Alan Walker, Avicci, and also Martin Garrix are just a few hip-hop and EDM producers who space using FL Studio. This method it’s a really popular music manufacturing software supplied by world-class artists. In this article, we are going to settle an error on FL Studio, not sufficient ASIO output channels available.

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Users who have reportedly encountered this trouble observed that it occurred after FL Studio or various other music software application crashes. In addition, some FL Studio find this a problem when they usage M-Audio quick Track, Asio4All, and additionally Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Interface.

FL Studio ASIO output Channels

Whether that FL Studio or other music production software, it’s ideal to familiarize every the functionalities for this reason the operation will it is in smooth. There room several reasons why you encounter errors and also issues while making use of FL Studio. And, while some problems are easy to solve, there space those that are so complicated. With the error FL Studio, not sufficient ASIO output channel available, let’s understand very first why users encountered together error.

You deserve to watch this step by step video clip to solve this issue:

What is ASIO, you might ask? ASIO means Audio currently Input/Output. It’s a cross-platform, multichannel audio move protocol (ATP) emerged by Steinberg. This will permit any software application to affix with nearly any sound card.

From stereo (two-channel) audio output and input of the computer, it permits your software to view every input and also output accessible on your sound card. V this, users become limitless and an ext productive. Multiple tracks deserve to be tape-recorded simultaneously and also so much an ext since you can assign these I/Os to one of two people be offered in record or playback.

What triggers the Error?

The error occurs when FL Studio can’t discover or can not configure an output device. It is why the error article specifically claims “ASIO calculation channel.”

As easily mentioned in the introduction, the key reason for this worry is once the selected ASIO driver is supplied by various other applications. Because the driver is still provided by other software (or if FL Studio no terminated successfully), it cannot develop a link to it. Check if one output maker selected is active, or if yes sir a selected device, at all. Walk to Options>Audio Settings and check the output machine you’re using.


Yet, it can be a difficulty with the sound card itself. Finally, it’s necessary that you must also check the output maker that you space using. All possible workarounds room being debated below.

Simply and Quick Fixes that Work!

You may shot the adhering to workarounds below. Part users solved the difficulty only by restarting the computer system or quitting some background apps. Yet, if the concern is rather serious in her experience, you might need additional checking, i beg your pardon is also detailed in the following sections.

Terminate programs that may Use the Soundcard

Is the your very first time coming across this problem? It can be the the output device is busy since it’s supplied by various other programs. If the sound map is supplied by various other programs, you will encounter the problem. You must terminate every the music players and also even your internet browsers the may accessibility your sound card.

Restart your Computer

To fully terminate every the apps that may have accessibility to your output device, try to boot up your computer. Once your computer system has effectively restarted, beginning FL Studio right away. Inspect if the error is gone because that good.

Uninstall/Re-install ASIO Driver

You may try to update your ASIO driver before uninstalling it. To perform so,

1. Go to Start and also search because that Device Manager.

2. Scroll down to Sounds, Video, and Game Controllers.

3. Right-click on the ASIO that you have a difficulty with, then click Update Driver.

If that doesn’t work, try to uninstall and reinstall the ASIO driver. Come uninstall, friend just need to follow the actions below.

1. Go to Start>Control Panel.

2. Walk to Programs>Programs and also Features. The perform of currently installed apps and also software will certainly appear.

3. Pick the ASIO driver the you want to use.

4. Click Uninstall.


Now, to reinstall the ASIO Driver. Friend just have to do as you walk when an initial doing the driver installation.

Output maker Not found (Particularly through M-audio fast track)

A number of FL Studio individuals who supplied M-audio rapid Track have solved this trouble using the adhering to steps. Check-in your FL Studio if the audio output has actually been recognized. Launch FL Studio and go to Audio Settings. If nothing’s there, then, carry out the following:

1. Go to Start>Control Panel (or you can just struggle Start and also search for manage Panel).

2. Walk to Hardware and Sound>Sound. The pop-up box will certainly appear.

3. Examine the Playback tab and you should uncover the M-audio in addition to other devices like the speaker of your computer.

4. Right-click on any device other than M-audio and also select Enable.

5. Then, right-click ~ above the M-audio and click Disable.

6. Navigate to the Recording tab and also do action 4 and also 5 for the easily accessible recording devices.

7. Hit the OK button and relaunch FL Studio.

8. Walk to Sound Settings on your FL Studio and from the dropdown, you should see the M-audio now.

To see just how a few steps have actually fixed the problem, please examine this YouTube video:

Whether the M-audio or various other audio device, your procedure above still applies. First, girlfriend just have to make certain that her FL Studio is associated to the output maker that you desire to use.


Simple remedies that absolutely work. FL Studio not sufficient ASIO calculation channel accessible error is solved! This problem occurs when your FL Studio can’t establish a successful connection to your audio device. And, the most usual reason is the output an equipment used by other software.

Simple solutions can be from end background apps to restarting the computer. However, there are situations that call for desperate measures, favor you need to uninstall the ASIO driver and also like. Or, it can be a difficulty with the configuration in her FL Studio and also your computer.

However, no matter what the problem/s is/are, friend can discover the solution ideal here. Need to you still struggle with this exact same error, nothing hesitate to give us feedback.

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