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Down, down, down, dvery own, dvery own, down, dvery own, dvery own, dvery own, down!Ok...Guess who"s back?Back againShady"s backTell a friendWhaaaaaaaaNow everyone report to the dance floorTo the dance floor, to the dance floorNow everyone report to the dance floorAlideal Stop!... Pajama timeCome here little kiddies, On my lapGuess who"s ago with a brand brand-new rap?And I do not mean rap as in a new situation of son moleterminal accusation(Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha)No worries, papa"s gained a brand new bag of toysWhat else can I perhaps do to make noise?I done touched on whatever, however bit boysThat"s not a stab at MichaelThat"s just a metaphor, I"m simply psychoI go a tiny little crazy sometimesI gain a tiny bit out of manage through my rhymesGood God, dip, carry out a little slideBend down, touch your toes and simply glideUp the center of the dance floorLike tp for my bungholeAnd it"s cool if you let one goNobody"s gonna understand, who"d hear it?Give a little "poot poot", it"s ok! Oops my cd just skippedAnd everyone simply heard you let one ripNow I"m gonna make you danceIt"s your chanceYeah boy shake that assOops I mean girl girl girl girlGirl you understand you"re my worldAlright currently lose it(Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha)Just shed it(Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha)Go crazy(Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha)Oh baby(Ha-Ha)Oh baby, baby(Ha-Ha)Well, it"s Friday and also it"s my dayJust to party all the method to SundayMaybe "til Monday, I dunno what dayEveryday"s just a holidayCrusin" on the freewayFeelin" kinda breezyGot the top down, lettin" my hair blowI dunno where I"m goin"All I know is when I obtain thereSomeone"s gonna "touch my body"Excuse me miss, I do not expect to sound like a jerkBut I"m feelin" just a tiny stressed out from workCould you punch me in the stomach and also pull my hair?Spit on me, perhaps gouge my eyes out? (Yeah)Now, what"s your name girl?What"s your sign? "Man, you should be up out your mind"Dre! (Ha-Ha)Beer Goggles! Blind!I"m just tryna unwind now I"mIt"s Tuesday and also I"m locked upI"m in jail and also I do not recognize what happenedThey say I was running butt nakedDvery own the street screaming(Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha)Well I"m sorry, I do not rememberAll I recognize is this muchI"m not guiltyThey sassist, "Save it, boy we gotcha you on tapeYellin" at an old lady "Touch my body! ""Now this is the part where the rap breaks downIt gets genuine intense, no one provides a soundEverypoint looks like it"s 8 Mile nowThe beat comes earlier and also everybody shed themselvesSnap earlier to realityLook it"s B. Rabbit!Yo you signed me as much as battle! ?I"m a grvery own man!Chubba chubba chubba chubba chubba chubbieI don"t have actually any kind of lines to go ideal here so, chubba teletubbie!Fella"s (What!) Fella"s (What!)Grab your left nut, make your ideal one jealous (what?)Black girls, white girlsSkinny girls, fat girlsTall girls, tiny girlsI"m callin" all girlsEveryone report to the dance floorIt"s your opportunity for a small romance orButt squeezin" it"s the seasonJust go (Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha)It"s so appeasin"Ummmmmm touch my bodyUmmmmmm touch my bodyOoh boy just touch my bodyI mean girl just touch my body