The Nexus 6 is a hulking smartphone that’s eextremely little as powerful as it looks, and also through a price tag to complement, you have actually eincredibly appropriate to suppose perfection. Android 5.0 Lollipop is beautiful, however a blend of brand-new software and also new hardware can be a recipe for trouble. We’ve been gathering up reports of Nexus 6 troubles and seeking out potential workarounds, fixes, and options. Here’s what we uncovered.

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Problem: Imperfect screen

The Nexus 6 has actually a whopping 6-inch display (for this reason the name). It’s an AMOLED panel via a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, and it must look nopoint much less than gorgeous at all times. Unfortunately, we’ve watched many complaints around starray display problems.

Some civilization have actually proficient burn-in with interconfront aspects remaining faintly visible also when they aren’t supposed to be. Others are enduring with flickering display screens, and also parts that freeze or go babsence. A few human being have gained dead pixels, but a lot of prevalent is a lack of uniformity in the color temperature.

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In order to test your Nexus 6 display screen, try utilizing a cost-free application choose Dead Pixel Test. If you’re involved around burn-in, dead pixels, or absence of color uniformity, then it must display the difficulty.


This is plainly a hardware fault, so you don’t really have any kind of other alternative beyond calling your retailer, carrier, or Google, and arranging a replacement handcollection.

Issue: AT&T customization

The initially batch of Nexus 6 handsets that saw AT&T had actually to be recalled for a software application bug of some sort, which prevented people from being able to activate their brand-new smartphone and/or brought about a babsence screen. The fact that AT&T branded the tool, loaded up bloatware, and locked the SIM has actually likewise confirmed to be a major source of irritation for many type of brand-new owners.

Potential solutions:

You have the right to actually prevent the bloatware totally by making use of a non-AT&T SIM to erected the phone, because it is only set up in the time of the Nexus 6 activation process.You could also check out this MashMobility.TV video to learn exactly how to remove the logo design and also revolve tethering on.

Bug: Cloud Print crashing

A lot of Nexus 6 owners are complaining around a repeated pop-up saying, “Unfortunately Cloud Publish has quit.” It appears to be coming up even if they’ve never supplied the company.


If you don’t think you’ll need it, then simply go right into Settings > Printing, and also revolve Cloud Print off

Potential solution:

Go to Setups > Apps and discover Cloud Print on the All, Tap Clear information, and also the trouble should be gone.

Problem: Lag or stutter

The Nexus 6 is packing a 2.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor via 3GB of RAM. It need to be lightning fast and silky smooth, however some civilization have been disappointed in the performance, and tright here has been some talk around lag and stutter. The Hangouts app in specific seems to be resulting in troubles.


Potential solutions:

If you’re experiencing major lag and stutter, then it might be something various other than the encryption. The Nexus 6 should still run fast without turning it off. Remember that for the initially couple of days it’s going to be installing apps, and that will slow-moving it down. Try offering it some time. Turn it off and on again, and also completely recharge it before you begin to concern.

Issue: Battery life

Tright here have actually been combined reports about the performance of the 3,220mAh battery in the Nexus 6. Some tests are showing decent results, others are reporting average or worse. The battery sounds substantial, but you need to remember that it’s powering a big QHD display.

The first couple of days you will be utilizing the Nexus 6 even more than norma, it will be downloading and install and installing the majority of apps, and also the battery will certainly be bedding in. If you still have actually difficulties after it has gone through a couple of cycles of being drained and also recharged, then it’s time to looks for a solution.

Potential solutions:

Go to Setups > Battery to gain a in-depth look at what is guzzling your power. If you view difficulty apps, then think about uninstalling them, or examine the settings within the application to rotate off or alleviate background syncing. You could likewise go to Setups > Apps, tap on any kind of apps you don’t require notifications from, and also unexamine the Show notifications optionIf you hit the food selection at the optimal ideal in Settings > Battery you have the right to rotate Battery saver on, however it will certainly limit performance and background syncing.

Problem: Random reboots

A few Nexus 6 owners have been experiencing from random reboots. The Nexus 6 display screen will certainly go black and also reboot or it will certainly freeze, and they’ll need to hold the power switch to acquire it to reboot and also occupational aget.


Some world reported an end to random reboots after turning off Ambient display in Setups > Display.A few people have actually uncovered that utilizing a third-party messenger application is leading to stability issues. You could uninstall and also just try Hangouts to watch if there’s an innovation.

Potential solutions:

If you have an AT&T Nexus 6, it could be the software application bug we pointed out earlier. Contact AT&T and check out what they say.This can be brought about by a rogue app. Try holding down the Power switch and also then tap and also hold on Power off when it pops up. Then, choose OK when Reboot to safe mode comes up. If it runs fine, then you have the right to assume a third-party app is to blame for the reboots. You could uninstall and also test aobtain one by one until you find the culprit, or you might manufacturing facility reset and also selectively reinstall.If you’re going to factory recollection, then backup initially and go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

Bug: Front-encountering camera dark

Quite a couple of people have actually complained about an problem via the front-dealing with camera on the Nexus 6. Some have found concerns once making use of Smart Lock Trusted confront, and others are having actually troubles with the Hangouts application. Basically, their encounters are incredibly dark unless they have actually a bideal light shining on them, or are in a really bright setting.


The same concern doesn’t seem to influence various other apps that use the front-dealing with video camera, prefer Skype, so you could try an different to Hangouts.

Potential solution:

This one will obviously require an insect solve, which may come as an update to the Nexus 6, so store an eye on Settings > About phone > System updates. It might likewise come as an update to the application, so store an eye on My apps in the Play Store and also upday them.

Glitch: Earpiece volume also low

A few Nexus 6 owners are finding that the volume throughout calls with the earpiece is also low, and also also turning the volume approximately maximum doesn’t make it loud enough.


Switch to speakerphone, and also you have to have the ability to hear loud and also clear.

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Potential solutions:

Make sure that you have actually the earitem positioned directly over your ear. Then, attempt moving the Nexus 6 approximately a small to discover the sweet spot.It’s worth checking that there isn’t any type of dust blocking the earitem. Try blasting some compressed air in tbelow.Try switching to speakerphone and change the volume dvery own, then switch back to the earitem and rotate the volume all the way down and also ago up aobtain.