The most popular type of camera that photographers use is the Digital solitary Lens Reflex or DSLR camera. It is unique designed and it has actually two innovations built-in: the single-lens reflex technology and the digital element of the camera. This post will explain Nikon D3200 vs. Canon T3I DSLR cameras furthermore.

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Just together the surname of the function states, the single-reflex an innovation has the volume to determine just how the camera’s shutter will work in order to enable the light v the lens onto the sensor, when the digital part of the DSLR camera tells you that it works through a digital sensor for this reason it deserve to accurately catch pictures rather of a item of film. Out of all the DSLR cameras in the market, there space two that stand out, they room Canon EOS Rebel T3I and also the Nikon D3200.


Nikon D3200 vs. Canon T3ISimilaritiesDifferences

Nikon D3200 vs. Canon T3I basic Overview

The Canon EOS Rebel T3I, likewise known as Canon 600D in part countries, and also the Nikon D3200 are two DSLR cameras that were introduced at around the same time. Both DSLR cameras have built-in APS-C sensors the ensure high-quality images and also high definition videos.


The Canon EOS Rebel T31 is equipped v a resolution of 17.9 megapixels, when the Nikon D3200 is equipped with a resolution that 24.1 MP. To know more about this two significant cameras, below is a deep dive on its incredible features and aspects.

Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 is right for people who are new to photography and also photography enthusiasts. The is not highly recommended come those who are an ext used to using premium cameras equipped v premium features.

As because that its design, the DSLR is small and has actually a deep grip that offers comfort as soon as you organize it. It likewise has buttons that will certainly switch ~ above its Live watch feature, comparable to Canon SL1 camera, i m sorry is something sensible for customers who are used to composing images via one LCD screen. The display of the camera has actually 921,000 dots and it has actually a bright and clear view.

It also boasts chin of a great angle of view from numerous positions and its performance under various lighting problems is exceptional.

Canon T3I

When it comes to the design, the Canon T3I has a composite body the can give the user a sculpted handgrip, while the camera itself has a heavy build, that is durable and is compact. The textured spots provide good comfort, and also while you room shooting, the finger will autumn naturally to the camera’s shutter button and it likewise has patches of rubberised material on its handgrip, the left next of the body, and its ignorance rest.

As because that the camera’s controls, the is simple to use and the button layout is easy to reach. It has a quick regulate screen that allows you to access its various other functions quickly including the following:

Exposure compensationDrive modeAutofocusAperture speedShutter speedISO sensitivity

Nikon D3200 vs. Canon T3I

The Nikon D3200 and the Canon T3I are both entry-level DSLR cameras just like a Canon T5 camera. Both of them can catch incredible images, have actually a solid build, and are light and also compact.

The Nikon D3200 and also the Canon T3I room the pride of their particular brands, however, as soon as it comes to picking the right one because that you, over there are specific features and also aspects that you need to review.


The 2 DSLR cameras may have actually come from various camera brands, however there are features that friend can find in both that them.

The functions are not only a standard in the photography scene, they are also important to ensure that you gain the best results.

APS-C Sensors

Since both the Nikon D3200 and also the Canon T3I room lightweight and compact cameras, it just makes sense that both that them space equipped v the APS-C sensor.

An APS-C sensor captures sharp images and it does not take also much space in the camera’s body since of its little size. The is good for street and also sports photography in i beg your pardon Nikon 200 500 and Tamron 150 600 have the right to do both of these varieties of photography.

Image Stabilization

The Nikon D3200 and the Canon T3I space both used by photographers that love come travel, the is due to the fact that they are jam-packed with incredible features and also they space light and compact, which method they room both straightforward to bring on every trip. This is why both are equipped with the photo stabilization mechanism in which is very important in selecting lens whether it is Canon or Nikon brand lenses.


Image stabilization enables photographers to take photos and also film videos without having to use a tripod due to the fact that it fights off any kind of effects the a shower camera might cause, ensuring a clear image. This attribute is an extremely useful because that travellers because they don’t have to bring a tripod or a stabilizer through them everywhere.


The Nikon D3200 and the Canon T3I might both be entry-level DSLRs, yet they are still from different camera brands. Thus, there are details features that you can obtain from one camera that you won’t uncover in the other.


What renders the Nikon D3200 and also the Canon T3I various from each various other is the built-in autofocus system. The Canon T3I has actually the feature, which method you can quickly zoom in and out the the topic using the camera itself.

However, the Nikon D3200 go not have actually a integrated autofocus system. If you great to obtain this feature, girlfriend will must pair increase the Nikon D3200 v a lens that has it.

Movie Recording

Filmmakers are currently using DSLR cameras to shoot specific scenes, and they usage its built-in movie recorder function that bring away a sequence of photographs and produces a moving image. The Canon T3I has actually this feature, so it is appropriate for videographers and also filmmakers.

Meanwhile, the Nikon D3200 walk not have actually this feature. It have the right to only film continuous videos. It does no have any kind of other attribute that deserve to improve the quality of the videos, it have the right to only be excellent in post-processing via video editors.

Major distinguishing Factor

The significant distinguishing factor between the Nikon D3200 and the Canon T3I is the built-in autofocus feature. The Nikon D3200 will require a lens that has actually an autofocus device for friend to have the ability to accurately focus on her subject.

The Canon T3I has this attribute built-in, so friend can catch subjects the are far away and also zoom in and also out that them also without a lens attached to it. However, if you want to readjust the aperture, climate you can attach a lens that has the aperture the you need.

When to use Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 is a DSLR camera the is designed because that intuitive use, comfort, and also durability. It has actually a compact body and it is light, which renders it really easy to carry roughly anywhere.


The camera is popular amongst photographers since it lets you optimize your settings in one easy way as transforming the dial. The is appropriate for expert photographers, many thanks to its 24.1 MP resolution, the can capture sharp pictures.

The Nikon D3200 can be offered for the adhering to genre:

Travel photographyNature photographyLandscape photographyPortrait photography

When to usage Canon T3I

The Canon T3I is an excellent for videographers because of the movie recording feature. V its resolution of 17.9 MP, that is best for world who want to try out photography. V its integrated autofocus feature, you deserve to take images of topics from much away without having to connect it to a lens.

The Canon T3I is great to usage for the adhering to genre:

Video filmingStreet photographySports photographyEvents photography

Final Verdict

The Nikon D3200 vs. Canon T3I is frequently compared due to the fact that they share virtually the exact same features and also they have practically the exact same performance. However, in selecting a camera for her work, you need to take into consideration what girlfriend need.

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If you want to have actually an entry-level camera that has actually incredible specs, then you can acquire the Nikon D3200. If you are right into videography and also are brand-new to photography, friend can get the Canon T3I.