MWC 2018 is virtually upon us and also with it brand-new flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S9, the 2018 LG V30, the Huawei girlfriend P20, and much more will most likely hog the spotlight, one way or another, and also it can be too easy to think the these space the ideal that the Android people has come offer. Or that you need to pay premium to gain the ideal stuff. Fortunately, there are some brand-new upstarts, and one still young company, the is giving the huge boys a run for their money. Us look in ~ the OnePlus 5T, the important PH-1, and also the Razer phone call to view which of these 3 rebels could be worth your money and also dethrone the smartphone kings.

Specs & Performance

Smartphone hardware specs have much more or much less consolidated around a traditional set, however there deserve to still be part subtle distinctions that can give one the top hand. All 3 of ours contenders, because that example, operation on the still recent Snapdragon 835. That, however, is where their similarities end. They every have twin cameras however of varying capabilities and also performance. The OnePlus 5T and Razer phone call both have actually 8 GB RAM alternatives but the OnePlus 5T comes through 128 GB the storage. The Razer Phone, on the various other hand, has the biggest battery that the three at 4,000 mAh.

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Winner: OnePlus 5T. although the gaming-oriented Razer Phone comes close, the latest OnePlus flagship has a an ext well-rounded feature set. It makes up for its smaller sized battery v DASH charge quick charging and a much less power-hungry 1080p display.


The display has become the facility of attraction this days, through the growing number of 18:9 ratios and practically bezel-less screens. This three, however, are as different as they deserve to be once it concerns their displays. The OnePlus 5T did jump on the 18:9 bezel-less bandwagon but kept that is resolution under to 1080p. The vital went because that striking beauty yet does have a rather odd pixel resolution. And while the Razer phone call is more traditional, it has actually one trick up the sleeve the trumps lock all.

Winner: Razer Phone. Razer’s very first phone has a crisp and vibrant display and also its 120 MHz refresh price doesn’t pains either. That a gaming phone, of course, however whose to say the the feature won’t be advantageous for various other things in the future.


Considering exactly how close the compete is, you might decide your purchase based on the wow factor. You’ll probably want come skip the Razer Phone, then, i m sorry is basically a brick. The OnePlus 5T is much more traditional but also runs the threat of looking just like everybody else. Uneven you manage to acquire the Lava Red edition. Which leaves us v …

Winner: essential PH-1. You can not deny the the important phone looks stunning. Specifically if you were already enchanted by the iphone phone X. Yes, there will be some comparisons, yet if you want a dashing phone come flaunt and don’t mental (or actually desire to) being mistaken because that an iphone phone user, this is pretty lot it.


Great hardware have the right to be calculation useless by terrible software. Fortunately, this three space pretty lot at the peak of their game. Having remained in the market the longest, the OnePlus 5T has had actually the many experience and most time to it is in refined. It’s also the most customized of the three, and one that is always under scrutiny because that privacy lapses. Both the Razer Phone and the important PH-1 delivery with close to stock Android but, that the two, the Razer has more added ~ above top. Not surprising together it requirements to customize its suffer for gaming.Winner: vital PH-1. Clean and also fast, crucial has proven the services of not having actually bloatware onboard. To update come quickly and also so execute fixes. You’ll require to know your means around Android though, as it likewise doesn’t market too lot convenience features you’d expect from a phone these days.


The Razer phone stands out together the most expensive that the newcomers but, in ~ $700, it’s still reduced than the likes the the Galaxy S8 (and quickly Galaxy S9) or one iPhone. The vital PH-1 started out that way as well, but, for better or worse, has slashed its price tag down virtually in half. The OnePlus 5T, on the various other hand, originates from the opposite direction and also is the most expensive OnePlus call yet.Winner: important PH-1. The $499.99 is too an excellent to ignore, especially when you’re getting almost everything the others have actually at a reduced price. If you want to splurge, friend can obtain the new $599 ocean Depth color instead.

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With 3 scores out of 5, the essential PH-1 definitely comes the end at the top. That course, it’s no a clear-cut victory and also you could have various other considerations. The Essential’s design, in spite of its looks, is not exactly conducive for gaming the method the Razer phone call is. It pretty lot started on the dorn foot as soon as it pertained to camera experience but has so much proven it might improve update after update. It still there is no made usage of those two tiny holes top top its ago beyond the 360-degree camera. And it has likewise thrown out the 3.5 mm headphone jack the the OnePlus 5T lovingly holds on to.Perhaps the many pressing of so late is the concern of Essential’s business. A brand-new and little company, sales figures haven’t precisely been encouraging. If important closes down, so will the upgrade gravy. However Essential has defied odds even prior to it launched its an initial and so far only phone and has proven itself to be just as much a fighter as any other smartphone maker. And, hopefully, it will last as long as any kind of other together well.