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Immerse yourself right into a people of breathtaking tv modern technology via the Olevia 242T FullHD TV! High contrast ratios and also fast response times expect rapid-action viewing - as through sporting events or adundertaking movies - is displayed through super clarity and also truly come alive. With a super-wide 178-degree viewing angle, images look spectacular wherever before you are seated. The MTK video processor powered by MDDI Technology ensures an amazing photo on the 1080p Full HD display screen.Perfect for home or office viewing, the 242T FHD likewise excels as a huge display computer display with assistance for TV reremedies up to 1080p and also COMPUTER reoptions approximately 1920 x 1080 with HDMI and VGA. RS-232 manage enables you to connect your Oleby means of HDTV to a house entertainment system. Tbelow are likewise a selection of inputs for every one of your accessories including two HDMI, 3 Component, 2 S-Video and also a USB port.

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Olevia 2 Series - The Redefinition of High DefinitionEngineered to carry out superior video and audio, the Olevia 2 Series display screens exceptionally crisp, rich and also vivid imeras for any type of form of viewing. Each 2 Series model comes equipped via surround sound for superb house entertainment, yet deserve to additionally be supplied for COMPUTER applications. Powerful digital tuner innovation provides the Oleby means of 2 Series ideal for essentially any type of content and any kind of setting - currently and also later.FeaturesDirector"s Image: Calibrated 6500K color and also a complete range of brightness, comparison, color, color, sharpness and mode controls accessible to tune picture top quality.Big Picture Technology: State-of-the-art modern technology screens approximately 37% more of analog images and 11% more of digital broadcast images, without distortion.User Friendly On-Screen Display: Scrolling icon wheel simplifies usage and also features precollection video and also lighting settings for different environments and also content forms.Firmware Upgradeable using USB: The latest software program updays and also top quality enhancements available from the Olethrough website, conveniently uploadable to your TV with its USB port.OleviaCare: Live, in-residence technical and also customer support personnel ascertain a full quality endure - every time.Specifications42" LCD displayAspect ratio: 16:9 widescreenResolution: 1920 x 1080pContrast ratio: 1600:1Response time: 8msViewing angle: 178 levels H/VATSC and also NTSC tunersSupported resolutions: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080pCOMPUTER resolution support: up to 1920 x 1080
60Hz2:2/3:2 Pull DownDigital 3D Comb FilterProgressive ScanTwo 15W speakers - 30W totalChannel ReturnClosed CaptionFavorite ChannelLanguages: English, French and also SpanishMTSPIP/Split ScreenSleep TimerV-Chip Parental ControlConnectionsTwo HDMI w/ HDCP inThree Component inTwo Compowebsite in + AudioTwo S-Video in + AudioVGA in (15-Pin D-Sub)R/L RCA Audio outStereo mini jack earphone outOptical Audio outRS-232 portUSB portIncludes Universal Remote and user manualDimensions through table stand: 29.8"H x 11.4"D x 41"WDimensions without stand: 28.5"H x 4.8"D x 41"WWeight: 59.5 lbsWarranty: 12 months parts, 12 months laborAlso had in this HD Package:Toshiba HD-A3 1080i HD DVD PlayerThe Bourne Identity HD DVD Movie, Rated PG-13300 HD DVD Movie, Rated RCables to Go 6" HDMI CableClick here for HD DVD player and also HDMI cable information. NOTE: does not remoney original shipping charges or reimburse the cost to rerevolve items.
TV Glossary: Aspect Ratio: The element proportion determines just how you view an image on your television display screen. The element ratio of a photo is the ratio of the width of the picture to its elevation, expressed as 2 numbers separated by a colon. The two the majority of common aspect ratios for televisions in the United States are 4:3 which is offered for standard-meaning video formats and also 16:9 which is supplied for high-interpretation video formats. The 16:9 photo format is the exact same element proportion supplied in widedisplay movies and is generally described as "widescreen." Other element ratios exist, but are supplied very ingenerally.

Watching a 16:9 or wide-screen format DVD or video on a TV through a 4:3 aspect ratio will create those familiar black bars (letterbox bars) on the peak and also bottom of the display. Conversely, viewing a program presented in 4:3 aspect ratio on a TV via a 16:9 ratio will produce equivalent bars on either side of the screen. Viewing a widedisplay DVD or video on a TV through a 16:9 proportion will certainly create a photo that fills the display screen form optimal to bottom and side-to-side. Thanktotally, many kind of TVs have functions that permit for adjusting the aspect proportion to suit your viewing preference or match the presentation of the regime you are watching.

Contrast Ratio: This refers to the distinction in between the brightest whites and also the darkest blacks a TV deserve to display screen. The essential thing to take into consideration is just how "black" your blacks will be. A better contrast ratio suggests a deeper black. In addition, a greater contrast proportion also suggests you can have more ambient light in the room without washing out the on-screen color.

DLP Technology: DLP technology is an progressed imaging mechanism that supplies an optical semiconductor to manipulate light digitally. Sindicate put, it"s a small chip that consists of up to 2 million micro-mirrors. These tiny mirrors deserve to reflect a digital image onto a display screen or various other surconfront with amazing clarity, shade and also brightness. The drawback? DLP sets require periodic bulb transforms at about 10,000 hour intervals. Bulbs have the right to be expensive. Luckily, they carry out not have to be reput exceptionally frequently.

Frame Rate: A TV"s framework price describes just how many kind of times it renders a finish picture on the display eextremely second. Aacquire, the higher the number, the much faster imperiods are processed. This provides a difference when watching fast-moving action or playing fast-paced video games through lots of activity. The two the majority of widespread numbers you"ll check out are 720p and also 1080i.

What execute the "I" and also "p" mean? The "I" indicates that the TV draws imeras utilizing an interlaced approach. The "p" suggests that the TV draws imeras using a steady scan approach. In basic, gradual sdeserve to provides imperiods quicker and produces a more detailed, even more film-favor image.

HDMI:High-interpretation multimedia interface, or HDMI, is a kind of connector cable that carries both all-digital audio and video signals over a solitary cable, eliminating the require for sepaprice cables to connect your audio and also video components. No more tangled mess of cables! In enhancement, HDMI cables deliver the finest feasible digital high quality signals for both audio and also video.

Resolution: This describes the variety of pixels being used to job a photo. Usually, the bigger the numbers, the much better the resolution and also the photo quality.

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Response Time:This refers to the moment it takes a pixel to readjust state from black-to-white-to-black aget. In basic, the much faster the response time, the much better the image, especially when viewing rapid activity in movies, sports, and also video games. Plasma and CRT televisions have essentially instantaneous response time, while LCD models tfinish to be a little bit slower. The sreduced response time can lead to what is described as "photo lag" or a slight blurring of fast-relocating imperiods.