The “Waiting on one more installation or update” error shows up when users room trying to open the launcher because that a Blizzard game which is normally run through the desktop computer app. The message indicated that various other installs or updates are being download or installed yet users check out no such things in the client.

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The error is a common an insect among all games publishes by Blizzard and there have been plenty of successful methods to resolve it in various scenarios. We have actually gathered working techniques from about the Internet and gathered castle in a solitary article because that you to check out. Good luck!

What causes the Error ‘Waiting on another Installation’

Well, the difficulty is sometimes brought about by a pest with the upgrade Agent which tried to inspect for updates and it acquired stuck searching for them, preventing any kind of other download or to update to be installed.

Also, there can be troubles with the launcher i m sorry is outdated yet it stops working to upgrade itself, leading individuals to need to install the latest variation themselves or the the download cache folder which needs to it is in reset.

Finally, even transforming DNS settings for her internet connection may influence the launcher negatively, leading to you to have to reset them come default settings. Peer-to-peer customer and video game updates additionally need to it is in disabled in particular scenarios in stimulate to settle the problem.

How to Fix Waiting on another Installation or update (

Solution 1: kill a details Process

If the error merely won’t walk away, the difficulty may it is in the client’s upgrade Agent which looks because that updates for the client itself. It need to just examine if there room updates and also install them automatically if they space found. However, if the problem won’t go away, the procedure has end up being buggy and you have to kill that using task Manager.

Use the Ctrl + change + Esc key combination by tapping the secrets in the very same time to open up the job Manager tool. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination and select Task Manager from the blue full display which will appear with numerous options. Girlfriend can additionally search because that it in the begin menu.

Click on more details at the bottom left component of the window in order to increase Task Manager and also search for the “ upgrade Agent” procedure (Agent.exe). It must be situated right under elevator processes. Select it and choose the finish task choice from the reduced right part of the window.Click Yes to the article which is going to be presented which have to warn about killing miscellaneous processes and also how that may influence your computer so make certain you simply go through it.


You need to now reopen the desktop client and view if girlfriend are currently able come play her favorite games without see this message.

Solution 2: Boot into Selective Startup

Booting into selective startup should obtain rid of certain background apps and also programs which means have affected the desktop computer app and also they may have prevented it from to update properly. Selective startup only boots details parts of your computer and also it should help you attend to your problem.

Use the home windows + R key combination by tapping these tricks simultaneously top top your key-board in order to open the operation dialog box whereby you should form ‘msconfig’ and click yes in bespeak to open the device Configuration window.Click on the ‘Boot’ tab and also uncheck the ‘Safe Boot’ choice if the checked.

Under the basic tab in the same mechanism Configuration window, click to choose the Selective startup radio button, and then click to clear the load startup items examine box to make certain it’s not selected.Restart your computer system in order to boot into this startup and shot opening the desktop client now. It must now upgrade in no time if there was an update pending and prompt you with the Play switch no issue which video game you want to play!

Solution 3: pause all Updates

If there are indeed specific updates wait to be downloaded or mounted for either among the games you very own in the customer or because that the customer itself, you deserve to simply put them on hold if you desire to play a game.

Simply open up your customer to make sure its processes are running and also head because that the mechanism tray (lower right part of your screen). Right-click the icon in the tray and also choose the stop all to update option. Shot running and playing the video game now.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Launcher

There was an main statement by Blizzard that this launcher has experienced part bugs in that certain release and also they have actually prompted users to reinstall the device in order to execute a hands-on update rather of the automatically one lugged out by the client. Make sure you try this out before giving up together it won’t take it a many your time.

First of all, make certain have access to an administrator account as only accounts with admin privileges space able to uninstall program on the computer. Don’t worry about losing your games, friend are just reinstalling the launcher.Click ~ above the begin menu and open manage Panel by trying to find it. Alternatively, friend can click the equipment icon in order to use the Settings application for the same task if you room using home windows 10.In control Panel, select to watch as: category at the optimal right corner and click on Uninstall a program under the Programs ar at the bottom.

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If you room using the setups app, clicking Apps should automatically open a list of all mounted programs on your PC.Locate the entry on the list and click on that once. Click on the Uninstall button over the list and confirm any kind of dialog boxes i beg your pardon may appear after you do so. Monitor the instructions on-screen in order come uninstall the launcher and also restart your computer afterwards.

Solution 5: clear DNS setups to Default

This resolve is especially beneficial for human being who have alters their default DNS setups from the default worths to something else (such as free DNS addresses by OpenDNS or Google). This will certainly block the customer from update properly and you might have to revert your settings to default for the sake of installation this update. It’s basic to do so if you monitor the procedures below!