This page contains information for the search The long Tomorrow in the video game The outer Worlds. Review on to learn an ext about the quest's objectives, rewards, outcomes, and also how to get them.

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The lengthy Tomorrow"Abernathy asked girlfriend to bring him a cache of anthrocillin surprise in the Emerald Vale ar Center." Quest form Planet ar Side Quest Terra-2 Emerald Vale

Possible Rewards

provide the anthrocillin to Abernathy provide the anthrocillin come Esther EXP Bits items reputation
8750 8750
625+375 persuade / Intimidate 875+375 Intimidate / Charm
- -
Spacer"s selection + Spacer"s choice +

How come Unlock The long Tomorrow

You have the right to unlock this pursuit by talking to boy name Abernathy about his sickness and the medicine at the Emerald Vale neighborhood Center.

Quest Objectives

Retrieve the Cache of Medicine

"Abernathy trust he"s dying. He wants a one-of-a-kind cache that anthrocillin, discovered in the Emerald Vale community Center."

Before going to the Emerald Vale Community center to gain the medicine, a woman named Esther Blaine is waiting for you external of Abernathy"s home. She will speak to out to you and also give you an sell to provide her the medicine instead of giving the medicine to Abernathy.

Turn in the Medicine

"You uncovered a hidden cache of experimental anthrocillin. This might be valuable to someone."

After gaining the medication from the Emerald Vale neighborhood Center, go earlier to Edgewater and choose who will you give the medication to. You can offer the medicine to either Abernathy or Esther to finish this quest.

Quest Tips

Getting the Medicine

In order to gain the medicine inside the Emerald Vale community Center, you very first need to find the key to the an initial aid room. Girlfriend can discover the crucial to the first aid room inside a locked chest or it can be plunder from a dead marauder"s body.

Best Choice

The best selection to make in this quest is to provide the medicine to Esther Blaine instead of Abernathy. She will give you much more rewards 보다 what Abernathy can provide you because that the medicine.

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The doom That involved Roseway Gladys has offered you a copy of a distress signal indigenous Terra 2. Who in Roseway, a supposedly-abandoned Auntie Cleo outpost, is requesting help. If there are corporate to work hiding there, its likely you"ll have the ability to find some valuable data.
Happiness is a heat Spaceship Help Junlei Tennyson fix the radiator arrays in maintain shaft.
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The lengthy Tomorrow Abernathy asked you to bring him a cache the anthrocillin hidden in the Emerald Vale neighborhood Center.
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The Distress Signal Gladys has provided you a copy that a distress signal from Terra 2. Who is Roseway, a supposedly-abandoned Auntie Cleo outpost, is requesting help. If there space corporate to work hiding there, it"s likely you"ll have the ability to find some beneficial data come sell ago to Gladys.
Solution Vital Dr. Wanda Dorsett, one of the neighborhood doctors, hass been waiting on a distribution of medical auto-mechanicals that has yet to arrive.
The quiet Voices The Groundbreaker"s primary interactions relay station is about to it is in occluded by among Halcyon"s gas giants for the next couple of months. To prevent being entirely reduced off, they require the old back-up relay station operational again. Edna Ingmire in interactions hired you to take trip to Relay GB-23 and also bring the terminal online.
Who walk There? The Groundbreaker"s Mardets have actually a bounty the end for a criminal on the operation in the Groundbreaker"s earlier Bays. You"ve agreed to hunt under the unlawful Captain Gunnar MacRedd. Return his lighter come Cmdt. Sanita to case the bounty.
Weapons native the Void Logs uncovered in the captain"s terminal ~ above the Unreliable cite finding a an effective weapon. Probably the Halcyon nest contains various other weapons which, prefer this one, press the boundaries of what science can achieve. It would certainly be worthwhile to seek out this devides - these science weapons.
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The Amateur Alchemist Vaughn Cortes, one of the labcoats in Roseway, asked you come look right into the standing of one experiment that left running in Auntie Cleo"s mystery Lab, i beg your pardon lies southern along the road out of town.
By His Bootstraps A labcoat by the surname of Jameson is missing. There"s raptidons and marauders about, therefore his boss, Anton Crane, is (somewhat belatedly) worried for him.
Journey right into Smoke Lillian, Terra 2"s friendliest outlaw, evidently dropped a rare, limited-edition Spacer"s an option cigarette situation during a scrap with raptidons. She"d be dazzling to gain it back.
The Grimm Tomorrow Grimm is wait for a tossball poster signed by the greate Bertie "Black Hole" Holcomb.
The an enig People Braxton hasn"t to be to work in a couple of days. Velma marvels what he"s acquired up to.
Herrick"s Handiwork Caleb Herrick and also the other auto loader operators space on strike until Velma provides them a raise.
A family members Matter Tucker Needham ran away from mainly Bay a couple of weeks back to join the Iconoclasts in Amber Heights. His mom Agnes is willing to pay handsomely if you deserve to locate her son and also convince him come return.

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Flowers because that Sebastian Celia has actually taken a one-of-a-kind interest in Sebastian, yet she needs assist making her move.

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