Nexus 4 problems continue to plague individuals after the device’s move to Android 5.0 Lollipop earlier in November. While Android 5.0.1 Lollipop addressed some concerns, Nexus 4 customers continue to comordinary about miscellaneous issues via their gadget. With that in mind, we desire to take a look at existing Nexus 4 troubles and also offer some potential options.

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Two years earlier, Google announced and released the Nexus 4, a follow approximately the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus 4 arrived at the scene with a variety of new functions consisting of a brand also new style, a gorgeous display screen, a speedy processor, a solid cam, 2 storage sizes, support for a couple of major U.S. carriers, and also Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Over its life expectancy, the Nexus 4 has been updated several times. First with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, then with Android 4.4 KitKat, and more recently with Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google’s brand also new OS for Android smartphones and also tablets. It has actually been a long road for some Nexus 4 customers, particularly those who have faced Nexus 4 troubles.


Nexus 4 problems have actually been a difficulty because the early on days of its release. And while Google’s tried to crush many of these issues, also the Nexus 4’s latest upgrade, the Android 5.0.1 update, is frustrating some users. Software updates are never before perfect and also more frequently than not, they cause trouble for smartphone and tablet owners. These complaints don’t come as a surpincrease.

Since we proceed to check out complaints around Nexus 4 problems, now we desire to run dvery own some of the many prevalent troubles and market some feasible fixes for Nexus 4 users searching for aid. Many type of of these fixes have actually operated for us in the past though mileage is definitely going to differ from gadget to gadget, Nexus 4 user to Nexus 4 user.

How to Fix Nexus 4 Battery Life Problems

Battery life troubles are some of the a lot of prevalent troubles affecting smartphone users today. Unsurprisingly, Nexus 4 individuals are taking care of battery life worries on KitKat and on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google’s Nexus Help forum is complete of complaints from Nexus 4 customers that are running into battery life problems. And while tright here is no guaranteed deal with, tbelow are some points to attempt if bad Nexus 4 battery life is affecting the device.

Android updays choose Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 5.0.1 Lollipop aren’t expected to cause battery drainpipe on Nexus tools. More frequently than not, these concerns are resulted in by third-party applications behaving badly rather than Google’s updays. Apps are the initially place that Nexus 4 users have to look.

Before doing anypoint, Nexus 4 individuals will want to store an eye on the apps and solutions taking up battery life. Users will certainly be able to discover that data in the Battery section of Settings. The Android operating device will breakdown the solutions sucking up juice from the Nexus 4 and allow individuals to conveniently isolate potential troublemachines.


After taking dvery own this indevelopment, Nexus 4 users will desire to update potential problem apps with the latest bug fixes. Apps that haven’t been updated in awhile tfinish to reason difficulties, particularly after significant updates. If installing the latest update doesn’t work-related, try reinstalling applications. If that doesn’t work-related, Nexus 4 customers will certainly desire to boot into safe mode to attempt and also isolate the difficulty even additionally.

Booting the Nexus 4 into safe mode will disable third-party applications. This will permit customers to isolate trouble apps and figure out which might be bring about problem. It’s a tedious procedure however it’s worth a swarm if battery drainpipe proceeds. Here’s exactly how to boot the Nexus 4 into safe mode, courtesy of Google:

Make sure your device’s display screen is on, then push & hold the Power switch.In the box that opens up, touch & host Power off.You’ll see a “Reboot to safe mode” box. Touch OK.Your device will certainly start up in safe mode. Try using your tool usually. Remember, you won’t have the ability to use any kind of installed apps.

If apps aren’t the trouble, try rebooting the Nexus 4. It’s an extremely quick process however this could rerotate things to normal. The reboot will certainly clear the cache and also kill off services that can be eating ameans at the device’s battery life. It’s a straightforward resolve that’s operated for us in the past.

We also recommend disabling NFC and Bluetooth as soon as not in usage and also obtaining rid of live wallrecords. Live wallfiles have the potential to chew through battery in the background.

How to Fix Nexus 4 Charging Problems

Charging troubles have plagued Nexus customers for years so it’s no surpincreasing to view complaints around slow charging and also various other concerns afflicting the Nexus 4. It’s extremely prevalent.

If the Nexus 4 starts exhibiting charging problems, tbelow are a few actions to take. One technique that’s addressed slow-moving charging concerns on our Nexus devices requires a few easy measures. First, charge the Nexus 4 up to 100% charge. Once it’s tright here, let the charge start to autumn. Before it gets dvery own to 0%, ideal approximately the 5% note, charge it as much as 100% aacquire. Repeat this three to four times. This helped our Nexus 4 battery after the relocate to Android 5.0.


If that doesn’t job-related, below are a couple of even more points to try. First, make certain that the Nexus 4 is being charged with the cable that it came through. If it is, and it still doesn’t job-related, try using a charger via the exact same voltage rating as the Nexus 4’s charger.

If that still doesn’t occupational, attempt ditching the wall charger for a USB cable. Plug the Nexus 4 right into a computer system and also charge it that means to see if it helps. Charging from a wall surface is much faster but charging through a CPU might help.

How to Fix Nexus 4 Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-Fi issues are an additional exceptionally prevalent trouble on Android devices. Nexus individuals have complained about Wi-Fi problems given that the Nexus programs inception and they proceed to torment Nexus 4 individuals after the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update. Fortunately, there are a couple of fixes that could work for Nexus 4 customers suffering broken connectivity.

Try rebooting the Nexus 4. That’s been recognized to have actually a positive effect on Wi-Fi problems. If that doesn’t work-related, attempt rebooting the local router if that hasn’t been done in a lengthy time. We recommend unplugging the rexternal for an excellent 30 secs and then plugging it back in. Users have the right to perform the same for the modem as well. It’s likewise worth it to update the router’s firmware. Instructions for that will vary based on make and design. If those basic fixes do not occupational, it’s time to head into the Nexus 4’s settings.

Once inside the device’s settings, force the Nexus 4 to forgain the Wi-Fi netjob-related that’s bring about the troubles. Head to the preferred link in Setups and pick the Foracquire Network option. Users will then need to reattach to the Wi-Fi network so make sure that the password is readily available before forobtaining the netjob-related.

If that doesn’t occupational, try changing the frequency on the Nexus 4. To perform that, click the vertical dots in the height best corner to bring up the Advanced food selection. Go to Wi-Fi frequency band and also try 2.4GHz or 5GHz. It must be collection to Automatic by default.

If none of those fixes work, we recommfinish updating applications on the Nexus 4. Nexus 4 individuals deserve to likewise try booting right into safe mode to view if apps are really the problem. If apps aren’t resulting in the difficulty then it’s probably worth trying another rexternal to see if it’s a hardware difficulty. Older routers misbehave periodically misbehave.

How to Fix Nexus 4 Cellular File Issues

The Nexus 4 didn’t come with LTE however it did come via cellular data for use when Wi-Fi isn’t easily accessible. Nexus 4 users have complained about cellular data concerns for a variety of years now and also while we haven’t checked out many type of pitchforks go up after Android 5.0 Lollipop, there’s constantly a possibility that users will certainly stumble upon cellular data worries later.

Nexus 4 individuals that run into cellular information troubles need to initially attempt flipping cellular information off. To execute that go to Settings -> More -> Cellular networks. Turn it earlier on after 30 seconds or so and also check out if the connection is back. If it’s not, attempt rebooting the tool. This has operated for us in the previous when cellular data abruptly fails.

Users might likewise desire to try heading right into Access Point Name (APN) settings and also updating them. Lollipop apparently did not appropriately upday them for some users. To accessibility the Nexus 4’s APN settings, Setups -> More -> Cellular networks -> Access Point Names. Those who are unsure around APN settings have to call the device’s carrier prior to altering the settings.

We’ve additionally had actually success popping the Nexus 4 right into Airaircraft Setting. Switch on Airplane Mode and then switch it off. This has actually, in the past, recovered cellular data on Nexus smartphones and taballows.

How to Fix Nexus 4 Bluetooth Problems

Nexus 4 Bluetooth concerns continue to plague device owners after the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. That comes as no surprise to us bereason Bluetooth has actually constantly been problematic on Nexus gadgets.

Those taking care of Nexus 4 Bluetooth worries need to first attempt switching Bluetooth off and on. This is an easy settle yet it’s functioned for some Nexus individuals in the past. If that doesn’t job-related, we recommend clearing the cache on Bluetooth Share. To carry out this, head into Settings -> Apps -> Scroll over to All -> Select Bluetooth Share -> Clear Cache. After doing this, power down the Nexus 4 and also boot it earlier approximately view if the problem is reresolved. Users have the right to likewise attempt to Clear Data from the very same display to view if that functions.


Nexus 4 users trying to connect to Bluetooth in a car will want to consult the car’s manual. Tbelow have to be a means to recollection Bluetooth though the process is going to be different for each make and model. Once the connection’s been reset and also the connection’s been forobtained on the Nexus 4, try reconnecting to view if it finally functions.

We additionally recommfinish booting right into Safe Setting (the instructions can be found above) which will disable third-party applications. This will certainly allow users to inspect and view if apps are leading to the difficulty. Occasionally, they’re the resource of the worries.

How to Fix Nexus 4 Performance Problems

Nexus 4 performance troubles, which incorporate things prefer lag and random freezing, are a huge worry for some customers after the Android 5.0 Lollipop release. We’ve watched a variety of complaints about performance on the 2 year old phone. Older devices often have actually trouble running brand-new software and Android 5.0 appears to be resulting in problems.

One settle that’s operated for us involves clearing the cache partition on the tool. This is an in depth process that needs a bit of time and also initiative yet it has functioned wonders for Nexus performance difficulties in the past. Here’s how to carry out it on the Nexus 4:

Press and organize Power and also Volume Down butloads simultaneously until you see somepoint other than Google on the screen.You have to watch a large arrow at the peak of the display.Tap Volume Down consistently until you check out Recoexceptionally in the arrow. Then tap the Power buttonYou must see an android on his back, chest open via a red triangle and exclamation mark.While holding Power switch tap Volume Up once then release Power.You have to currently see a list of items at optimal of display screen.Tap Volume Dvery own till the item to erase or wipe the cache partition is highlighted. Then tap Power button to initiate.Status messeras will show up at the bottom of the display screen. Be patient – it can take 10-15 minutes to complete. When done restart the Nexus.

We likewise recommend halting the usage of live wallrecords as they can negatively influence performance. Nexus 4 users have the right to also attempt toggling NFC off if it’s not in use. We additionally suggest toggling off Daydream, Android’s display screen saver, if it’s not vital.

How to Fix Nexus 4 App Issues

Nexus 4 users experiencing issues with applications can try a couple of things to jumpstart performance. First, attempt updating the application. There’s a great possibility that the developer’s rolled out a pest fix so users be wise to offer that a swarm. We also recommend reinstalling the application. We’ve checked out success through this strategy numerous times in the past.

If the problems continue, reach out to the developer and also alert them to the difficulty. This will certainly assist them identify the difficulty and potentially settle it in a later on upday.

How to Fix Nexus 4 Random Reboots

Android 5.0 Lollipop appears to be resulting in random crashes for Nexus 4 individuals. Google’s forums are filled with complaints around random reboots that seem to come out of nowhere.

There are a couple of points Nexus 4 individuals can attempt in order to solve these reboots. The first is to simply soft reset the device. This has cleared up reboot worries for us in the previous and it’s a basic solve that could work-related below.


We additionally recommend updating applications to the latest develop. Old apps will often cause difficulties. We likewise recommfinish booting into Safe Setting to disable third-party apps. If apps are the culprit, Nexus 4 customers won’t view the random reboots as soon as in Safe Mode.

If namong those occupational, and the Nexus 4 is still on Android 4.4 KitKat, it could be time to install the Android 5.0 Lollipop upday. New updays will frequently kill off random reboot worries though there’s constantly the potential for them to rerevolve dvery own the road.

How to Fix Nexus 4 Problems If Nothing Else Works

If namong these fixes work, and they might not, it’s most likely worth factory reestablishing the Nexus 4. This will certainly regain the device to the means it was once it first arrived. Nexus 4 customers will want to backup important records because this procedure will certainly erase whatever. Here’s exactly how to factory reset the Nexus 7.

If that doesn’t job-related, we suggest looking at a couple of different resources. First, we recommfinish heading to Google’s Nexus Aid Forum. Tright here are a ton of knowledgeable world on Google’s forums that will gladly assist if the Nexus 4 starts being problematic. Sometimes, unorthodox fixes will certainly work where common fixes fail. We also recommfinish taking a look at Android Central’s forums, one of our favorite Android-centric forums.

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Those who are still unable to find a fix have to get in touch through their business provider or with Google itself. Often times, the company will certainly provide possible fixes when contacted directly. Depending on the severity of the problem, Nexus 4 users could additionally be able to acquire the firm to sfinish out a brand-new gadget. Warranties and customer business agents are going to be tricky to navigate however it’s worth a shot if nothing else functions.