Can you believe that this fantastic platformer released every the way back in 2009?! Well, let"s revisit it and explore all of its secret exits.

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1-3 Cannon

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Jump up above the display screen here to find the secret


Near the finish of the level v the Propeller Suit, jump turn off the platform with a Spiny on that as shortly as the wind start blowing and also shake the controller come spin through your Propellerhead Suit. Execute the manoeuvre right and also you"ll hit the wall. Then, wall-jump to obtain a bit of extra height and the wind will push you over the wall surface where the secret exit awaits.

Here"s where you need to fly away through the Propeller Suit

2-6 Cannon

This calls for a Propellerhead Suit, too. In ~ the end of the very first area, paris up to discover a hidden pipe in ~ the peak of the screen; it"s the simple.

Fly come the top of the display at this exact location

3-Ghost house Cannon

In the 3rd area, there"s a hidden door listed below you while you"re traversing the monkey bars. Get in it and there"s a ghost elevator room favor the normal end of the level. However, it"s not the very same room also though it can look prefer the same.

Hey, who placed that door there?


Complete the level v red blocks allowed and you can"t miss the red pipe at the finish which leader to the secret exit. To rotate them on, to win the level once and also toggle the red switch on the civilization map.

4-Mid castle Cannon

At the start of the 4th section, blocks ride conveyor belts climate fall. Rush over to the left side of the display to uncover a hidden area.

Very sneaky, Nintendo!

4-Ghost House

During the very first segment at the end of a series of sinking platforms, was standing on one of these platforms because that a if to find a hidden door.

What"s this; a secret door?

5-Ghost home Cannon

Go to the right side the the key hub room, fall down, and also then operation left to uncover a dimly-lit hidden door.

If you look closely, you"ll watch that Mario discovered himself a covert area


Near 4 concern blocks in the water at the end of the level, there"s a hidden block comprise a vine the you can climb come a secret exit.

Hidden blocks have the right to be tough to find; so, below it is

6-6 Cannon

This one is straightforward but simple to miss. Close to the finish of the level through Fire Bros., endeavor up come the peak of the display screen to uncover a secret pipe.

There"s a red concealed pipe over Mario at this location

7-Mid Fortress

In the environment-friendly elevator section, discover a hidden area tucked far on the ideal side the the screen. This one have the right to be tricky there is no a guide!

The mystery exit is right above where Mario is here

7-Ghost House

In the very first area, there"s a hidden nook that have the right to only be revealed by luring a Broozer to damage the breakable blocks that are in the way.

The Broozer opened the method then Mario defeated it; method to show some appreciation!


You will see a an extremely suspicious catwalk close to the finish of the level so go on the big stone wheel and also walk left to uncover a hidden area.

All you should do is to walk left at this rotate wheel

World 9

Each phase in civilization 9 have the right to only be accessed through collecting every one of the star coins in the equivalent world. In instance you to be wondering what you gain for finishing world 9... It"s pretty lot nothing. Mario just does a tiny dance and also you obtain one text box speak you"ve completed every little thing in New at sight Mario Bros. Wii. Congrats! 😄 ns guess. 🤔



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