (especially v lots room for intrigue), but it doesn"t work also with the much more traditional "travelling adventuring party" campaign. It"s a little bit too apparent when 5 newcomers arrive in town, just for among them to "disappear" and also a brand-new costumed avenger show up. I understand there are likewise some gamers that dislike what can seem choose the awkward development of comic book super heroes right into their fantasy role-playing. For me, ns think the principle works well--though together I said, just in particular species of campaigns.

A large chunk that the thing is specialized to new archetypes for other classes. An ext specifically, alchemists, bards, cavaliers, druids, inquisitors, investigators, mesmerists, rangers, rogues, skalds, spiritualists, swashbucklers, and vigilantes gain some love. Frankly, a most the archetypes are relatively forgettable, yet there room exceptions--for example, a Daring general Cavalier would certainly be good in army campaigns, the Dandy Ranger could be really beneficial in an metropolitan campaign, and a couple of the vigilante archetypes space perfect if you want to beat the Hulk or Spider-Man. Return the rogue archetypes aren"t really good, there space several fantastic rogue talent that emphasis on do the personality harder to track through divination, etc. It"s precious nothing the this publication came out during the period when the hardcover line to be still setting-neutral, so there won"t be any Golarion-specific flavour with the archetypes (for much better or worse depending upon your preferences).

Chapter 2 is "Feats" (24 pages). There"s something choose 110 brand-new feats in the chapter, and probably something for everyone. Offered the book"s theme, numerous of the accomplishments are concerned sneaking around, hiding and also disguising spells, stealing stuff, making plans, figuring out when you"re being to lie to, etc. A few that I an especially like encompass Brilliant Planner (giving friend the chance to have just what girlfriend need just when you need it), call Truce (giving a slim chance to actually end combat peacefully as soon as its underway), and Drunkard"s recovery (silly yet fun). A couple of important feats space Conceal spell (which hides the pesky manifestations the spells create in Pathfinder) and Fencing grace (adding Dex to damage with rapiers, a favourite the swashbucklers everywhere). Overall, I assumed the alternatives presented were well-written and plausible in terms of desirability.

Chapter 3 is "Mastering Intrigue" (68 pages). This is most likely the most crucial chapter in the publication for GMs. The offers tons of advantageous advice, as well as clarification on part tricky game mechanics, to help run intrigue-based games. The pages around how typical magic spells can be handled while still preserving mysteries, secrets, and also misdirection is pure gold. The chapter likewise introduces seven new rules sub-systems, any kind of or all of which deserve to be included into a project to flesh out particular aspects of gameplay. "Influence" is a sub-system that deepens the process of persuading a person or organization to support you. Rather of a simple single Dipomacy check, PCs have to make certain skill checks to learn a person"s interests and weaknesses, and also then other skill check to take benefit of what they"ve learned. The procedure operates through multiple phases that tracked successes and also failures, and can be tied to mechanically favours and benefits. It"s become a very popular facet of countless Pathfinder society scenarios, and I think it"s a pretty clever method to manage things--though it can be a little bit clunky in ~ first. "Heists" is a sub-system that consists of some fantastic advice to GMs on just how to framework things so players don"t obsess end unimportant trivia and also are ready to violate that old canard that "don"t break-up the party." "Infiltration" has some rapid advice, yet that"s around it. "Leadership" deepens the feat the the exact same name, including lots of rule for connecting with various other sub-systems both in this book and in ultimate Campaign. I"m personally quiet not persuaded that the management feat chain is a an excellent inclusion come the game. "Nemeses" is all about adding a recurring villain; ns think it"s trying to systematise something that can be handled just fine there is no it. Though there are some funny suggestions on evil plots to foil. "Pursuit" is a small like the chase sub-system indigenous the GameMastery Guide yet stretched the end over hours and days cross-country rather of in minutes v alleyways. I might imagine making use of it. "Research" is more than likely my favourite the the sub-systems, and also one I"ve offered in lot of campaigns. In essence, it offers the computers a factor to use things choose libraries and also archives by providing them bonuses come their expertise checks, yet then makes gaining various thresholds of details the result of multiple effective checks. Overall, a an excellent chapter--I wish the Influence and Research sub-systems had remained in the main point Rulebook, due to the fact that they really include a lot come the non-combat aspects of the game.

Chapter 4 is "Social Combat" (25 pages). The idea below is to present GMs with alternatives on how to manage social conflicts--things prefer debates, trials, cutting repartee, etc. There"s likewise a "verbal duels" sub-system. I"m simply not sure about it--it"s something I"d have to see in practice. However, a really useful component of the thing is advice to the GM on just how to manage the miscellaneous social skills in the game--Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive--as well together the intrigue an abilities like Disguise, Perception, and also Stealth. The advice below is excellent, and I just stopped in the middle of this evaluation to reread it.

Chapter 5 is "Spells" (40 pages). You deserve to judge native the length of the chapter the there"s a ton of new spells, and also every spellcasting class will uncover something. One of the fun things the thing introduces is a brand-new "ruse" descriptor for spells, which method the assignment is quickly mistaken for an additional even by observers trained in Spellcraft or knowledge (arcana). It"s a an excellent way come mislead persons who have actually played method too lot Pathfinder. There room some yes, really clever spells in this section, with a pair of mine favourites consisting of false resurrection (instead the bringing back a soul, you stuff a demon into the body!) and also the hilarious shamefully overdressed.

Chapter 6 is "Gear and Magic Items" (22 pages). There are some new mundane piece of equipment (weapons like the cool wrist dart launcher, alchemical items, etc.) but most the the chapter is new magic items v an intrigue theme. The one that really stuck out at me to be the launcher the distraction, which is perfect for assassination attempts since it makes it seem prefer the assault is comes from somewhere else.

Overall, ns think Ultimate Intrigue is wonderful book. It"s pretty much a must-have in my opinion for any kind of campaign that"s going come involve a lot of role-playing or that moves beyond traditional dungeon crawling and also wilderness encounters. Also readers not involved in "intrigue campaigns" per se room sure to discover plenty of product they can use.

1/5 The Despher — Feb 1, 2019, 02:04 afternoon

Don"t obtain me wrong i love books, ns love your work, and also I"m proud to own almost all of their publications.

However, ultimate Intrigue is the one publication I remorse buying. It"s even more than that, it"s the one book i remorse they ever published.

We need rules and systems, ok. We need a magic system due to the fact that magic isn"t a genuine thing. We need a combat device otherwise playing through your grilfriend end up being home abuse. But we don"t need a society system since it"s a ROLEPLAYING game. One of two people you desire intrigue hefty campaign and also you roleplay them, or you desire to dungeon crawl or inspection (that"s fine too) and also you don"t pat intrigues. Girlfriend can also do both and it"s great.

Aside indigenous that enormous problem, the book suffers from "a turn normal actions into feats/class ability" syndrome. I can"t counting the number of time where players made me battle aircraft to wizards or rogues through a twin identity. We didn"t require the Vigilante, and also still don"t. And I loved as soon as wizard use to gain clever and ask for linguistics/bluff roll to mix a spell right into a phrase. Now you need a feat because that it. Thanks, ultimate Intrigue. If the was not enough, some of these nonsense feat are built in feat taxes chains.

But the one point I hate the most about this publication is the stupid FAQ that bestowed upon united state to promote itself ( That renders a entirety school the magic (illusion) utterly useless, and also destroys a many others (enchantment).

Now I recognize I have the right to just refuse to usage it. However i use to love pathfinder for the clarity and also perfect sense with out should houserule much.

Now it"s gone.

I"m tired of make the efforts to ingredient this book down our challenge 1/5 bluesman95 — Apr 1, 2017, 09:24 am
one amazing new class in a hit and also miss complement 4/5 Michael Sayre (Designer) — Nov 1, 2016, 11:47 am

So, can be fried Intrigue took a long time for me to come to a complete opinion on.

The Vigilante course introduced in this book is, in my opinion, quickly the ideal non-spellcasting class has ever before created. It breaks up the social alternatives and combat alternatives in such a means that you have actually a good character able to participate in all locations of the video game without having to choose whether you desire to be proficient in combat or in the myriad other facets that the video game like exploration, social encounters, etc. It has deep and also well-designed talent that enable you come pick any of a selection of different ways to get involved in combat, v or there is no weapons, and also numerous devices for permitting players to influence the story through safe houses, contacts, and more.

At PAX element 2016 I had the opportunity to visit"s Pathfinder demo area and play your pregenerated vigilante character. Ns honestly didn"t suppose it to go terribly well; ~ all, the vigilante is a course built around balancing two identities and moving between different society strata, so you"d think that this would call for a an ext controlled setting where you recognize the various other players in development and have time to setup out just how your personality fits right into the game civilization with your GM front of time, right? transforms out, i was wrong. The vigilante course is well-crafted enough that also while play a 1st level pregen I had the ability to easily address situations in and out that combat, and it took me about 60 seconds of conversation to create with the group that I had actually a an enig identity they to be privy to and might require them to cover because that my personality from time to time if he needed to swap identities. The didn"t pains matters that the only downside come anyone learning a vigilante"s secret identity is that, well, they understand his or her mystery identity. You can go every Tony stark if you want, announce the you are Iron Man, and carry on as normal. Very couple of of the vigilante"s capability actually need you to maintain truly secret identities, and also the just real fight you take it is the you"re a bit less complicated to uncover by magical means (though even this deserve to be addressed with clever usage of the Safe residence Social Talent).

The book also elaborates on the intent behind plenty of spells that regularly prove problematic because that GMs in gamings where they desire to have a focus on gritty investigation of mystery, such together the various detect spells, speak through dead, etc.

I think my best disappointments v the book, and the factor I can"t offer it 5 stars, lie in the feats and archetypes. I"ll begin with the feats, and also a bit about why ns see most of them as representative of to let go opportunities.

To begin with, Pathfinder"s skill device is greatly dated. Once carried it end from 3.5, they merged a few extraneous skills, but otherwise did little to update things, definition the core area the the rules covering whatever in the video game that isn"t casting spells or hitting points is currently well over a decade old and also out the date. Several an abilities don"t even actually work, or work-related well, as written, have interactions you"re just supposed to type of i think or make up (Ride and also Handle pet are a mess, Stealth calls for one to examine out FAQs and also blog posts online to usage as intended, Bluff and also Diplomacy have much more than a couple of vague areas and inconsistencies, etc.), so what much better book to address, update, and expand these core materials of the game than a book about playing skill and intrigue heavy campaigns? Unfortunately, chose not come go the route, rather relying on accomplishments to stretch an abilities over your gaps and issues, leading to countless of the tasks in the this book providing skill uses that I"ve checked out GMs at hundreds of tables houserule as an easy functions that those an abilities to begin with. Rather of formalizing intuitive offers of existing skills into their basic function, they included a feat tax to permit characters to perform things plenty of people already thought they could do. While there is a ar in the publication going over numerous of the vague areas in a couple of key skills, these are primarily typical sense clarifications instead of the full resolve the skills could have used.

The archetypes, like countless hardcovers, are almost everywhere the place. Few of them room interesting and also dynamic, choose the masking Performer bard archetype, some show an attempt at embodying a cool and modern-day concept yet fail to achieve that concept in the yes, really execution, like the Magical kid vigilante archetype, and also some are just plain bad, therefore obviously dreadful designed that you almost wonder if the human being who created them has ever actually played Pathfinder, prefer the Brute vigilante archetype.

Now, don"t permit the above wall surface of negativity mislead you; over there is a lot of of great stuff in this book, including perhaps the most inspired and also well-crafted class has ever before produced, a course that introduces really interesting architecture concepts, dram with materials of the class chassis we haven"t seen classes treat as quite so simple before, and also is a genuinely fun and also interesting course to play in and also of itself. Despite many of the tasks ranging from useless to frustrating, there are still quite a couple of that space interesting and viable, and also while the archetypes are an extremely hit or miss, that"s typically true the books in general and also probably shouldn"t it is in held against this one in particular.

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My last verdict on can be fried Intrigue is 4 stars, and a strong recommendation to choose it up, if because that no various other reason 보다 to add the Vigilante course to your game (though there absolutely are various other reasons to add this book to your collection).

No seriously. The vigilante class is freaking batman. Look in ~ the arts for chapter one and also for the character. HE"S BATMAN. Of course they likewise have archetypes if you desire to make Hulk, seafarer Moon, also He-Man. Through the archetypes indigenous other books the list goes on.My favorite part, and I cannot wait to check this effectively in a game, is the social combat. It functions a lot like playing craps or roulette. You gain a swimming pool of determination points which you use to ar a bet climate you roll off v your social skills check! seriously it sounds like lots of fun!