This weekend bring the release of English comedy-drama movie "Once ~ above A Time In Hollywood" to the screens. Command by Quentin Tarantino, the movie boasts of one ensemble cast including big names choose Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, to name a few. 

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Here is what the Twitter audiences believed of the movie, so have actually a read before booking your tickets because that the movie. 

Once upon a Time in Hollywood - 3 hrs of my life I’ll never ever get back

— Ko Tiaki ahau (

Took my time, slept end it, and also even in the brightness that a hope-filled Friday morning, i can't shake this off: as soon as Upon a Time in Hollywood is unimpressive. One of Tarantino's weakest films.

— Swetha (

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It has its moments of brilliance and also the performances room pretty good, yet it feels like Tarantino has gained arrogant about his pacing and editing. Whacky scripts are great but I could see atleast 10 civilization sleeping in the hall i watched the film in.

— Swetha (

Yo as soon as upon a time in Hollywood to be soo good, ns recommend it if you obtained 3 hrs to spare and also if you’re into tarintino movies