I thought, because the description states to usage it through Artifact equipment, that you usage it for an Artifact. Makes sense, right? Apparently, they"re because that Off-Hand equipment... So why not simply state that it"s because that Off-Hand equipment?


Okay, whatever. I gained one cheap in the AH. Chose to use it on mine Grimoire anyways, simply to see the benefits.


I have no idea just how to usage it. Do these things also work top top Grimoires? particular Off-Hand devices only? Anyone use these yet?

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Posted April 21, 2015


Posted April 21, 2015

So, no one supplies Artifact equipment?


I assumption: v I"ll just organize onto this bastard until I one of two people luck into an Artifact Off-Hand, or acquisition one via Dragon Coin seller guy (though, I"ve only seen Artifact tools being offered there).

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) that grimoire wont drop till they patch in some much more end video game content...I could be dorn though together that dwarf sell the key Hands and the set bonus is already there in the items explanation for having both MH and also OH so I"d assume it exists somewhere :/

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Posted April 21, 2015


Posted April 21, 2015

Artifact off-hands were introduced in Module 5: climb of Tiamat top top the computer so they are not in the game at this moment.


It is strongly looking like this will be the an initial expansion to the Xbox game to end up off the campaign and also I would be surprised if they went with among the various other modules.

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Cube the augmentation question

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