Rather than clutter up the FO4 thread let's obtain a brand-new thread going.I'm obtaining ready come fire up new Vegas for one more play through. This time I'm thinking around tossing in a mode or two. Deserve to I gain some suggestions for part mods? Stability, new story, etc...


Well, Gopher (I think he's the admin that the nexus mods site), has a modded FNV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob_I-u373x8&index=3&list=PLE7DlYarj-Df2nwpZarqzk_t2Uhf64zX6This is his list, and I usually pack the exact same ones. This is the update list:357 Revolver Re-Retextured v1.24GB Fallout new Vegas updated v1.9A acquainted Friend - The Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy v12A human being Of pain (AWOP) v5.01ADAM - A critical Armor mod v4.0Afterschool special v2Alternative Repairing v1.4Ammo Ingredients together Loot v1.0Armored Bounty Hunter Duster v1.0AWOP - Balance and also CleanupBlack animal leather Armored Duster v1.2Bornagain NV the book Of WaterBottle that Water v1.05Brighter Pipboy light v1Burning Campfire 3.0CASM_NV v1.0.2bCirosans standard Overhaul v1.6Clint Eastwood -Man with No Name- load v1.0Cowboy Repeater there is no peep vision v1.0Delay DLC - TTW v2.0DarNified UI NVDYNAVISION 3 - complete Visual enhancement v1.0Easy Unlocking - straightforward Hacking - Guaranteed choose Pocket v1.0.5ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland v12aEssential ED-E and Rex v1.0EVE - important Visual improvements v1.15aEWIs Caves Retex v01EWIs Rocks because that NV ultimate Edition v1.04Fallout new Vegas Redesigned 2 v2.12Flashlight NVSE v1.22Flight the the ValkED-E v1.2FNV realistic Wasteland lighting v2Follower Home device v1.3I acquired Spurs v1.0Immersive Companion perks (Private Mod)Improved automatic Ironsight animations v1.0 enhanced LOD Noise structure v1.00Interior Lighting review v6.6JIP Companions Command and Control v1.46Manual Reload v2.1Missing Ammo Recipes v1.32Mobile Truck base v1.51More exclusive right v2.4.6New las vegas Bounties ns v1.5New las vegas Bounties II v1.34New las vegas Stutter Remover v4.1.30New las vegas Uncut - external Bets v1.4New vegas Uncut 1 - Rotface to wide range v1.2New las vegas Uncut 2 - A Koch and Bohr Story v1.1New vegas Uncut 3 - A van Graff Scorned v1.1New vegas Uncut 6 - If it Wasnt for Betsy v0.1New las vegas Uncut 7 - Pacers Gambit v1.0NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas (LARGE) v1.0 NVEC - brand-new Vegas intensified Content (Bugfix) v3.4bNVInteriors task v1.5OJO BUENO High quality Texture Workshop vMoonSugarOne HUD - oHUD v1.0.1 Portable Campsite v1.0.2Preorder Shotgun Perk fix v1.0Project Nevada v2.5Project Nevada - Extra alternatives v1.2Puce Moose Tweak and also Balance center v1.0Quicker PipBoy irradiate v1.01Ranger Helmet Neck sheathe v1.0Realistic weapons Damages - brand-new Vegas v1.4Realistic tools Damages - Unofficial upgrade v1.0Russel v1.17Single Shotgun Re-Retexture v1.0Sortomatic - Modders source v1.3The Couriers Cache v1.2The Inheritance v1.25The mode Configuration menu v1.5The new Bison Steve Hotel and also Lucky Casino v107The Someguy series v1.0The strip Entrance v1.0The Weapon Mod food selection v1.2 merged HUD project - uHUD v3.7Wasteland clothing Hires retexture v1.3aWasteland Flora overhaul (Dead) v2.8aWeapon animation ReplacersWeapon animation Replacers FOMOD v1.0.2 Weapon Mods broadened - WMX v1.1.2Weapons that the brand-new Millenia v1.0Weapon Retexture task - WRP v1.95WMX-AWOP - update compatibility for WMX and also A human being of pains v2Yukichigai Unofficial job - YUP v7.2That said, I'd just install project Nevada: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/40040/?Throw a grenade through a hotkey? bullet time? very first person helmet overlays? always awesome. There's additionally another one the adds bounty hunting to the game. You can earn some great money (and gear) hunting those guys down.

Peter Smith:

Marwynn, that's a rather...complete feather list. Thanks. Are they every wrapped increase in project Nevada?


Nah, the rather in that list are largely graphical tweaks because that the UI or video game models. They're precious it if you're patience with downloading the mods.

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But Project Nevada adds those attributes that ns can't pat FNV without.There's likewise "A tale of 2 Wastelands" which imports FO3 right into FNV's newer engine and enables travel in between. I hear it's a bit finicky though, never tried the myself.