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Nursing Informatics and the foundation of Knowledge, 4th Edition teaches nursing students the history of health care informatics, existing issues, an easy informatics concepts, and health info management applications. This an extensive text contains straightforward through facility concepts to deal with the needs of the novice with innovator.

The text takes the leader from the building blocks of informatics through complex topics such as data mining, bioinformatics, and system development. The contents is amplified through its grounding in the foundation of knowledge Model established by the authors.

The purpose of this message is to carry out a set of helpful and an effective tools come ensure that students obtain a solid understanding of nursing Informatics and is maybe to relocate from info through understanding to wisdom. The ar of Informatics is a swiftly growing and also ever changing. In accordance with industry alters the 4th Edition has actually been update to encompass two competency based assessment tools: TANIC and NICA L3/L4.

Features of parenting Informatics and the structure of Knowledge 4th Edition PDF:

Coverage of change theoryUpdates on EHR systems and also their increased useInformation on clever technologies and also patient safetyNew tools consisting of wearables, connectivity, virtual patient tools, appsSimulated clinical experiencesEmerging technologiesNavigate 2 Premiere Access.


Dr. McGonigle brings an ext than 40 years of experience in nursing and also nursing informatics come this position. She is a Certified Distance education and learning Instructor and also a Certified Nurse Educator. After ~ being presented to computers enhancing nursing education while working towards her master’s degree.

Dr. Catalen Mastrian is an combine Professor the Nursing and also Program Coordinator because that the Shenango Campus of penn State. She has a phd in Sociology with an emphasis on clinical Sociology, A Master’s degree in Nursing from Pitt and a BS in nursing from penn State.

Language : EnglishPaperback : 606 pagesISBN-10 : 1284121240ISBN-13 : 978-1284121247Item load : 1.69 poundsDimensions : 6.9 x 1 x 8.9 inches.

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Critical care Nursing Made exceptionally Easy PDF

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