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Chapter 1: Wombo Combo.

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If there’s a team that can make insane plays, it had actually to be Team Liquid. While not the former TI7 Champions, the existing Liquid roster deserve part commendation for being together for nearly 2 years. That method their coordination as a team space far much more in sync and superior 보다 your median standards.

And oh boy, can they execute wonders! In a game against EHOME, the negative carry, vtFaded, was not expecting a tiny Toss into the adversary heroes. However what provides it even much better (well, worse because that Sven) is that perfect stun timing that leave him no chance to also use a single skill or move.

Combo by fluid (Credits goes to DotaCinema):

With liquid going through the reduced bracket and also facing Alliance next, we can expect much much more plays choose these.


Chapter 2: The magnificent Escape!

From EU come SA, beastcoast surprises us with one of the most intense survive run, featuring ScofieLD. In one of their games against Fighting PandaS, his Nyx Assassin sneakily killed the courier in ~ mid, however Fighting PandaS overreaction was more than likely the many questionable action ever.

Four of them obtained to mid and also chased after ~ Nyx. However as Nyx heads into their base, only Clockwerk ongoing the chase. As his team allows him attend to the Nyx. Little did they know, ScofieLD had actually no on purpose of feeding there. That proceeds to operation to their fountain, collected his force staff and also even bought a Tome the Knowledge. That proceeds to stun Clock before casually TP-ing away in front of Clock.

Nyx’s Escape:

With beastcoast dealing with Invictus Gaming tomorrow, let’s check out if the SA boys deserve to make miracles happen again. ~ all, they are the 7thplace team in TI9.


Chapter 3: gain Over Here!

Next, it’s evil Geniuses, v their brand-new addition the RAMZES666 and Abed. Seems favor the boys are obtaining along pretty fine together they tweet out funny moments among themselves. Anyways, in the game versus Vici Gaming, Cr1t was recorded out by Kunkka’s X-mark and also Boat combo in addition to a toxicity Nova through Venomancer.

RAMZES666 was there to save Cr1t native feeding by hooking and also denying him at the ideal moment. What a lovely display of sportsmanship!

RAMZES666’s save:


Chapter 4: Gone but Not Forgotten.

One that the most damaged yet epos rampages in the major, Sccc and also Xss ~ above Morphling and Earthshaker are just absolute insanity together. They space literally chain-stunning every zb player v their W. Talk around overpowered!

This caused a rampage and also worthy that a comeback acknowledgement together all Sccc essential was Scepter for Morphling to revolve the birds of the game.

Sccc’s rampage:

Another highlight definitely goes to SEA’s beloved support, Dj, through his well-thought juke. In the clip, Dj managed to protect against dying indigenous Phantom Assassin’s dagger by making use of a smoke. While that literally only took a button, top top a closer perspective, if Mirana was not far sufficient from PA, the smoke would not have actually worked and also he will be eliminated anyways. Perhaps it is an exact calculation the the distance he required to it is in away for smoke to work.

DJ’s juke (Credits to DotaCinema):

Unfortunately, both teams have been got rid of from the major, when disappointing, your plays are worth remembering at the very least till the next update comes since let’s just say no one likes playing versus a Morphling with Scepter when there’s an Earthshaker in the exact same game.


Chapter 5: The top Eight.

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Thus, later today, the Chengdu significant continues together the quarterfinals and beyond unfolds. May the strongest team prevail and be the very first major champion the the season! stay tuned.