As a singer, songwriter and also fedora lover, Ne-Yo has constantly worn many hats. Currently the 38-year-old R&B star (real name: Shaffer Smith) continues his balancing act v a new album, “Good Man” (out Friday), his second season together a referee on NBC’s “World of Dance” competition and also his family life together a husband and also father of a girl, 7, and two boys, 2 and also 6 (a 4th child is early this month).

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How would you to compare the guy you are on “Good Man” come the man you to be on her 2006 debut, “In My very own Words”?I’m much more mature now. I recognize the ide of monogamy and how important it is, and also what the is to be responsible through somebody else’s heart and emotions. The article in this album is that ultimately you have to decide the you’re gonna execute right by one more person. And also it’s a everyday decision. It’s not just, “Oh, on Monday ns decide I’ma be a an excellent man and then Wednesday ns go back to being the dog that ns was.”

What would certainly you favor to teach your 2- and 6-year-old sons about growing as much as be an excellent men?Above every little thing else, I want them to know their worth and their value. However I desire them to it is in humble sufficient to recognize that it’s no all about you. And also I want them to it is in honest. I simply want them to be males of their word: If you say something, mean it. And also if friend don’t mean it, don’t say it.

What carry out you think it method now to it is in a “good man” in the era that #MeToo and also Time’s Up?To know that respect is not an option, especially when it pertains to women. It’s a issue of giving people the respect the they deserve and not objectifying anybody. That’s not gonna ever before fly. I think that women space finding their power, which is exciting.

You recently started your 2nd season top top “World of Dance.” If you can be a backup dancer because that anybody else, that would it be?Living or dead? Michael Jackson. Ns learned how to song mimicking Mike, and the little bit of dancing I can do, ns learned indigenous watching Mike, just being impressed by what he was doing and also trying to acquire it in mine body.

What’s it choose working through Jennifer Lopez top top “World the Dance”?There’s a few different characters in her: yes sir Jennifer Lopez, yes J.Lo, and then there’s Jenny native the Block. And also it’s simply fun come watch her switch in between these three various personalities transparent the day, depending on the situation. Jennifer Lopez is the mogul, J.Lo is the artist, and Jenny from the Block is the one that’ll cuss friend out when you require cussing out.

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You’re known for your fedoras. Carry out you beat favorites with any type of of your hats?It’s sort of difficult for me to wear the same hat twice. Ns haven’t count in a really lengthy time, yet the last time ns did ns had about 12,000. They’re sort of scattered everywhere the place — i have personal storages nice much anywhere America. But the crazy thing is, I always know i beg your pardon one i want: and I constantly know whereby that one is.