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Story and Summary-

Lightning Max is fighting with Suiryu after ~ winning the first round. Genos is in the crowd and also received a message about the arrival of numerous monsters in the city. The goes to complete the monsters prior to the following fight that Saitama. Sneck win his next adversary Benpatsu and the competition management likewise get the details of monster arrival nearby from Hero Association. They are planning come evacuate he audience however Bakuzan encouraged them for the safety.

He urges that many of the great fighters space in the arena now and they can quickly handle the monsters so there is no point to evacuate the people. The management is persuaded by Bakuzan’s words and also the tournament continues. Sour face is facing Jakumen and he won the very first game. Sour face excitedly asks Saitama if he had seen his fighting yet Saitama replies that he had gone come the bathroom during his fight.

In the next round, Saitama is encountering Bakuzan that is a good contender to success this year’s tournament. Saitama asks to tell him about some martial arts moves and Bakuzan beginning describing some simple moves to him. Suddenly Bakuzan touch the hair of Saitama’s wig and also Saitama punches that in the air. Bakuzan dropped on the earth with his legs upward and he is out of the competition in one punch. In the city, Genos kills one of the monsters and another is nearly killed by him.

Genos went because that the critical monster in the town and he finds part injured heroes on the ground. One of the hero recommend Genos come not remove his eye from this monster. Part members the the Hero Association find the info the Waganama the boy of one of the Hero’s association official is walk away by the monsters.

Do-S the monster is success in brainwashing the henchmen of Fubuki versus her however she fights back. Do-S tells the she is attacking on Fubuki due to the fact that she desires to fight v her younger sister Tatsumaki. Fubuki tells she whenever she is ache Tatsumaki will certainly know. A dead monster is landed in prior of Do-S that informs around the come of Tatsumaki. Do-S ordered the hypnotized henchmen that Fubuki to attack Tatsumski yet she conveniently knocked out all the henchmen right into buildings.

Tatsumaki speak Fubuki to change her surroundings and herself due to the fact that these sort of henchmen provides her weak not stronger. Tatsumaki flying far for various other monsters. Suiryu and also Sneck are dealing with each various other in the next round and also Suiryu is staying clear of all the strikes of Sneck. Suiryu speak Sneck that he is not reliable as a hero.

Suiryu knocked Sneck with a single blow and also tells no issue what yet the strong person will survive. Garou got to to the Watchdog Man and watching him. Saitama is in the bathroom and it was revealed that a monster Gouketsu beat Genos. The concert that Sweet Mask is likewise attacked by part monsters.

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A group of monsters start attacking in the hospital wherein Mumen Rider and also Tanktop understand are admitted. One more monster is in the jail in search of Puri Puri Prisoner yet the prisoners educates his the Puri Puri sinner was escaped to fight versus the monsters. Two monsters called Gyoro Gyoro and also Orochi space successful in recording Metal Knight.