To honor City Rivalry Week -- that extremely distinct one week out of the year once we acquire to celebrate why our certain city is so a lot much better than any other one -- we"ve determined to rotate our attention to our next-door neighbors to the Southwest, NYC, so we can much better increate and also educate them on just a couple of of the myriad factors why we"re so damn remarkable. To wit:

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OK, fine. NY has actually won 47 significant expert sporting activities championships. BUT, that makes feeling. You"re the biggest city in the US, you"ve got virtually double the amount of groups playing for your city (seven: Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Jets, Giants, and also Rangers) to our four (Sox, Pats, Celtics, Bruins), and, meanwhile, we"ve won the second a lot of (34), and we"re the 2first greatest city in the US. We"re still overcoming, and also we"re even smaller than the narco-trafficking paradise of El Paso! And, while we"re piling on a little, neither of your footsphere groups play their residence games in your state, and also you"ve never before also well-known what it"s like to drink from the cup of glory that is winning a Major Organization Lacrosse championship.

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The Big Apple, huh? Apparently because of your "importance in steed racing" in the 1920s. So, you"re basically prefer a huge point that a equine desires to eat. Or, if that isn"t sexy sufficient, possibly you"d favor the City That Never Sleeps, a nickname that essentially serves as an advertisement for symptoms of anti-stress and anxiety drug withdrawal. On the other hand, we"ll take The Hub (of the universe), The Cradle of Liberty, or The Athens of America. Though, we"re willing to hear supplies for "The Walking City".

Sister Cities

Ours, Cambridge, is an global hub of technical development, homes two of the finest colleges in the country, has six sweet squares (well, five, plus Lechmere) and also at least one Cosi. Yours, Brooklyn, has a bunch of Skideven more and also Vassar grads in ironic dad jeans and trilby hats hand-pickling Swiss cdifficult and founding alt-3rd wave ska bands through electroclash sensibilities. And: NO F-ING COSI"S!


Matt mother%^&$ing Damon


Yes, we know your bars cshed at 4a, whereas ours shut down roughly 1:45a. Well, here"s a small known fact: nothing good has EVER occurred in between the hrs of 2-4a in a bar. I think, as soon as the Puritans created those blue legislations, they were actually just trying to conserve us from gaining in bar fights and sexing very mediocre-looking civilization.


Due to the fact that some things don"t need any type of explacountry.

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If you"ve acquired more reasons why Boston kicks NYC"s ass, let"s hear around "em in the comments listed below.