Nurse Ratched, the nurse ~ above the coronary love of the Academy-Award effective One Flew end the Cuckoo’s Nest, is one in every of cinema’s most infamous villains. Ryan Murphy found the character compelling sufficient to create Ratched, i beg your pardon casts sarah Paulson in Louise Fletcher’s distinctive function. Yet oddly sufficient, the brand brand-new Netflix sequence will not it is in the nurse’s an initial tv look.

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That might be Once top top a Time.

Yes, the alphabet present about fairytale Disney personalities coming to life in the true world additionally options Nurse Ratched in a minor, recurring role as performed by Ingrid Torrance.

Once top top a Time, which ran for seven periods on ABC, might be very loosely around fairy story characters floating ring a small city in Maine through out their reminiscences. The existing flip-flops in between the true world and also the fantasy one, because the personalities attempt come break your curse.


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Ratched mirroring in Once ~ above a Time no truly as bizarre as it’d sound. Throughout its 7 season run, the sequence creators traction not just from Disney films and fairytales, yet in enhancement from literature such since the Wizard the Oz, Greek mythology, and Arthurian legend. Ken Kesey’s e book is definitely not as fantastical together the opposite examples, however it’s a e publication so, positive, Nurse Ratched appears in Once upon a Time with the likes the Elsa, Mulan, sleeping Beauty, Captain Hook, the mad Hatter, and also others. Nurse Ratched is just named a few instances, but we all know she’s not only a arbitrarily nurse, as a result of scripts because that the sequence discuss with her together Nurse Ratched.

I by no method saved up through Once top top a Time, yet if you happen to spend several time in ~ the Disney fandom area, you pick up adequate random tidbits in regards come the succession to really feel such together you conserved up v Once top top a Time. So I perplexed to myself: deserve to I get the finish Once top top a Time specialization by simply watching the Nurse Ratched scenes?

Here’s just how my self-imposed experiment carry out out:

<Ed. Word: This write-up accommodates an extremely imprecise and vastly out-of-context spoiler for six seasons of Once ~ above a Time>

Nurse Ratched provides her debut in ~ the staying moments the the 12th illustration of the main season, which says I started watching Once top top a Time in earnest within the staying moments that the 12th illustration of the main season. The angry Queen girl (Lana Parrilla) saunters as lot as the psychiatric wing of the Storybrooke basic Hospital and also palms Nurse Ratched a rose. Nurse Ratched, whose title isn’t talked around but however, and I need to stress this, is Nurse Ratched, claims one thing around how nobody ever visits a selected impacted person. And also that individual influenced person is … Belle (Emilie de Ravin), the star of plenty of Once ~ above a Time GIFsets. Why is she right here? I have no idea, nor carry out I uncover out, together a an outcome of I’m specifically watching Ratched’s scenes, for this reason it’s time because that the succeeding one.

Nurse Ratched returns to OUAT within the season 1 finale. We’re again top top the psychiatric wing once more, which is underground and also creepy. She on the desk, just doing she job, once Sebastian Stan, that performs Jefferson, the Mad baht character in eyeliner, is accessible in and also offers her some tea. One sip knocks she out. Jefferson then breaks right into the hospital to cost-free Belle.


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Nurse Ratched returns in season 2. Belle is again within the psychiatric wing, although the now appears to be like like an actual hospital as an different of a dungeon. What developed between seasons? ns unsure, as a result of I’m solely watching Nurse Ratched’s scenes. She meets v this sizzling girl in a fur coat (Meghan Ory) and also after she litter a match, Nurse Ratched comes over to sedate her. Ratched tells the mrs within the fur coat the Belle has actually “been like this the totality time” and that they’ve required to keep her carefully sedated. Ratched escorts Belle the end of the room.

Later in season 2, Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) is top top the lookout because that Belle, however finds an empty hospital mattress. Allow me emphasize as soon as once more simply exactly how a the majority of a makeover this hospital has gained on this imply time: in season 1, Belle was conserved in a cellar with just one tiny window, yet now she will acquire a mattress. Anyway, Rumple is choose “Where is this patient?” and also Nurse Ratched is favor “Well, she have to still it is in here” and he’s favor “THEN whereby IS SHE?!” after i m sorry Ratched runs turn off to search for Belle. She shows up intimidated by him, i beg your pardon isn’t the cutthroat ruthless Ratched we all know and also love.


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Ratched doesn’t it seems ~ in any type of respect in season 3. Every little thing occurs transparent season 3 that Once ~ above a Time remains in season 3 of Once ~ above a Time.

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When we obtain to season 4, Ratched is as soon as once more behind the desk of the psychiatric wing. She doesn’t say something. Also, the hospital is creepy when more. Angry Queen and another evil-looking girl (Rebecca Mader) stroll vault Nurse Ratched, but the location they go, I have actually no idea, together a result of I’m greatly watching Once ~ above a Ratched.

Season 5 is probably the most hoppin’ season because that Nurse Ratched, as she appears in 4 fully different episodes. The season kicks off through a child performed by Jared S. Gilmore truly calling Nurse Ratched by she title! Confirmation! He’s searching for his mother, so he walks into the creepy design of the psychiatric wing and spills his drink on she in order the Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), who within the present is a really enticing dark-haired guy in eyeliner, deserve to sneak in. Ns don’t recognize who he goes to see, however poor Nurse Ratched’s uniform is ruined.

But she bounces quickly again from the loss, showing in that season’s sixth episode to ship lunch to one of many sufferers — the evil-looking girl indigenous season 4, who is seemingly nevertheless on this place. The influenced person is watch pregnant and also actually craving onion rings, but Nurse Ratched it is provided a bowl of frankly bland trying greens, saying that the mayor has instructed she to solely feed this prisoner natural, regionally get an impressive greens, together a result of she’s reportedly pregnant. This pisses off the affected person, who sends out Ratched off. Where is the domineering Nurse Ratched us all know and love? Why is she together a pushover?


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Ratched renders use of she nurse expertise within the eighth episode, as soon as the pregnant girl begins to market delivery. Through that, i imply, she frantically goes to the door climate summons the lady’s sister and a human being who I think is her son daddy (Sean Maguire). Apparently, everybody’s rather freaked out as a result of she was specifically two month pregnant however now’s going right into labor! It’s due to darkish magic, she says, but … who darkish magic? Well, us received’t discover out, together a result of the onto the subsequent Ratched scene, the ar she hold the woman’s hand as she offers delivery!

In season 5, illustration 10, the hospital is again to trying like an an accurate regular hospital as an alternative of a horror film — although the may really well be as a an outcome of we’re within the maternity wing and also for some objective Ratched has actually a change protecting this desk too. Hospital shifts, am i proper? The previously pregnant girl marches in and Ratched is choose “You can not be here!” after i beg your pardon the evil girl waves her hand and Ratched overcome out. Angry girl looks like she’s ~ above a mission, however I’m not confident what she on the lookout for. Probably a child?

Nurse Ratched’s remaining appearances are in season 6, the present’s penultimate season. In the 3rd episode, the angry Queen (who’s currently not evil?) heads appropriate down come the psychiatric wing and also takes a casserole food from Ratched. This is one other 2nd the location they point out Nurse Ratched through title: angry Queen feedback that in comparison v the cup the noodles Nurse Ratched serves, she lasagna is complement for a king, i beg your pardon is able to hopefully obtain the impacted person to speak come them. Technically this pour out a bit over from once Nurse Ratched to be on display, however I’m letting the slide as a result of she was instantly talked about.

In episode 16, Ratched as soon as once an ext commandeers the workdesk in enntrance gate of the creepy psychiatric wing. Evil Queen and Henry go appropriate down to check out a impacted person and also Ratched feedback that this explicit influenced person has by no means had any kind of guests. Spooky! angry Queen and also Henry intend this affected person will aid them. Ratched unlocks the door, revealing a dude named Isaac (Patrick Fischler) who’s inputting at a typewriter.


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In Ratched’s continuing to be look, we see primary character Emma Swann portray a swan. Ratched is easily accessible in — which suggests that is going under within the psychiatric wing, in every probability, i m sorry now options some good home windows — and also tells Emma that her kid is right below to go to. Ratched leader her the end to the prepared room, which has undoubtedly to be spruced up since final time we noticed the hospital. Henry and also Emma speak a bit about how none of their family and also friends room actual, together a an outcome of Emma thinks the entire fairy story ingredient is a delusion.

This is more than likely the many plot we’ve acquired from watching the Ratched scenes, together a an outcome of Ratched is hovering within the nook and also going to do a reappearance. There is one thing a couple of black Fairy wiping Emma’s reminiscences, however Emma insists that she’s just unwell. Castle recount the occasions that i presume occurred in previously seasons (he ate a poisoned apple turnover at one level, however Emma conserved him through True Love’s Kiss). Ratched comes again to offer Emma she drugs. She appears to be like relatively domineering, yet in addition doesn’t actually intrude with Henry exhibiting Emma some cryptic notes. Ratched walks away appropriate as some new evil-looking girl (Jaime Murray) hovers over Henry, so currently we’re stopping.

Once top top a Time does have a seventh season, nonetheless it’s a breakable reboot collection in Seattle and focuses on grownup Henry. So Ratched’s time in Once upon a Time ends once the present’s time within the city that Storybrooke ends. If there’s any information that this specialization has given me about this present, is that it takes location in a hospital better than i assumed the could. I’ve in addition realized that there room extra angry girls 보다 I initially thought. However apart indigenous that, i don’t understand if i realized something from this specialization that ns didn’t be taught by osmosis on-line. If something, it’s exclusively introduced increase extra questions.

I’ll say, nonetheless, that watching that for around ten secs throughout 6 seasons has actually sparked an curiosity in me. Who room these mysterious sufferers that keep exhibiting up? Why does the psychiatric wing appear like a dungeon typically and also a classic hospital various instances? space there extra sizzling males in eyeliner? Is this the intrigue of as soon as Upon a Time functioning its magic ~ above me, a susceptible Disney fan?

All seven seasons of Once ~ above a Time room streaming ~ above Disney Plus. One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and also Ratched room streaming ~ above Netflix.