Quest "Emil"s Memories" - will tell you among the excellent stories, present you a wonderful cutscene and take you to one of the locations of the original Nier. Well, exactly how deserve to you refuse this? This overview will teach you wright here to find the quest "Emil"s Memories", how to complete it and at the exact same time uncover all the "Moon Tears" that are required to get the Lunar Tear trophy.

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How to discover the pursuit "Emil"s Memories"

Complete the main story of the game that takes you to the Forest. Defeat the boss from the castle to return to Pascal.

Next, find Emil"s Traveling Shop, located northwest of Ruins City, near the Desert Entrance. Shoot his automobile to stop him. After you talk to Emil, you will require Moon Tears. But the search itself will show up just after collecting the initially one !!!

How to find all Moon Tears flowers in Nier: Automata

Tbelow are 5 moon tears in the game:

Tear # 1: Shopping Center - from the entrance, look behind the escalator near the trees;

Tear # 2: Forest Zone - In a cave southern of the main entrance;

Tear # 3: Park Ruins. Walk dvery own the main part of the damages, then rotate right and enter the location with the vending machine (vfinishing machine). The Moon Tear will certainly be in the ago right corner;

Tear # 4 - Desert. Keep in mind the big rocky hill in the facility of the level. Tright here is a narrow cave, through which you need to go and also, going upstairs, make a lengthy jump to the platdevelop, which will be above your head. You will certainly need to obtain to the dried up tree and also the Tear will certainly be to the best of it;

Tear # 5 - Flooded Coast. Go southern of the zone, in the direction of the coast. Look at the lowest suggest of the zone and also be certain to alert the glow.

Elevator Key in Shopping Center

Next, Emil will show up and also offer you a crucial to a special elevator in the Shopping Center, which is situated just to the left of its entrance. Use the crucial and enjoy somepoint unique for fans of the first Nier.

In NieR: Automata.

"A resistance member wants assist locating some relics from the old world - and given that they" re likely to be hidden in sand, you "ll need to use the dynamic scanner. Find them and carry them to the client."

"You uncovered an old staff. Deliver it to the Client. According to the client, the old staff was used in primitive desert ceremonies."

"You discovered a strone tablet via laws composed on it. Deliver it to the client. According to the client, tright here provided to be a nation in the desert wbelow world lived under an difficult number of rules."

"You uncovered a dirty mask. Deliver it to the client. According to the client, all the people living in the prehistoric desert country provided to wear masks."

"You discovered a statue of a young girl. Deliver it to the client. According to the client, the young woguy is dressed as a bride, and also hailed from an old desert nation recognized as" Facade "wright here world spoke a stselection language and also had actually their very own distinct clothing and culture. This exploration seemed to meet his curiousty about the old civilization. "

Heritage of the Past Objectives

Use A170: Scanner to explore the desert and also bring relics to the researcher Retrieve 3 items prior to going for the 4th Turn in the final item.

Heritage of the Past Rewards

Per relic turned in: Amber x1, 5,000G, 100 EXP Final: Thick Thesaurus x3, 10,000G, 750 EXP

Heritage of the Past Walkthrough

This quest is accessible as 2B, after you have the Dynamic Scanner for your pod (Obtained in the time of primary pursuit Redheads, chapter 8_01) and are done saving 9S. Go to the Desert Zone and also take a trip as far from the entrance as you can, keeping it behind you, until you uncover the researcher.Equip the A170: Scanner and also explore damages in the desert. You have the right to find an located near the accessibility suggest Desert: Center in a room with a few housing ruins.


From Desert: Center, head towards Desert Homaking use of and after a team of opponents your pod will certainly pick up a signal. Pick up the Commandment Slab (And Archives: Mysterious Litograph 2) If you deserve to "t discover it that way, wander the edge of the light circle around Desert: Center.


Continue going in the direction of Desert Houtilizing, and to the left of the entrance discover the Filthy Mask in between 2 rock formations.


Turn in the first 3 items, and then go to the location south of the researcher for 4-th item Statue of a Girl. A team of enemies levels 38-40 assaults you as soon as you perform, featuring outfits out of Westerns.

The inimitable Wandering Couple is hidden among the one-off quests of the "give-and-get" type.

After 5 hrs of playing Nier: Automata - Yoko Taro"s sad robot simulator - I finished up dropping those that had actually filled the minimap. After I saw the distant desert for the third time to exadjust the points I uncovered tbelow for trivial sources and crooked dialogues, I disowned the despeprice "offerors" of searches about me as an unnecessary filler, and also complied with the major route of androids and explosions. which hooked me from the initially minute of the game.

Then something funny happened. When I realized that I was doing not have a level for particular missions in the late game - you know that I intend, you bastards through drills - I had to go back to side searches to earn some cost-free XP. And although the vast majority of them did not bring any kind of admiration, I uncovered the search that controlled to capture the spirit and imagination of the primary story of the game: "The Wandering Couple". Of course, it was still "lug it up," also annoying. But it demonstrates a stselection sense of humor mixed via themes of totally free will certainly and the nature of presence - materials that automatically pulled me right into the shattered civilization of Nier.

The quest was so excellent that it motivated me to complete each of the game"s 60 side missions, without exemption. Most of them are a waste of time, however eexceptionally player need to discover this curious pair.

They are incredibly easy to overlook and also are hidden in among the inconspicuous corners of Pascal"s Machine Village. They ask you to lug an complex device from an abandoned manufacturing facility to resolve the man"s "motor functions." When you deliver this, you will certainly discover them aacquire in a flooded city, where a female robot forces a male to ask for a vast amount of money in order to cross the ocean and escape forever.

When you pay them over 50 thousand also, you deserve to assume that the quest is over and forget about it. Upon returning to the flooded city, you uncover out that a details Emancipator has tricked the couple. After you run via the game world to settle these 2, the couple will certainly speculate around their future, the womale will assume that they reformat each various other, return to the Resistance and begin anywhere again.

In the end, the guy agrees and also 9S restyles him. But once he tries to do the exact same to her, she will expose a secret: all these racing games were essential in order to turn a man into a fighting design, so that "they did not need to run from anyone else." While 9S is shocked by the news, the woguy casually admits that she has done this 6 times already, and "it has never before been a trouble." After that, she showered you with presents and also left, for sure to "pump" him to the point that he will have actually all the features of a perfect male.

Throughout Nier, 2B and 9S shed blood, sweat and also oil in the fight versus the continuous disaster of the devices to make life on the planet safe for people again. However, prefer the whole plan of the robot womale, all their initiatives were in vain - human being had lengthy because passed away out. Instead of restructure it the first time, the woguy in the side quest comes up with excusage after excuse for her partner to restart himself. Although they both endure from her schemes, in her knowledge it is more than a method to pass the moment, simply as the endmuch less war with the equipments is just bait for the YorHA devices to save functioning.

As with the womale and also her companion, 2B and also 9S are drawn into an endmuch less circle, and also I don"t suppose simply the game"s looping narrative. As the ending of the game shows, 9S learned the truth around the death of humankind a number of times, and 2B had to kill him and erase his memory each time to hide the terrible reality. From a game standpoint, no one deserve to do anypoint around this turn of occasions. After all, it"s just that they are programmed that way. This refers to among the primary questions of Nier: does the woman decide to restart her companion and also improve him because of the flexibility of alternative, or does she just lug out her routine duties, deprived of feelings and also totally free will?

In the actual ending of the game, the 2 robots reflect on this, and also 042 realizes that even after this whole circle that has actually already happened, they cannot "deny the possibility" that these exact same tragedies might take place again. But encountering these disasters, they still recoup data via waves of fire in the final credits, they are confident that the androids deserve a 2nd possibility to conquer their nature. Similar to the wandering couple, it is unclear if they will certainly obtain out of the vicious circle. But as the female robot said, it"s still worth a try.

In NieR: Automata.

"You heard from a resident of Pascal" s Village of a great treasure covert in the forest. Go view if there is any kind of fact to the rumors. "

"Search for a door in the forest castle that matches the vital."

"A rampaging machine has actually appeared. It looks favor there" s something ahead. "

"The surprise treacertain turned out to be storage media containing the forest kingdom" s history, made by its machine lifeforms as a present of gratitude to the original Forest King. When you told this to the villager, he rereferred to as a time long earlier as soon as he had actually been shunned by the kingdom "s denizens for his stvariety speech. He was filled via delight that the grave" s guardian had actually been damaged, and he wiburned fatality upon the whole Forest Kingdom. "

Treacertain Hunt at the Castle Objectives

Travel to the Castle in the Forest Zone Find 3 machine parts Find the locked door and also use they vital Defeat the Knight

Treasure Hunt at the Castle Rewards

Archives: Letter to the Forest King 10,000G 1,280 EXP

Treasure Hunt at the Castle Walkthrough

This quest unlocks after the main pursuit Report on A2 has been completed. To pick it up, go to the gate between Machine Village and Foremainder Zone and talk to the weird-talking machine.Go to the Foremainder Castle and also go forward, then up, drop down a level and continue until you find a chest with a "junk" machine component Make to the rightmost room and go approximately the highest level you deserve to gain, then uncover a ledge to dash throughout to grab another junk part. Go to wright here Masamune is and also dash across the damaged bridge to the ideal as you leave masamune "s shop. Continue going appropriate till you discover the last piece

Once you have actually all 3 components, your pod will certainly indevelop you that they have the right to be provided as a vital. From below, go earlier as much as the level of the Royal Chamber, and also go appropriate past the bridge through the Link Type machine. Backtrack till you arrive at the library. On this floor find the ladder going dvery own, and also discover 2 more floors to go dvery own to. The leave to the door will certainly be on the 3rd floor of the library, just easily accessible from ladders above it.

As you find the ideal floor, you will notification an open up window through a tree root you can walk out of towards a huge door. A level 48 machine through a tower shield will certainly confront you. After the enrespond to, technique the King "s stays and read his gravestone to obtain an

In the prologue, you will certainly be trained in the mechanics of the game NieR: Automata. From the very start, you will uncover yourself in the warmth of the battle. After the introductory cut-scene, you will certainly take manage of your flying machine and fight off the robots. Use the R1 switch to fire the cannons, and also R2 will certainly aid you dodge the balls flying at you. Also, using the triangle, you will assault via a cutting blow - it helps a lot if the opponents got too close to you or lined up.

Having faced the first group of opponents, you will certainly be transformed right into an aircraft. Fly closely through all the obstacles fighting off robots alengthy the way. Having encountered the robots and having flown a few even more dangerous locations, the plane will certainly crash against the wall. And then regulate will certainly go straight to 2B currently in the location Abandoned factory(Abandoned factory).

Abandoned Factory

In this place, your training will proceed (for those who played the demo variation of the game, it will not be difficult to go through the location). And your initially enemies will be little robots. Remember: this is training, the even more you progress via the game, the stronger your opponents will be. They are very slow, but if they come up, they will certainly start to wave their arms conveniently, some models can shoot energy balls - in general, these enemies have the right to be incredibly irritable, specifically if you are not careful. After small robots, larger robots will certainly attack you - they currently perform decent damages and move quicker than smaller brothers. After destroying enemies, the initially boss battle awaits you - Buzzsaw.


It is a huge crane with buckets rotating at the end. It might seem at first glance that it looks intimidating, however in truth, it is fairly basic to destroy it. Dodge and run ameans from assaults (while shooting at the boss), after the buckets stop, strike through your sword, destroying the buckets.


Follow this basic tactic and also defeat the auto. After that, a cut-scene will start, where you will certainly accomplish your future partner 9S.

After talking via an ally, run right into the location that opens up for you. To cross the cliff, shoot the yellow crane from above to make yourself a bridge. As soon as the platdevelop falls, flying robots will attack you - it deserve to be hard to reach them via a sword, however for such situations you have a Pod. Having figured it out, run even more, just perform not miss the revolve to the appropriate. After turning the edge, damage the tiny robots, and then climb the stairs up to the mechanical door. After going via the door, you will certainly should ruin the robots. This time tright here will be many type of even more. After killing them, move on to the next similar arena. Tright here robots with shields will be waiting for you, which suggests that your bullets will be inreliable, yet a couple of blows with a sword are sufficient, and the shield will certainly be damaged. Having cleared this location, you leave through the opened up door. After leaving the structure, go up the stairs. Once on the platform through the chest, search it and also go downstairs. At the bottom, proceed to run even more along the long bridge, this method you will certainly start the cutscene and also fight through the boss.


At first, the battle with him will take location in the very same way as via the initially boss, however in a slightly facility version. Now there are two such cranes, it is even more difficult to escape from them. But the route to victory is still straightforward - throughout his attack, run ameans and shoot, once the chisels carry out not relocate, strike through the sword. After damaging them, you will proceed to the fight via Goliath (Goliath).


His first strike will certainly be the launch of plenty of energy balls (be mindful - the dark balls cannot be destroyed). After he will certainly hit you via his mechanical hand (occasionally with 2 at once), after this attack, hit him with a sword. After taking away a big amount of the boss"s health and wellness, 9S will join you. The boss himself will certainly end up being stronger, yet in enhancement to the raised damage, he will certainly dive under the water, at this minute run towards the camera. When Goliath has actually a quarter of his wellness left, he will certainly injure your companion, and he will certainly turn off. After watching the cut-scene, climb onto the gigantic robot. Having beat a number of little robots, a cut-scene will begin, and after it - the final phase of the fight. This time you will certainly manage a flying machine. Now it"s even less complicated to fight the huge robot. In the finish, you just have to finish off Goliath via his own hand.

The Bunker

After completing the prologue, you will discover yourself on board the Bunker - this is the YoRHa room station and likewise their main base. Tbelow are all the crucial personal rooms for androids, a command write-up for interaction through the Planet and terminals via various goods.


Having defeated Goliath, the cutscene will start, and also after it you will find yourself straight on board the spaceship. Run to the appropriate and also talk to your partner 9S, and then watch the explanatory video and also change the game parameters (language, brightness, and so on.). After finishing the setup, leave the room and run to the best. After a few meters, you will discover access points - in them you deserve to conserve the game, review the message and conveniently move to another access suggest (it will open later). Having endured, go to the next door, it leads to the command also headquarters, go downstairs on the lift and also talk to the commander. From her you will certainly receive a new task - you will certainly go to the resistance camp on Earth. Before you go there, search the rooms - you have the right to find beneficial things in them, and also buy first-aid kits in the terminal, if crucial. After finishing your preparations, take the elevator (marked with a red dot on the map) to the hangar and also board your plane. Before you land also on Planet, you will have to defeat a number of squads of combat vehicles.

The City Ruins

Having came down on the roof of the building, in a little video you will be shown the nearemainder neighborhood, and then they will display you a guideline around the mini-map. And the initially point you have to carry out is go downstairs. You can simply jump, however remember to hold down the jump switch so the Pod will progressively reduced you down. But it"s better to move to the surrounding structure and go down there by jumping into the holes in the floor, all bereason in this building you deserve to find valuable items by searching the floors. After going down, you deserve to easily discover the open up area, ruin weak adversaries to get experience, and also fish if you uncover a pond.


After trying out the surroundings, go to the resistance camp (it will be marked on the map), on the way to it, do not foracquire to activate the access points (noted on the map with a red dot) to gain indevelopment about the location and also save. After getting to the camp, talk to their leader Anemone. From her you will certainly obtain an assignment - to help two sellers in the camp. Talk to the marked vendors and also agree to help them. After that, go to the noted locations and damage the robots there to acquire the important resources. After collecting them, return to the camp and provide the sources to the vendors. They will currently have the ability to profession through you. After completing the assignments of Anemone, talk to her and also agree to go to the desert (the entrance tright here will certainly be marked after you leave the camp). Before heading tbelow, be certain to save yourself and stock up on initially help kits.

Desert Zone

The path to the desert is not cshed, initially you need to cross the city damages, on the means you may come across weak opponents. Run to the north component of the map to a little camp via a merchant and an access allude. Go past the camp, even more - via the cave. Go better with the buildings littered with sand to the android called Jackass (the pipeline will lead you to it). After talking through her, go through the passage made by the explosion. A real desert starts behind the gorge.


All the very same robots live below, but with their own qualities. Now they wear masks, cloaks and swords, in addition to this, they carry out more damages, and also can also ambush by jumping out of the ground. Your job is to clear the marked locations from adversaries. At the last point tright here will certainly be a level 13 robot, yet prior to you destroy it, it will certainly start to run amethod. Follow him via the cave to the Desert real estate - here the desert has actually not yet completely swenabled up the destroyed residences.


Jump down and also run right into the damages of houses to the suggested allude. There you will find a running robot. Chase him, all at once ruining enemy vehicles. Ultimately, he will certainly lead you to the crater. Going down to the bottom, the robots attack you. Tright here will be even more and more of them, carry out not let yourself be squeezed into a corner, run and also shoot them. A cutscene will save you from a large crowd of robots, which will start after tright here are as well many robots.

Boss: Adam

After the cutscene you will begin a fight with the boss, which is a new type of androids. Although it is not huge in size, it still poses an excellent danger. His stamina lies in the reality that he adapts to each strike, as the battle progresses, he will rise his level and also learn to reflect your shots. In the battle with him, try to remain closer to him and also assault after a successful dodge, so you deserve to easily defeat him.


Having won, the cutscene will certainly start, once it ends, quickly run into the cave above to prevent a landslide. After passing the cave, climb up the cliff and also move the steel box to go to the currently familiar area. From here, return to the resistance camp.

Amusement Park

After obtaining out of the desert and also replenishing provides in the resistance camp, go to the new mission area (it will be noted on the map after you leave the camp). You do not have to run much, store to the right side of the map and also do not miss out on the best rotate, there will certainly be a descent into the sewers. Go dvery own the stairs.


It is difficult to get shed in the sewage system because of the reality that tright here will certainly be just one path, the rest of the passages are blocked. After getting out of tbelow, go to the park gate. Walking through the whole amusement park is pretty basic. You can just run previous all the robots, they will certainly not attack you, however if you start attacking one, everyone else will certainly come to be aggressive (with the exemption of a few). After passing the main gate and also climbing the procedures, you will certainly exit to the locked gate. Back out a little and go through the open up gate on the side of the major road.


Narrow roadways will certainly lead you to an idle attractivity, via its aid climb over the fence to another street.


After acquiring over the blockage, you will have to fight the tank. Defeating him will not be challenging, all you need is to jump onto the roof of the tank as shortly as feasible and also destroy the robots sitting in it, so he will certainly soptimal throwing power balls, and also it will certainly not be challenging to complete him off entirely. At cshed array, beware of hitting caterpillars and a swarm from the major gun on the tower (difficult to dodge). After damaging the tank, go up the steps and go on among the carriperiods. While driving, do not relax - while you are driving, you will be attacked by flying robots.

Boss: Opera Robot Singer

A large robot resembling an opera singer strikes you immediately after a brief cutscene. In the initially stage of the fight, you have to dodge bulallows and also strike her (attacking the head or torso, you will execute more damage than in an armored dress).


After receiving a huge amount of damages, she will jump back onto the stage, and also the bodies of other androids will show up. For a while, you will need to ruin these androids, which will certainly try to hack you by firing beams at a huge radius. If you execute obtain caught, you still have actually a opportunity to escape, as soon as the mini-game starts, shoot the black round, ruining it, you will certainly be cost-free. After shedding the mini-game, take most damage. When the boss retransforms, the second phase of the fight will start. Now, in addition to normal attacks, she will try to hack you, so try to dodge such rays, yet fairly run ago. While waiting for the best moment to strike, do the maximum damages by combining light and also heavy tools. After winning, pick up the items on the floor and go outside. You will certainly find yourself near those exceptionally locked gates, yet now you have the right to go with them. Immediately after them, talk to the robot that is waving a white flag, go via him to his village (agree to let him lead you).

Machine Village

The robot will take you to the Machine Village, which is lived in by friendly robots. Here you will certainly be greeted by Pascal, she is the head of the local community of robots that advocate an finish to the long-term war. Talk to her and also take the fuel filter. If you have to, tbelow is an access allude, an arms and also supplies dealer.


Having replenimelted supplies, you can likewise take on extra work, of which tbelow are many type of, and they are rather straightforward to finish. After you finish exploring the village, return to the resistance camp. To do this, cross the bridge earlier (wright here you spoke to Pascal) and save to the left route.

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After passing the course, you will find yourself at a ruined residence. After reaching the iron barriers, look for the passage tright here, which blocked package. Slide it to open a shortreduced between the Machine Village and also the City Ruins. After speaking through the leader of the resistance, go back to Pascal with the open cut. After talking with her, the attack of cars on the city damages will certainly begin, relocate to the indicated allude.