The full list the cosmetics indigenous Fortnite Party Parade Set. That is total 5 Fortnite Cosmetics .

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Fortnite Peekaboo Skin

how to get the Peekaboo Skin ? Peekaboo can be obtained with V-Bucks as soon as it is in the items Shop. This item return on typical every 47 days and is likely to it is in in the item shop about November 30, 2020.

Fortnite Nite Nite Skin

just how to acquire the Nite Nite Skin ?
Nite Nite have the right to be derived with V-Bucks as soon as it is in the article Shop. This item return on mean every 45 days and is likely to it is in in the items shop any day now.

Fortnite Balloon Axe harvesting Tool


how to get the Balloon Axe Harvesting tool ?
Balloon Axe is component of Season 5. If that season is still at this time in the game, you can obtain this items by to buy and/or leveling up your battle Pass.

Cosmetic Details : Rarity: RareType: harvesting ToolAvailability: fight PassBattle pass Season: 5Battle pass Tier: 15ID: Pickaxe_ID_073_Balloon

Fortnite battle Balloon earlier Bling

how to acquire the battle Balloon ago Bling ?

Fortnite Balloon Llama back Bling

just how to gain the Balloon Llama ago Bling ?

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