Thanks come an eager ar of fans, Ori and the blind Forest earned chin a definitive Edition and also a sleeve release on June 13th. That’s a big step for indie games, and the Definitive Edition comes included with tons of extra features and also all-new areas to explore, including new sets the collectibles. If you’re just acquiring started with Ori, or desire to 100% the original maps v minimal fuss, then check out several of the community-created maps below.

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Collectibles Maps

Here you’ll find neighborhood maps, produced by passionate football player that want to support an awesome indie platformer. We’re just posting a preview here, if you desire the full-size version, please click the links below each image to reach the creator’s place-of-posting.

These maps encompass locations for; Map Stones, spirit Portals, energy Cells, health Cells, secrets, capacity Points and Spirit irradiate Containers. Basically, something you need to earn all the collection accomplishments are mapped out in this images.

For some less-functional mapping action, inspect out Redditor Absolute_Stratos’ personal website / mapping project, offering players a closer look at the beautiful design of each area.

We’ll add an ext maps as we find them. Execute you understand an amazing map? let us understand in the comments!

Ori and also the blind Forest – Overworld Collectibles Map


This substantial map, produced by ZEKE top top Steam, features locations for; soul Wells, ancestral Trees, Map Stones, Map stone fragments, Keystones, Life Cells, energy Cells, capacity Points, soul Light Containers, and Torches.


Ori and the remote Forest – Misty Woods Collectibles Map


Another ZEKE creation, the Misty Woods deserve to be tricky to navigate — but thanks to this hand-drawn MS-Paint map, you should have no trouble grabbing the remaining collectibles. It can not watch pretty, yet this map it s okay the task done, and for that, the creator deserves some recognition.


Ori and the remote Forest – alternate Overworld Collectibles Map


This map, developed by AegisD, reflects all collectibles in the pre-Definitive Edition version of the game, and might just assist players searching for all those stones and cells the don’t need those two extr zones included in their map.

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Achievement Unlocked!

Marking the WayRestore your an initial Map StoneHalfway ThereRestore half of all Map StonesWorld at her FeetRestore every Map StonesSafe and SoundSave at every soul PortalPowerhouseCollect all energy CellsMaster GuardianCollect all health and wellness CellsMaster that the ForestVisit the whole Map