It's vital to give everything in your life the effort it requires to succeed, however that doesn't median you're restricted to one thing.

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The title quote comes from Ron Swanson, a character on Parks and Recreation. Here's the scene if girlfriend haven't checked out (or don't remember) it:

When I an initial viewed the episode with the step above, ns thought about it pretty lot as Ron says it -- don't do too much to the point where girlfriend stretch yourself also thin and also make mistakes. Or, don't perform so numerous things the you forget to execute things that are vital to you. Something choose that.

I was bothered by this thoughts because that's not exactly how I live mine life. But, in ~ the very same time, Ron's advice, sage as always, seemed choose something I should consider.

Eventually I involved the currently that component of both political parties of this thing might be true, and I think they are. The is to say that although Ron's advice is worthwhile, the context in i m sorry he explains what it means is wrong (gasp!).

Ron explains that that attempted to job-related at a sheet metal factory and also a tannery if finishing center school. What we don't view in this clip is the he's speak to Leslie about her balancing a task as a city councilwoman and as manager of the parks department.

When you hear to Ron, you concerned the conclusion the one can't work-related two permanent jobs. That part is true for many of us non-superheros. (Don't forget to note that for Ron, it's yes, really three permanent jobs once you take into consideration middle school component of the mix.)

All the this logic depends on the assumption the effort requires time.

We often tend to view initiative as a byproduct of time, as soon as it's yes, really the other means around -- time tends to be a byproduct that effort.

What the hell does that mean?

Well, it's true that you probably shouldn't hold two full time jobs. That's 80+ hrs per week, and also nobody have the right to do something to the ideal of their ability 80 hrs each week. If girlfriend did that, you would likely finish up half-assing both jobs.

So the assumption becomes that to whole-ass one thing calls for that it it is in the just thing. I disagree.

To whole-ass one thing simply method that you have actually the time to give it full attention and also effort. In the United states we often tend to think that takes 40 hours every week. It doesn't. It counts on the thing.

So, does that typical Leslie might be a councilwoman and a parks director and do both through one-hundred percent effort? probably not, simply since the expectation because that both of those tasks is that they take 40 hours per mainly to perform well.

Stop making use of time come measure how much effort you applied. Instead, develop a set of cumulative goals throughout your life (not just as your day job) that, together, have the right to all be completed while gift given every one of the effort and also attention you have to give. The time you have to offer each point to feeling that way will vary.

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I'll end up with a quick, #shamelessplug. Ns was reminded that this quote by mine wife, as soon as she provided it to produce a print. The is because that sale, along with several various other prints, in she Etsy shop.