Easily among the the majority of anticipated blasters to have been announced this year, the Nerf Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 is finally available. After having actually played via it at Toy Fair and at the recent Nerf All Access Event, we had a pretty great principle of what to mean, but no formal dimensions to back-up our first-hand experiences. Now we finally have actually a Demolisher in for experimentation, and also we’re happy to report it largely stays approximately expectations, however not without a couple of caveats.

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What’s in the Box?

In typical Nerf fashion, the Demolisher comes in a totally enclosed box, yet through a little plastic window to show-off one of the brand-new pump-fire missiles alongside a standard Elite dart. It’s a bbest, fun package design that is very much in maintaining with past Elite box treatments, with high-high quality printing and also spot UV touches to highlight the product. It feels premium enough, though it doesn’t break any type of brand-new ground and also feels slightly old-college compared to the new BOOMco package deindicators (and also, unfortunately, is obtaining practically as difficult to open). We would also really prefer to see someone other than a highly-retouched preppy white son holding the blaster in the main graphic for once (at leastern on the back of package image, perhaps?).

With the under-mount missile launch and the AK-style banana clip, the overall aesthetic of the Demolisher is edging closer and also closer to mil-sim… and also we love it! And although Nerf has actually basically shown that the just factor for the all oarray motif is for shelf acknowledgment (to assist the brand-new product stand also out from all of the older Elite products), we’re primarily ok via that, also. But if there’s one down-side to the almost monochromatic shade palette, it’s that tbelow seems to be at leastern 3 various colors of oarray being used–one very vivid, another like salmon, and also one bordering on pink. The actual product looks decidedly various than the illustration shown no the front of package (which has one ovariety that boundaries on red, and another oselection that is basically a very different shade of yellow), with colors that are also cshed to each various other to look prefer anypoint other than an accident or a quality-manage problem. Perhaps this will certainly gain worked-out in future versions of the product. It doesn’t show-up well in our photographs that are highly saturated, but in real-life, some of the oarrays are a rather sickly flesh-favor shade, consisting of the foam supplied for the missiles and the tiny clip attachment points. Yuck.

Aside from those aesthetic concerns, we found little to criticize in regards to architecture and also ergonomics, with the Demolisher being fairly easy to wield and also operate as a whole. Everything is wbelow you would suppose it to be, and there aren’t any surprises in regards to locks or weird loading methods.

Performance and Use

Setting aside the Demolisher’s look and also its intimidating name, what really matters is exactly how this blaster perdevelops. The Demolisher was the initially 2014 product to be introduced as having actually extra-Elite varieties (which Nerf calls “Elite XD,” for “Extra Distance”), which is anypoint over 75 feet. For whatever factor, we’ve never before really been able to accomplish even 75 feet with continuous Nerf Elite commodities, so we didn’t have actually particularly high wishes of achieving “XD” arrays here. Sadly, we were not prstove wrong.

Our maximum tape-recorded distance via our sample Demolisher, a fresh collection of Duracells, and also a totally managed (indoor) setting topped out at 70 feet. Our average ranges hovered about 63 feet. With the under-mount missile, we reached a max of 53 feet (and also no, it can’t fire Mega darts). These varieties are good, no doubt, and also probably via just the ideal arc and a tiny breeze at your back, something cshed to 90 feet may be possible. But we tried and tried, and also ssuggest couldn’t come everywhere cshed. Fortunately, that’s not where the story ends.

In taking our traditional rate-of-fire tests, we were surprised to check out that the Demolisher had the ability to belt out a really superior 4 darts-per-second (we cleared the whole stock clip in simply over 2 seconds). In addition, the actual speed of the darts when tested via a chronograph came out to an equally exceptional 73 feet-per-second (with a low of 69 and a high of 77). Unfortunately, this acceleration appears to come at the cost of dart damage. In attempting to number out why we weren’t hitting longer ranges in our array tests, we found that the heads of our Elite darts were being eaten by the Demolisher’s flywheels. We’re not sure what kind of long-term impacts that will have, however every one of our darts come out worse-for-wear after having been offered in the Demolisher. Caveat emptor. Though much less necessary to note, the missiles came in at an average of 50 feet-per-second, which is largely dependent on the user.

We discovered the accuracy of the Demolisher to be much better than most Nerf products (specifically versus a Slingfire that we were trial and error at the exact same time–the Slingfire was literally anywhere the area, whereas the Demolisher retained things reasonably tight overall). Missile shots weren’t super-exact, yet they were at leastern entertaining, and also the audible “pop” as soon as launched is just hilarious!

So, no, the Demolisher didn’t smash any kind of distance documents, but it still perdeveloped solidly versus various other Elite products, and also was primarily pretty precise. It was likewise exceptionally quick to fire, and darts have actually great rate and also influence. We did suffer some jamming–commonly the first shot of a complete clip would certainly carry out somepoint funky–yet it didn’t hamper the endure substantially, and also jams were simple enough to clear.

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Quality, Value and Fun

Here’s wright here things gain amazing. We honestly expected the Demolisher to be among the ideal blasters we’ve experienced in a long time. And in many type of means, it was. But it didn’t quite perdevelop to manufacturer claims, appears to have actually some quality regulate worries with color matching and also some dart jamming, and also can be priced a little reduced ($34.99 seems right). That being said, it does perdevelop well in its entirety, and also modders will certainly most likely find a lot to like. We additionally appreciated the removable shoulder stock, though the truth that the missile launcher isn’t also removable is a missed possibility, and one that lowers the value equation considerably.

So, is the Demolisher the Nerf enthusiast’s dream come true? Not rather, but it comes achingly cshed. The tactical look is exactly what we want, the performance is definitely improved, the new missile launcher is fun, and also the ergonomics and also general build quality are approximately typical Nerf requirements. There are a few niggles that organize it back from being “perfect,” but nopoint that need to store anyone from placing the Demolisher on their wish list. We’d love to view Hasbro proceed to iterate on deindicators like the Demolisher, with even better modularity and tight controls on quality and also performance. The Demolisher is an awesome action in that direction, and we’re excited to watch what comes next!