I bought and used the Fenumus Beast and added it to mine Bestiary and it did not unlock the facet of the Spider craft on the blood alter, my friend that has had the handmade unlocked before likewise tried it and it did no unlock for him, every little thing I see states using this item have to unlock the craft, and also I see no point out in the job notes about any changes so possibly it is a bug?


Same hear.I have actually the Fenumu's boots yet no aspect of the Spider.I worked my ass turn off trying to establish what i possibly have actually done not correct (since I used the same boots last league in stimulate to give the AoS).Anybody deserve to confirm it's a bug? Or it's just a alteration on just how the AoS work from now on?



I tried everything man. Ns even uncovered one myself after 2 days of farming tirn's end and also it quiet didn't unlock for me.

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same here, just bought a" Fenumus, first of the Night" native the market and also used it, nothing mirroring up and I unboxed the "Hide unusable" menu, only 3 facets showed up which space Cat, Crab, Avian.
I just had this same problem and also after some time i discovered. The wiki says and also I quote: "Note that buying the Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid beast from other players and adding it to your bestiary will NOT unlock the portal recipe and grant accessibility to Fenumus' Lair"
ns just had this same problem and after part time ns discovered. The wiki says and I quote: "Note that buying the Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid beast from various other players and including it to her bestiary will NOT unlock the portal recipe and grant access to Fenumus' Lair"
Yes, it never offered the portal recipe, yet it did give the element of the spider recipe and now it does not... This note is irrelevant to this short article entirely.

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The same thing just happened come me. Right-clicked the "Fenumus, first of the Night" then poof and also no element craft.
I don't think if friend never catch the beast, it will unlock indigenous buy beast at all (may be i am dorn btw)
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