"Premium" is a funny word once it comes to phones. It"s together though anyone in the company of evaluate them gained together in a mystery cabal to come up with the most awkward language possible to explain the set of ineffable features that off the very best phones from the rest. They gain designated as "flagships" with "elegant" design that space "top tier" thanks to some combination of their materials, craftsmanship, specs, and of course their (usually an extremely high) price.

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It’s a pretend category, maybe, but you understand it once you check out it. For a long time, it consisted of the iPhone and not a entirety lot more. Later, friend would see Samsung and also Sony"s ideal in over there (and maybe HTC, in a an excellent year). Yet Nexus phones never really played at this level. The history of Nexus phones is a history of great, clean software paired come hardware the is normally flawed in some an essential way: cheap plastic or a bad camera or absent some crucial thing prefer LTE. The Nexus 6P has actually none of those flaws. It"s the first Nexus an equipment made by Chinese manufacturer Huawei, and Huawei came to win.

This is a Nexus phone, and it"s additionally a premium phone. It"s nice to finally be able to say that.

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The Nexus 6P is developed on a framework of aluminum, and also it"s a big, heavy slab the a phone. Rather of smooth, rounded curves, the 6P has actually chamfered corners and also 90-degree angle — however they"re excellent well sufficient that it doesn"t feel unstable in the hand. Friend can obtain the call in white, silver, or black (well, "graphite").1 Everybody always worries around aluminum phones being also slippery, and I can"t yes, really say the the 6P is far better or worse 보다 anything else in the regard.

I prefer the black one, if just to signal to phone manufacturers almost everywhere that black color phones room still cool and it"s dumb that so few of them give us that alternative anymore.

The architecture has a feeling of unity, coherency and nearly inevitability

Phones design this means have a sense of unity and also coherency, and also the ideal of them likewise have a sense of inevitability — as though you couldn"t imagine a call looking or feeling any type of other way. The 6P doesn"t quite obtain there, but it gets very close.

The factor it doesn"t is the there"s a glass bulge on the back where Huawei has actually crammed a bunch of materials like the camera, flash, autofocus laser, NFC, antennas, and who knows what else. Call this tiny panel a "bulge" is unfair, though, because it doesn"t stick out all that far — the looks much bigger in photos 보다 it go in person.2

And I have actually this weird difficulty of not knowing which finish of the phone is up when I pull it the end of my pocket, so if nothing else the camera bang helps me align the thing.

Don"t sweat the bulge: it offers the 6P a intuitive identity and doesn"t pains anything; that doesn"t do it feel tippy, one of two people — its weight is same distributed. And yes, the phone is big, lot bigger than the Nexus 5X.3 It"s virtually the exact same size as the iphone 6S Plus and noticeably taller 보다 the note 5 — for this reason I perform wish that it to be a tiny bit shorter. Most importantly, it feels just too built together both the those phones.

It’s also more expensive and also has much more powerful specs 보다 the Nexus 5X. I am sorry to people who don’t desire a phone call this huge and think the 5X could be a viable option for them. Yet call me a convert: big phones forever.

There is plastic here, too: ethereal antenna lines on the sides and a small rail between the screen and also the body. Salary them no mind. Much more annoying is a plastic dashboard on the behind bottom the the call — again because that antennas. It doesn"t exactly complement the shade or structure of the aluminum, at the very least on the graphite model. But it does have a benefit, I"m getting much much better wireless performance on the 6P 보다 I ever did through the Nexus 6.

But ns quibble. The Nexus 6P feel solid, whole, and balanced. The glass top top the former symmetrically frames the 5.7-inch screen with dual speakers and a blessed lack of logos. And also heck, if friend want, you deserve to turn on one RGB indicator light for notifications, located in the upper lefthand corner.

The screen on the Nexus 6P is a 5.7-inch, 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display, which functions out come a "you"ll never ever see the pixels" 518PPI. It"s sharp and bright, and also like countless AMOLED displays, it has its shade saturation setups cranked up pretty high. I in reality don"t psychic that, but if friend do, you deserve to turn ~ above developer setups and collection it come the sRGB color mode.

The various other thing ns like about the screen is the Huawei nailed the tiny details that are frequently all screwy ~ above AMOLED screens. That doesn"t show any kind of weird banding as soon as you look in ~ it from an angle. Even better: when you rotate the brightness way down, the doesn"t turn whites into a hideous shade of maroon. I"m likewise happy with the adaptive brightness setups on the 6P, i m sorry is not something I can say that every smartphone.

If you to compare it to critical year"s Nexus 6 (appropriately codenamed "Shamu"), it"s just no contest. The Nexus 6 is favor an A10 Warthog, all big and bulbous and also kind of silly. It has actually not aged well. The Nexus 6P is an F22, sleek and toeing the heat of looking aggressive without crossing it. It"s a beautiful object.


There"s one much more design facet on the 6P to speak about: the fingerprint reader. Google calls the "Nexus Imprint" due to the fact that the inspiration for suppliers to Brand every The points knows no bounds. Yet luckily, the scanner itself is designed come look subtle and restrained: it"s simply a basic recessed one on the earlier of the phone.

Google"s decision to put it there instead of top top the power button or a physical home crucial leads to some hassles. Girlfriend can"t usage it when the phone call is set on a table, because that example. And also if you"re the kind of human being who walks through your hands in her pocket, get ready to it is in annoyed. I cannot count the variety of times the 6P check out my palm in mine pocket and also briefly vibrated to let me recognize that I had not, in fact, unlocked the phone.4

Sorry, introverts, you"re walking to need to learn come take her hands the end of her pockets. It suck — think me ns know.

A ridiculously fast and also accurate fingerprint reader

But every one of those hassles pale in compare to how well Nexus Imprint actually works. It"s perfectly positioned for her index finger once you"re hold the phone, and also like Dan with the Nexus 5X, I"ve gained used to just tapping it together I traction my phone out of my pocket. It"s so quick it"s uncanny, simultaneously unlocking and turning on the display with a single tap. Training the is fast, too; it just takes around five or six taps to obtain it set up. Google claims that it proceeds training itself together you usage it, and also I"ve yet to have anything yet the many glancing touch fail to unlock the 6P.

Separating the fingerprint sensor from the power button on the side likewise makes sense, since you acquire two various functions. If you have actually notifications on your lock screen, you have the right to hit the power button to conveniently glance at them and also interact through them5 or simply tap Nexus Imprint come jump straight into the phone. It"s great.

The 6P additionally has one ambient, low-power display in black and white that"s supposed to kick on once you relocate the phone. Yet in mine experience, it"s yes, really hit and miss when it transforms on. However, it does light up on just arrive notifications if you want it to, i beg your pardon is convenient.

Speaking of the strength button, it has actually a new trick: double-tapping it launches the camera. From a powered-off state, it"s crazy convenient. Indigenous a powered-on state, it"s stunner annoying. That"s since the first tap the the power switch locks the screen, and so the camera launches in a locked mode. For everything reason, Android 6.0 isn"t smart enough to simply let me unlock the phone v Nexus Imprint when in a locked camera mode, so I end up bouncing earlier to the home screen to connect with the picture I simply took.

You can also use Nexus Imprint come authorize Android Pay and buy ingredient in the Google Play application store, and also beyond that Google has collection it increase so third-party application makers deserve to use it, too. I haven"t found any kind of that execute yet, however I experienced 1Password top top Google"s list of partner at the notice event, and also I can"t wait because that it to it is in updated.


and also now, at lengthy last: the camera. It"s the most fraught part of any kind of Android phone review and also certainly of any kind of Nexus call review. Us live in a human being where you deserve to buy any variety of phones through beautiful (or at the very least passable) hardware, through decent speed and great screens, and also with about a day of battery life. Really, it"s one embarrassment of riches. However until this year, all but a very couple of Android phones have fallen quick of whereby they really must be when it concerns the camera.

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This year, points have changed and the bar is set much higher. Samsung, Sony, and LG have presented that you can develop a good camera that gives you great results there is no making you violin with hands-on settings. Also Motorola has actually done a much much better job than in years past. If Google couldn"t action up and also finally create a Nexus phone with a good camera, tables would be flipped.