Started over 30 years earlier by an American fashion designer, the Nicole Miller agency has endure creating every little thing from dresses, glasses and shoes. 

Their apparel has actually been featured on the runmeans in New York and also Paris and also even on the shelves of your local Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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Primarily known for their bideal prints and also colors, they’ve taken their flair to create a distinctive and also practical line of luggage.

Given their background, you know they’re going to be stylish.

But which among their collections is the most long lasting and also functional?

To answer that question, we provide you the optimal 3 of Nicole Miller luggage reviews.



In the previous, suitinstances were simple – they were either black, grey, green, or blue canvas, offered bit to no assistance, and eexceptionally passenger was worried whether their valuables would make it from drop-off to location, safely.

Nicole Miller took all of those problems and also came up with the answer in their Rosalie Collection.

The Rosalie Collection (easily accessible in 20”, 24” and 28”) supplies an exceptionally lightweight framework, accompanied by a range of beautiful canvas colors, 360-degree spinner wheels, a sturdy side and peak bring take care of, expandable storage, and a multi-phase retractable handle so you can roll it down any street, airport, or ship deck through ease.

The lightweight framework of the Rosalie is one of the vital talking points below, as all airlines have actually a weight restriction on baggage.

The Rosalie takes every one of your issues amethod, through Nicole Miller making the suitinstance to just be approximately 8-12 lbs. (dependent on the frame size) – that’s extraordinarily light, so you have the right to either leave some area to pick up a pair of added souvenirs, or carry along those added notebooks for you to record your travels, without fear of paying overweight baggage fees.


The Rosalie has actually some of the the majority of superior colors readily available for suitinstances – from a bold, wealthy navy to an elaborate pattern in the Rosalie Grey.

The colors offered from Nicole Miller are: Navy, Silver, Blue, Beige, Babsence and also White, Burgundy, Coralie Gray, Gray, Rosalie Gray, and Teal.

Spinner Wheels:

Gone are the days wbelow you have to drag yoursuitcasebehind you.

The Rosalie Collection provides slick 360-level spinner wheels, so that you have the right to roll it behind you, upappropriate, and also sidemeans, making travelling through busy airports, bumpy roads or with tight spaces as straightforward as feasible.

To compliment the spinner wheels, the Rosalie likewise includes a multi-stage retractable handle, so that you extend it to strap a purse or backpack onto it, or lower the manage for tight spaces.

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Expandable Storage:

The Rosalie is so light that including in added pieces of clothing, or leaving room for souvenirs is amplified by the ability to expand the suitsituation in order to fit every one of what you require.