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The Tuesday, in march 18 illustration of NCIS, 11x17, "Rock and also a difficult Place," look at the team inspection an explosion in ~ a military charity concert and also Palmer prepare for fatherhood. Unnecessary babysitting The NCIS team – and also specifically Tony – finds itself on babysitting duty when a bomb goes off prior to a charity concert in the an are that"s serving as a former rock star"s dressing room, death a small officer and a janitor. The absent star, Manheim Gold, let go rehearsal, and also when they check his ar (above the dried cleaning place he currently runs), it"s trashed, but as he explains once Tony it s okay him indigenous the drunk tank, it constantly looks choose that. Manheim"s agent is the stereotypical "oh, the publicity, the publicity, it"s great!" guy when the finds out what happened, however he loses out as soon as they describe that Manheim"s going into protective custody and also can"t perform at any type of shows ~ the bomb and after someone additionally sabotaged his brakes. However, Tony"s really the one that loses because every one of the authorized hotels are booked many thanks to a convention, and also he color etc the short straw and has to placed up Manheim in ~ his apartment. Tony has actually a set of rules because that him to authorize (the fourth is to not insult the host), but Manheim instead asks him come play his guitar for him. Then Bobby reflects up due to the fact that he acquired Manheim a gig and also doesn"t recognize the native "protective custody," "threat ~ above his life" or "no." Apparently even Tony can"t speak no to Bobby or Manheim because he brings him to the gig in ~ a bar, however Manheim gets phase fright prior to Tony picks the end a guy at the bar who had been dropping the exact same suit turn off at Manheim"s company for weeks without wearing it. Tony tackles him, however it turns out this guy is simply Manheim"s son. Denny"s so various from Manheim, the rocker has actually a tough time believing he"s his son, yet it"s true, and the only thing Denny"s guilty of is needing to construct up the vessel to talk to his father. But how"d he find him? Ronnie Mustard, whom Manheim assisted fake his own fatality to avoid a loan shark. Manheim climate forgot he assisted him with the covering story, so as soon as he come out of his alcohol-induced haze, he assumed he was dead. Yet first, Tony has to resolve Manheim once he throws a party in his apartment after ~ his structure manager calls him about breaking the noise plan he composed for him. Every it bring away is a rapid threat come shoot anyone that doesn"t leaving for the apartment to clear, and also Manheim defines it was his means of trying come bond through his son, who"s a finish lightweight and also ruining Tony"s bathroom. To do matters worse, Manheim then reveals the he had readjusted dressing rooms for the concert two days ago, and since the bomb was put a mainly ago, it doesn"t look choose he"s your target. So Tony"s to be babysitting him because that nothing? Mustard is the one who reduced his brake lines because he was worried that Manheim would desire the money that made internationally since he"s making a comeback, but he didn"t plant the bomb. That would certainly be Luke, the event coordinator, whose publish Abby"s may be to complement on the bomb thanks to some magical NSA fix-it, and this has nothing to perform with killing anyone. It"s about getting money back that that hid while functioning as a contractor because that a private army company. He had hidden the money in the same complex the show was moved to after ~ the bombing, and also as coordinator, that knew the contingency plan. Tony has actually to provide Manheim a pep talk and also stall prior to he conquers his stage fright and takes the stage, every to make sure Luke doesn"t get spooked and detonate a possible second bomb, and also the remainder of the team find Luke and his men drilling the money out of concrete. There"s naught he have the right to do but give up. He"s caught. Is Palmer prepared to be a father? since the bear mother"s due date was yesterday, Palmer"s making sure he"s ready, and that includes having Ducky time him putting a diaper ~ above a doll (too lot manhandling, Palmer!) and having Ducky check out out the directions as he and Bishop shot to obtain a automobile seat set up (Ducky also curses – probably – therefore you recognize it"s bad). While it"s not a brand-new plot line to have the birth mom decide to save the baby, the doesn"t median it"s still not heartbreaking to see Palmer call Abby. As lot as Palmer requirements that hug indigenous Abby, he needs that conversation with Gibbs more, as he"s not sure he"s strong enough to shot again. "Fight because that it. Girlfriend fight for her family, and also sometimes girlfriend fight like hell simply to have one," Gibbs speak him. "You wouldn"t feeling the means you feel if friend weren"t ready." That has to be among the finest scenes yet between Gibbs and Palmer. Other notes Tony"s dad enlists the to plan the wedding, through the cliché "it"ll be her wedding gift" excuse, resulting in McGee showing off a website he"s bookmarked around folding napkins. Also, don"t cite food around Bishop due to the fact that she will certainly really go off ~ above a tangent. The goes for having actually her interview old phase managers. Oh, and where"s Vance? everyone else miss him? NCIS season 11 airs Tuesdays in ~ 8 p.m.

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