Tright here has actually been the majority of talk recently on whether you have to acquire the NVIDIA SHIELD 2017 Android TV or the NVIDIA SHIELD 2015 Android TV, due to the lack of regarded distinctions in between the two models. First off, if you execute not own either console, then you will most likely have to get the SHIELD 2017 as the 2015 version is now largely discontinued. While you will likely uncover some stock in some locations or arefurbished unit for sale, the difference in price in between those systems and the newer variation is likely negligible. While some can argue that there is not a lot upgrade worth in the newer design over the older design, NVIDIA were smart sufficient to make certain the launch price of the more recent design was the same price as the older version. So unless you discover a new variation of the older SHIELD for $99 or thereabouts, you are much better going through the newer version regardless. As also at $99, tbelow isthe problem of the SHIELD Remote. The remote manage does not come packaged with the older SHIELD, while it does through the more recent SHIELD. As the remote comes through a $49.99 retail value, also if you execute control to discover the SHIELD 2015 for $99, when you include on the expense of the SHIELD Remote, you are creeping close to the SHIELD 2017 retail price when aget. Especially, if you take advantage of this deal.

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So the actual question is whether you should upgrade to the SHIELD 2017 from the SHIELD 2015 and in fairness, this is a much harder question to answer in a soundbite. On one hand, brand-new is new and that does always play a duty in the decision-making procedure. While the internals are not that substantially different, if you carry out desire the newest hardware (inside and also out) then the SHIELD 2017 is the only method to go. Then tright here is the whole dimension point. Providing you are not opting for the SHIELD Pro 2017, then the form variable of the brand-new SHIELD is absolutely even more accommodating than the older SHIELD. It is not simply smaller sized, yet is far neater and fits into your house erected a lot much better. It looks and also feels much even more modern and also sindicate, even more 2017. As an outcome of cable and also TV suppliers now starting to view the worth in cord cutting and opting for app-based versions of their services, world are founding to cut down on the variety of additional TV-associated units they have actually in their residence. The SHIELD 2017 adds to that mantra nicely by likewise reducing the room it calls for. This is a much more minimalist architecture and also one which will certainly fit a lot much better with the more minimalist TV aficionado’s setup. To put the size right into perspective, the brand-new SHIELD is not that a lot larger than the SHIELD Controller.


Speaking of which, regardmuch less of whether you upgrade to the new SHIELD from the old SHIELD, you should certainly be buying the brand-new SHIELD Controller. This is wright here the evident distinctions between the 2 devices lie and in eexceptionally respect the new SHIELD Controller is much better than the old SHIELD Controller. It looks much better, it feels lighter and also is certainly more gamer-oriented through its brand-new design. The button setup has been adjusted and while there is a discovering curve affiliated when relocating from one controller to the various other (you will keep pressing the house switch when meaning to revolve up the volume at first), the brand-new Controller just looks, feels and functions, so much better. That shelp, to pick up the brand-new SHIELD Controller as a standalone purchase, you are presently looking at $59.99. A pretty hefty amount for the Controller alone and also especially as soon as it comes packaged in the box via the brand-new SHIELD and also the SHIELD Remote.


While any kind of of these factors on their own are not necessarily factors to upgrade from the NVIDIA SHIELD 2015 to the SHIELD 2017, they do administer examples of why you can want to think about upgrading. After all, not everything has to be about a far better processor or even more RAM and particularly once the earlier device was currently the a lot of capable Android TV gadget on the industry. Sometimes there are other reasons to upgrade. For circumstances, if you already own the NVIDIA SHIELD 2015 however did not pick up the SHIELD Remote because of it being an additional purchase, then you are successfully gaining $100 worth of accessories by picking up the new SHIELD, before you also variable in the actual brand-new SHIELD console. As these accessories are cross compatible, if you have more than one TV at residence, then picking up the brand-new SHIELD (while still owning the old SHIELD) has actually its merits. You will be able to make use of a SHIELD through each TV and have actually the latest SHIELD Remote and the new redesigned SHIELD Controller and also both will certainly work seamlessly with both SHIELD devices.

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Of course, if you already own two NVIDIA SHIELD 2015 units, then that’s an additional story altogether.