Tright here are lots of short and also sweet side pursuits in Ni no Kuni 2, littered approximately the fledgling country of Evereven more and past. Most of them are simple when you understand what you’re doing, however a few deserve to be a little bit obtusage in their direction. Here’s how to finish Side Quest 143: Make My Sister Smile Again.

Before you deserve to accept this pursuit, you need to complete the two previous side pursuits, number 87 - Do you believe in Higgledies - and number 112 - Healing rifts with Higgledies.

Ni no Kuni 2 side search 143 overview - Make My Sister Smile Again:

Complete side pursuit 87 by cooking up the blue Higgledy Droop the DrenchedComplete side quest 112 by food preparation up Slingsby the ScorcherStop to the Hard Working Young Womale in the top location in downtvery own BroadleafFast travel to Evereven more and also go to the HiggleryChef up Jumblie the Lovely for 3000G, 11 Sheermint, 9 Sour Salts, 6 Rook’s Brocade, 5 Night-White Thcheck out and also 4 Enigma Prism Return to Broadleaf and display the Higgledy to the girl


Full composed instructions:

After you’ve completed side searches 87 and also 112 and met the Hard Working Young Woman and the Higgledy Loving Little Girl, you have the right to go back to them one more time for another quest.

You deserve to find their residence by fast travelling to the Broadleaf entrance, turn left and go up the stairs in front of you. Then revolve right at the optimal and also go up the second collection of stairs. At the peak, go up the third collection of stairs.

Their home is at the top of this third set of stairs.

Once inside, stop to the Hard Working Young Womale and also she’ll say that her sister is starting to feel better, however being inside for so long has actually left her feeling scared around going outside. When Evan supplies to help, the womale asks you to lug a “really cheerful Higgledy” that deserve to cheer up the little girl.

The Higgledy that you have to cook up is Jumblie the Lovely.

Cooking up Jumblie the Lovely:

Travel to Evermore, and also go to the Higglery.

To prepare up Jumblie the Lovely, you require 11 Sheermint, 9 Sour Salts, 6 Rook’s Brocade, 5 Night-White Threview and also 4 Enigma Prism, as well as 3000G.

Once you’ve gained the items and also cooked up the Higgledy, head back to the Higgledy Loving Little Girl’s residence, talk to her and gain the heartwarming feeling of reigniting a kid’s love of Higgledies.

If you’re going for 100% completion, be sure to check out our checklist of eextremely side pursuit in Ni no Kuni 2.

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We’ll save an eye out for more hard to uncover items as well - like spools of grass green threview.