This Ozark Trail basic Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent evaluation is around one of the largest cabin-type family members camping tents on the market, v 4 different rooms and 12 windows.

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Ozark Trail basic Camp 14-Person Cabin time – an impressive structure.

Key functions & benefits 

Incredibly huge an are – large enough because that 5 queen size beds.4 rooms.4 doors.12 huge windows.Various options with dividers.Totally tremendous price.Electric cable port.

Where come buy

What form of tent is this – what is in the name

Here you have actually a very complex structure v so many separate rooms and also entrances, yet essentially this is is a non-freestanding and also cabin form tent. Therefore this is currently something unique, cabin kind tents are usually freestanding. Yet this is together a huge construction that you have to stake that is corners very first (and you have actually them 8, don’t forget).

As a cabin kind tent, the walls are an extremely high and nearly vertical, and also the peak height in the central dome area is 78 customs (198 cm). So this is a an extremely cavernous, pleasant, and livable structure with incredible proportions, check out the photo below.

The native “base camp” have the right to mean anything, but make no mistake, this is a summer camping tent, so friend have vast windows on every sides. Every room has actually them 2 to add one top top the door. The design also included mesh anywhere on the ceiling, therefore if the sky is clean you have actually wonderful views at night.

Lots of an are inside.The area concern – how much you have really

The numbers 20 x 20 show feet, therefore this is the actual ground area required for this tent. This method 400 ft² (37 m²). However this is no the floored tent area.

My estimate of the total defended area right here is approximately 222 ft² (20 m²), or perhaps a bit more. Note, this is about 5/9 the the total area. The is straightforward to come to this value; you have actually a square and also divide the in 3 x 3 equal units and also then subtract 4 units. The continuing to be units will produce the “cross” tent structure as you have actually it here, watch the picture below.

This is big enough come accommodate 5 queen size beds. Yet if you perform so, you will not have the ability to close the dividers. Note, i have contained this tent in my list of extra big family camping tents.

Who is it for

♦ Sizewise, you have actually enough space for the asserted 14-people. The area is huge, and also you have in full 20 ft along one branch that the “cross”, for this reason you can put 9 resting pads (25 inches each) side by side. The remaining 5 pads can likewise be easily accommodated in the 2 sections that the other branch the the “cross”.

But I execute not think this is an option that would occupational in practice, except perhaps at some summer music festival or any similar gathering where human being use the tent only to invest the night on the floor, and also don’t have much stuff around.

If this is because that camping, downgrade this dramatically. Because that example, a family members with as much as 6 youngsters can comfortably camp in such a tent. Friend would have actually the enntrance gate room because that boots and also other stuff and the central dome ar for sit in the evening and also for fun. The staying three rooms would certainly then be one because that parents and also the various other two because that kids. Sound great, no it? I only regret us did not have such tents once my children were small.

Yet an additional option is to usage bunk-cots. In such a case, you save shed of floor space, such beds to the right nicely versus the wall surfaces of a cabin tent, and you have the right to have a vast family camping comfortably.

The pack size is surprisingly good for together a big tent. You have a bundle i m sorry is 28.5 x 13.75 inches (72 x 35 cm), small enough to be transported also on a motorbike. Therefore if you room on a tour v your motorbikers friends, friend might think about this tent.

How plenty of rooms?

Note that unlike other tents, here you have built-in dividers that fully close the walls. Therefore they room sewn-in come the walls and have central zippers for finish privacy.

You have a structure of a cross, with a central dome area the is associated (without the divider) v the key entrance. This is the greatest area, and also the staying three sections are with dividers, and you can develop 4 different rooms, 3 of them space the exact same size and also the fourth is almost twin size.

But resolving the dividers to the walls you can develop various choices with 1, 2, 3, and also 4 rooms as it suits girlfriend best.

I currently mentioned the variety of queen dimension beds, for this reason the tent can be supplied by numerous couples, but remember that you will certainly not have the ability to close the dividers if you usage such beds, they have actually miscalculated the proportions the this tent. So girlfriend would need to use some different sort that beds. In any case, each that the rooms has its own departure door, in total 4 exterior doors room here.

This is a framework that deserve to be organized in 1, 2, 3, and also 4 rooms.How numerous seasons

The time is developed for an extremely mild conditions and also for relatively warm weather without wind and only because that moderate rain. Therefore this is a summer camping tent and also no much more than this, and don’t be fooled through 3-season statements. This is because of the complying with reasons:

So much mesh on the ceiling and on 12 home windows cannot preserve warmth, so that is best to protect against a cold setting with this tent.Looked indigenous a side, the tent is an problem of the dimension 5 x 2 meters. So this is a non-aerodynamic thing of 10 square meters, and also a side wind would certainly put lots of pressure top top it, for this reason it would not critical long.I have actually seen civilization asking if the tent deserve to withstand snow. Certainly not, it is no designed for vertical pressure, at least not with those fiberglass roof poles.

Because of all these features, friend will watch this tent pointed out in my separate text around best family members tents for warm weather camping.

All in all, if you require a tent for 3 seasons or 3 seasons plus, you will require something really different and much an ext expensive. Check out this large Agnes flying Diamond 6 tent together a nice example, or this Nemo Wagontop 6 tent.

Materials & construction

There are numerous poles here, but this is expected from together a structure. The key 12 poles are steel and also the 10 roof poles room fiberglass.

There is no indication about waterproofness rating, but seams are taped and also the tent is constructed to be waterproof. All the windows and the doors room double-layer, with mesh and also with panels for protection.

The main door is with an reverse T-shape zipper and also other doors space D-shaped. The roof is protected by a fly which is minimal in size, therefore you have unobstructed views with all those windows.

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There is a hook because that a lantern in the key area, and also a couple of small pockets ~ above the walls, lock look grotesque come me ~ above such huge walls. They have actually missed adding them more, this would certainly make lots of difference. You have actually an electric cable port and also this is pretty lot all.