Enhance her NES classic play with the edge joystick. Play your favorite vintage gamings is also more rewarding with the turbo fire strength of this joystick, which lets you play on-screen activity in slow-moving motion. The edge joystick comes with a cheat book filled through tips and also passwords for every NES standard games.

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This is because that the NES standard Edition or Wii U, no THE original NES!

Arcade joystick for your console

The NES standard Edition come with just one video game pad, for this reason this joystick will certainly be good addition to her gaming experience.

Turbo fire with customizable intensity

gives you the power you need to win. Built-in smart programming permits you come customize the strongness level.

Slow movement button

slowly the activity on display screen that simplifies hard levels pass.

Cheat password book

Includes secret tips or game unlock passwords v console games.

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Compatible through NES standard Edition

for this reason you have the right to enjoy playing with friends or by yourself.

Included Items

EMiO The edge Joystick because that NES standard Edition interchangeable bat joystick peak Cheat code book
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