NFL Network has renewed its covenant with Sony interactive Entertainment because that national distribution of NFL Network and also NFL RedZone programming services on game stations Vue, the pioneering live streaming TV service. Available on popular TV-connected and also mobile devices, PS Vue will market its customers continued accessibility to NFL Network and NFL RedZone for the 2019 season, the historical 100th season of the NFL.

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PlayStation Vue subscribers receiving NFL Network and also NFL RedZone will likewise continue come have access to the solutions through and the NFL and also NFL Network apps across multiple devices. To get these channels, NFL Network will certainly be contained in the Core arrangement for $54.99/month on PS Vue. NFL RedZone will be had in the sports Pack, which goes because that $10.00/month (requires main point or higher package).

In enhancement to airing all 65 preseason games, because that the upcoming season NFL Network will attribute Thursday Night soccer (including 7 exclude, live games); popular shows such together Good Morning Football, and NFL take care Morning, and also a suite the programming and also content in celebration event of the NFL’s 100th season including two series – The NFL’s All-Time Team and also The NFL 100 greatest – the pay tribute come the people, players, coaches, memories and also moments the have, and also continue to contribute to, the NFL’s legacy.

Every Sunday afternoon the the NFL’s continuous season, the NFL RedZone channel brings pan every touchdown and all the large moments from every game throughout the League. Produced by NFL Network, NFL RedZone cut from stadion to stadium and delivers fans the most amazing plays as they happen, live and in high definition.

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PS Vue supplies over 80 optimal live news, sports, kids, and lifestyle channels. All monthly plans include live streaming HD Channels, a powerful Cloud DVR, five simultaneous streams, thousands of On demand Shows, and also 10 viewing file each with a personalized DVR.

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