I to be born in the late seventies, people. That way I flourished up attract Wonder mrs Underoos, sneaking Tab colas with my buddies indigenous the refrigerator at church (shhh, we’re more than likely going come hell for that one) and eating bologna sandwiches top top white bread through my friends if braiding every other’s hair right into “Princess Leia” style buns, and also of course, city hall Sesame Street together a kid.One the my favorite catchy little Sesame Street jingles to be a quick tiny snippet where the display is divided into 4 squares. In 3 of the squares, there room some youngsters doing a comparable activity, and in one of the squares, over there is a son doing something totally different. It goes favor this:

“Three that these children Belong TogetherThree that these youngsters are kind of the Same.

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But among these youngsters is act His very own ThingNow that time to play our game…Which of these youngsters is doing His own ThingCan you guess which kid is act his own thing?Before my track is done? and now my track is done!”It’s not a an especially profound small song, ~ all, that is geared toward preschoolers, but I find it interesting.As a mommy of what is thought about to be, at the very least where i live, a somewhat large family, ns have certainly felt favor the kid doing my own thing. Having actually six youngsters does no go unnoticed in most public places.I can’t even start to counting how countless times i have gone to a store with a shopping dare the dimension of Mt. Everest, chock complete of stuff and someone has actually commented top top the dimension of my cart. “Doin’ the ‘big shop’, today, eh?” Or “Looks choose someone is having a party!” Almost. Every. Single. Time. And also the times wherein they nothing comment, lock sigh behind me. Due to the sigh-factor, I started letting others walk ahead the me in line, until I realized the after a couple of human being went before me, i was never going to get out of there if i didn’t eventually inspect out. So climate I’m earlier to feeling badly again.I’ve likewise learned in ~ times how wrong I deserve to be. Once at the airport, we were running a little behind schedule (shocker!) and also I was type of end it…. End the stares, over the sighs. I caught an older pair looking at us, pointing and also whispering. Rather of being kind and just keeping to my own business, I stated in a flat, not-super-kind tone, “May I aid you v something?” A large smile spread across the woman’s face and also she said, “I was simply telling mine husband just how nice that is to watch a big family these days. We had actually six youngsters too, and I hardly ever see households of 8 out and also about. You remind us of our life once we had actually young ones!” then she added, (and here’s wherein I cringed), “You’re doing a an excellent job, mom!” Tears filled my eyes and also I sheepishly mumbled, “Thank you,” completely embarrassed at how wrong I remained in my assumption.I have discovered it to be true in mine life that ns will find what ns seek. If my mind is encouraged that anyone is staring and annoyed, I will certainly look because that it, without even consciously trying. And also I will definitely find it. Something the was never truth in the an initial place, will become truth because that me and I will believe it. Unexpectedly I will find myself in a resentment the I have actually fed, watered, coddled and also grown…. The end of nothingat all. Out of something the was never yes, really there in the first place. So i then have created a an adverse mindset out of absolute thin air. Reading people and also life’s situations out that scratched, dirty lenses. I can’t check out clearly, and also I’ve subconsciously preferred to check out it with a marred, erroneous haze. And OMG ns mortified to admit exactly how may times I’ve done this follow me life’s way.This is where I have to remember what my role is: to remain inside my own hula hoop, psychic my own business, and also be sort always. And finally, to assume the ideal in people. after all, isn’t that what i want? to be given the advantage of the doubt? come have civilization give me grace and realize that ns won’t it is in sweet and make an excellent choices every the time, and I require others to just forgive mine humanity?In that way, maybe we are all connected. There is nothing the unites us more than our humanity, yes? us all have lives, feelings, some have greater sensitivities and also “feel them” more than others. We all have actually been ill at part point, to some degree, whether it’s been physically, mentally or emotionally or every one of the above. We’ve all gained angry, nay, completely beyond pissed in ~ one suggest over something or someone. We’ve every gone entirely nuts to part degree and also taken a whirl ~ above the crazy-coaster with everything our brand of crazy may have actually been or may be. (OK, possibly it’s just me. ;) OK, together I leave my soapbox, currently let’s all embrace and song “Hands throughout America” followed by a relocating rendition that “We are the World.” (Look that up, young reader born in the nineties or thereafter.)Sidenote: “We are the World” was the 2nd tape—read: cassette tape—I ever before bought through my very own cold difficult cash. The first was “Wham! make it Big”. Five yeah i was makin’ it huge alright, with my $1.00 fee per hour of babysitting. I operated like 12 hrs for that George Michael tape and also it was freaking worth it, Dammit.So… in closing, ns think I’m just “opposite” native anyone if I pick to view myself that way. Ns can focus on the differences, or ns can focus on the similarities. I can choose to see something negatively or i can change up my perspective and also look for the finest in people, places, and things. One of two people way, I believe I will discover what ns looking for.OK, because typing that part about the Wham! tape, I’ve to be stricken v a suddenly onset instance of include and now “Wake Me Up before You Go-Go” is grounding in my head, i literally can not think around anything else so i guess i’m done.

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Such is mine brain. Muah.XOXO,A-Team Mom