Samsung has ultimately unveiled the long-awaited Galaxy keep in mind 9 and also it's good news for headphone wearers.

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Unlike Apple's latest iPhones, the brand-new handset sports a timeless headphone jack so friend won't have to rely ~ above Bluetooth because that listening to music or videos top top your new Samsung handset.

The brand-new Galaxy note 9 was unveiled in ~ the Samsung Unpacked occasion in new York alongside the Galaxy Watch and also Galaxy home smart speaker.

problems that Samsung could ditch the headphone port were first soothed when the oriental tech firm 'accidentally' leaked picture on its own website.

The image showed up to present a 3.5mm headphone entry on the bottom edge of the handset.

How come pre-order Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 9 - and prices

an additional leak on declaring Note 9 cases shows up to present a picture of the handset v a headphone jack.

But the main unveiling has actually now definitively tastecraftedmcd.comnfirmed the existence of the audio port.

The new Galaxy keep in mind 9 also features a massive 4,000mAh battery which supplies all-day power, together with a 6.4-inch supervisor AMOLED Infinity Display and also an to update S-Pen stylus pen which allows you take selfies and also group pictures, current slides, pause and play video, and an ext with just a solitary click.

Samsung unveils brand-new S-Pen for the Galaxy note 9
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