Between Misty Woods & forlorn Ruins

After exiting Misty Woods, drop all the method to the bottom of the valley of the Wind. In the lower-left corner, you"ll find a bunch that Frog enemies and a ram enemy. The bottom-left corner here houses Secret Area #28/45 as well as Map stone Fragment #6/9. Go directly right from right here to the following screen, wherein you"ll it is in on a ledge with a lever above several Bird enemies. Struggle the the lever, climate jump/glide throughout to the right, bashing off the bird if crucial to continue to be close come the ceiling. The upper-right here contains Secret Area #29/45 as well as Ability cabinet #23/33. Departure this room come the bottom-left to reach the pathway down to forlorn Ruins.

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In the very first part the the pathway, you"ll see one of the environment-friendly rolling/exploding enemies (we"ll describe these together Exploders). Start the an initial one to the right to break a wall revealing Map rock Fragment #7/9. Drop down to the left of where the Exploder spawns, and lure it down so you deserve to break open up the pathway come the right. Before going down, look up to your left to check out an alcove with a torch inside. Was standing on the hanging platform and also toss a irradiate Burst projectile in to irradiate the torch, which opens a barrier down below for Ability cell #24/33.

Drop turn off the hanging platform and also lure one an ext Exploder under to you. Run down the slop to the right, and also use bash come launch the exploder to the breakable wall up to her right, revealing Map rock #6/9. You should have actually two fragments, so place one here and also hold onto the various other for the stone inside hope Ruins. Proceed down the path, making sure to grab capacity Cell #24 come the left ~ above your way down (if you used Light explode to open up the obstacle by it). Continue on down to the bottom of this area and also head left to reach Forlorn Ruins.

Forlorn Ruins

Forlorn ruins map:

*** Spoiler - click to expose ***


From the start, toss a irradiate Burst projectile straight up, and jump up to bash off of it to reach Secret Area #30/45 up over you. Go left to get one more orb choose you walk in black color Root Borrows and also Misty Woods. This one will safeguard you from details (but not all) deadly wall surfaces in this dungeon, also as enabling you come walk up them, ~ above ceilings, etc. Proceed on, and also when you reach a room with a hanging Spider opponent for the an initial time, make certain to examine the upper-left corner of it for Secret Area #31/45. Simply after this, you"ll need to go come the left. In the an extremely next room, you"ll watch a Keystone over you. Fairly than taking the "hard" course by coming back across the ceiling above, you have the right to use a light Burst projectile tossed increase to bash turn off of it and reach the Keystone easily.

Continue on and also you"ll have to navigate a tiny jumping/gravity puzzle come get one more Keystone come the left of a floating block. In the room above, make certain to conserve at Spirit fine #10/12. Map stone #7/9 is straight right indigenous here, yet you"ll autumn down onto the momentarily therefore don"t worry about trying to get it now. Simply follow the route upward and to the right, passing v several much more gravity/jumping puzzles to acquire the third and fourth Keystones, and you"ll drop down onto that Map Stone. Location Fragment #7 into it, then head right and also open the door through the 4 Keystones you"ve collected.

After passing through this door, you"ll go down and place the orb into a pedestal, start a quick scene. From here, you have the right to reach the departure from the dungeon as much as the left, but prior to that, go to the far upper-right corner (past the 2 rotating beams the fiery death). Usage Stomp to lb the wooden short article into the ground to the appropriate of said beams of death to open the means to the upper-right. Proceed right and also down, previous two an ext death beams, to reach Secret Area #32/45 and also Health cell #11/12 in the bottom-left corner past them.

Make your way back up and to the left, then approximately the exit of the dungeon. Press

to hear to Sein and restore the Winds of Nibel, launching girlfriend into another escape sequence. Once it"s over, you"ll unlock solid Ground before beginning an additional short to escape sequence.

Solid GroundRestore the winds that Nibel



Fight to live an additional dayHave a close encounter



Head right up from hope Ruins, up the valley of the Wind (you can ride the wait currents now holding ), to Sorrow Pass. Make certain to protect against off and also save at spirit Well #9 in the valley of the Wind if friend missed it before going come Misty Woods earlier. Top top your way up the first spike-lined obelisk as you"re beginning Sorrow pass from the valley, look because that Secret Area #33/45 to your left, through Ability cabinet #25/33 inside it. Once you come up into Sorrow pass proper, walk to the right past the very first Frog foe you view to reach huge kidney-shaped area the the map.

You"ll must bash off of Bird enemies and also falling boulders to do your way up roughly to the upper area here. Alternatively, you can return here later when you have the fee Jump ability, entering native the top and floating your means down to the bottom half for 100% map completion. One of two people way, make sure to acquire Map rock Fragment #8/9 and place it in the stone (both room in this area).

Back in the key area, look for an alcove in the ceiling close to a pink exploding opponent to find Secret Area #34/45 as well as a Keystone. Walk to the bottom-left corner of this area, previous two lava jets (insta-kill type), to find a Frog opponent to the best of a breakable ceiling. This is technically a shortcut, yet it"s straightforward one. Just acquire to the left the the frog, beneath the breakable ceiling, and use Bash carry out deflect among its bullets up into the ceiling to open the means forward.

Go up through the opening and also to the left, spring for an additional alcove in the ceiling wherein you"ll get Secret Area #35/45 and find a bar to hit, which opens the barrier to Ability cell #26/33 up above. As you go up toward that ability cell, look for a hanging torch over some spikes in the horizontal portion. Hitting it v Light burst will open the barrier to the left in the narrow vertical passage. It"s essential to clear that area for 100% map exploration. You deserve to do it currently by bashing increase off one of your light Burst projectiles, or come back later with Charge Jump. Grab capacity Cell #26 and continue upward.

At the peak of the next vertical shaft, whereby you grab numerous Keystones and a boulder ~ above your way up through lava jets, watch in the upper-left edge for Secret Area #36/45 and also Energy cabinet #11/15. This spot is terrific place to obtain Juggle Master. Just keep bashing downward turn off the boulder together it sits versus the ceiling, riding the wind currents. Host to float earlier up the current, and bash downward off it again. Rinse and repeat without touching the ground till Juggle grasp unlocks.

Continue on and also you"ll wind up ago in the main shaft, breaking open up the floor to release the winds to the greater area. Floating up right into that higher area, you"ll it is in in a room with spikes all roughly you. Float very closely to the right end of the room come grab two more Keystones. Float ago to the left, and also you"ll need to grab a Keystone in a narrow gap.

Just past two vertical spike wall surfaces hanging under from the ceiling, look for a void in the spikes on the ceiling and also float up right into it to discover Secret Area #37/45 and also the final Keystone. Rise on to the left to with a door requiring four keystones come open, with a Frog past it. Walk to the much left here to receive your final capacity of the game, fee Jump. Use it to continue exploring the route upward, where you"ll discover Secret Area #38/45 just over a Frog enemy, with Ability cell #27/33 inside of it. Don"t forget to conserve at Spirit well #11/12 as you pass by the on the upper-right side.

At the end of this area, you"ll break open up the floor once more to release the winds upward, and ride them approximately the very tip-top of sore Pass. Here, you"ll gain the aspect of Warmth and unlock top of the World.

Return every the means down to the very first main room of woe Pass. Just to the left of whereby you found an enig Area #34, look because that a wall surface you can break open. You deserve to either bash the adjacent exploding pink enemy into it, or simply hang turn off the adjacent ledge and also use fee Jump come blast through. Blast with the ceiling within to achieve Health cell #12/12 and unlock master Guardian. Don"t forget to discover down to the left native that last Health Cell, wherein there"s another 4-Keystone door, because that 100% map completion before leaving the area.

Final Exploration before Mt Horu

At this point, girlfriend have all of your abilities and should have no trouble experimenting the remaining parts of the map, so carry out so now. If you"ve followed along with this, you need to only need to pick up mystery Area #39, power Cells #12-14, and capacity Cells #28-33 while cleaning up the remainder the the map. Make sure to save an eye out for torches the you deserve to light utilizing Light to explode to finish off the map exploration, together these are quickly overlooked. Prior to entering Mt Horu, you should have actually 100% in all areas, 8/9 Map Stones, 11/12 heart Wells, 12/12 wellness Cells, 14/15 power Cells, and 39/45 an enig Areas. That course, you can constantly backtrack after game-completion in this version, therefore there"s no issue of missing anything if you like to bring on to Mt Horu and come ago later. Check out the Overworld Maps A&B ~ above the maps web page to assist with experimenting the overworld.

Mt Horu map:

Mt Horu consists of a main area, through a full of eight branches (four on one of two people side) that you must discover to shut off the lava flows, beginning with the top and also working your way down. The said, use your charge Jump, Bash, and feather to do your way vertically come the height of the facility area. Enter the top-right branch first. We"ll be alternate between the Right and also Left branches together we work-related our method down to the bottom the the main area. In the top-right room, you"ll an initial have to do your way past two rapidly-falling platforms with insta-kill spikes on your underside.

Make certain to take the Spirit power orb in between these two platforms, then examine inside the wall to the left, underneath the second one, for Secret Area #40/45 and Map rock Fragment #9. Continue to the finish of this room. After ~ dropping the boulder come disrupt the lava flow, use Charge jump to launch up right into the ceiling come the ideal of it because that Secret Area #41/45 and also Energy cabinet #15/15. This last power Cell will certainly unlock Powerhouse.

Return the means you came earlier into the key area, and into the top-left branch. This branch will need you to use a lever on the left side of the room come manipulate horizontally-moving platforms to block lava geysers just long enough for you come slip previous them come the upper-left corner of the room. Hammer the article into the ground over there to disrupt the lava flow again and also exit back out into the main area.

You"ll must float down between the huge orange energy-ball adversaries in the key shaft here to reach the next branches. Before dropping every the way down, make sure to float into an alcove to the left, just below the first energy-ball opponent here. You"ll find an enig Area #42/45 here, and Map rock #9/9 to place the last fragment you acquired in the top-right branch, and also unlock human being At her Feet.

Float top top down through the shaft, and also take the next branch come the right. There room no mystery areas in here, just a gamut the orange energy balls whose projectiles you have to bash turn off to with the upper-right corner. Native there, you"ll have to float back down to the left, utilizing Bash come deflect your projectiles in ~ them in sequence, destroying every one of the adversaries on your way down. You have to destroy all of them come unlock the door come the lower-left, therefore it"s finest to begin with the upper-right one and also destroy them consequently as girlfriend float down to the left.

Exit here and also head straight across to the left branch ~ above this level. This room is composed of a basic lava-jet puzzle, whereby you have to use the jet to destroy the soil on the lower-right, and push the boulder into that lava pit come distrupt the flow. Alternatively, you deserve to push the boulder end to the destructible ground, and also CAREFULLY bash come the left the it, inching your method toward it, till you break the ground without falling into the lava yourself.

Exit the room and drop under to the next left-side branch directly beneath you. You"ll need to make your method left when the platforms space knocked the end from under you, then bash your way up through a vertical shaft using opponent projectiles. From there, it"s a race to the left prior to the lava jets destroy the platforms, and also up again to with the upper ledge where you"ll fall a boulder come disrupt the lava flow again. As soon as that"s done, you"ll need to float earlier down. Make certain to stay as low as you can while floating end the steep of lava, and also release come drop fast immediately after passing the finish of it, prior to the lava jet swing down and kill you. At the bottom, bash turn off the enemy projectile and/or the pink exploding adversaries to do it earlier to the right and exit.

Go straight across the center to the right-side branch on this level. Once again, there room no mystery areas in this branch. Over there is, however, a quite tricking Spirit power orb in the upper-right corner of the room. When moving a boulder up with a multi-tiered portion so that it blocks the lava flowing from above, you"ll need to place said boulder top top the an extremely top platform. The only method to gain the orb to the left is come bash through the boulder, aiming diagonally up and also to the left, so the you don"t knock the boulder out from under the lava. Do the exact same thing in reverse, bashing diagonally up and to the right, to get back to the various other side the it. Proceed left under the boulder and pass a large Blob foe to reach the spot whereby you disrupt the lava flow.

Exit that branch and go right into the final right-side branch, top top the bottom-right of the main area. This branch has an enig Areas #43 & 44 in it. Progression through the room till you disrupt the lava flow. Native this upper edge where you"re standing ~ disrupting the lava, jump throughout the void to your left to the upper-left edge from wherein you are to with Secret Area #43/45. From here, drop every the method down come the bottom the the room, to a room/alcove in ~ the platform where you entered this branch, to uncover Secret Area #44/45.

Exit the final right-side branch and also head to the much left to get in the last branch there. There are no mystery areas here, but this is a two-part room. First, you"ll have to bash across hanging lights to make your way to the far-left side of the room. Hammer the short article into the ground right here to begin a lava flow, then easily make your method back come the right, throughout the hanging lights, to whereby you entered. After the lava subsides, go under to the reduced level in this room and across to the left again, past a turn lava geyser (one-hit kill). Hammer the post into the ground right here as well, climate cross back to the ideal (either under or over that spinning lava geyser, depending on how you"re comfortable) and also exit.

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Now that all the branches have been cleared, return to the ideal side of the main area and drop under to the bottom to uncover a couple of the Exploder enemies, and Spirit fine #12/12. Conserve at it to unlock Safe and Sound.