Name:New peoples Bank, Inc., big Stone gap Office Branch Full service Brick and also Mortar Office
2 client reviews
Location:419 Shawnee path EastBig stone Gap, VA 24219Wise CountyView other Branches

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2 customer reviews of new Peoples Bank, Inc. Scored 3 out of 5.

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all at once Rating attention Rate and Cost Office setting & employee Waiting Time various other Servicesby Rebel, Oct. 19, 2019There #1 if you ask me they have been extra good to me* this reviewer has be through this financial institution for 3 - 10 years* this reviewer had 3 - 5 banks before.* this evaluation was make on new Peoples Bank, Inc., Esserville Branch at Norton, VAWas this review advantageous to you? Yes, No Report Abuse

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Technologically Inadept in its entirety Rating attention Rate and also Cost Office atmosphere & employee Waiting Time other Servicesby NPBReview, Oct. 13, 2013New Peoples financial institution is very technologically outdated. Compared to other banks NPB is out of the loop ~ above internet and also mobile banking. With various other banks, it's feasible to take photos of check via mobile devices and many other valuable features, however, through NPB over there is just a (poorly) made application to check out transactions history and a couple of other things, which most financial institutions have; all at once NPB is not up-to-par v internet/mobile banking, and I would only recommend this bank to world who don't use the internet.I'm likewise displeased with the i can not qualify to provide feedback. Nowhere on the site is there an area to administer feedback. Over there is a call Us area, but it need to be for a details issue. I'm really shocked a organization doesn't have a appropriate place to administer feedback top top issues.If you're trying to find a financial institution to gain the many out of your smart phone/computer, NPB is not for you.* this reviewer has actually be with this financial institution for * this reviewer had actually 1 - 2 financial institutions before.* this testimonial was make on brand-new Peoples Bank, Inc., Abingdon Office Branch in ~ Abingdon, VAWas this review valuable to you? Yes, No Report Abuse

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