Stories that Values: DHA Honors the company of hispanic AmericansThe Defense firm held one observance honoring the cultural values that Hispanic Americans contribute to our nationwide culture.

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8808 Balboa AvenueSan Diego, CA 92123

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Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Close up door Weekends and Federal Holidays

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The naval Branch Clinic Kearny Mesa offers an extensive primary care services come non-Active duty patient enrolled in TRICARE Prime. We are committed come operational readiness, impressive customer service, and always delivering world-class care.

You have the right to see for yourself exactly how well we space doing. click on one of the web links to learn just how we measure our performance.


One measure is no an clues of a facility"s quality. Periodically a smaller population can make a measure move pretty substantially from quarter to quarter, therefore don"t it is in alarmed if you see a emboldened or a spike. If there is no data consisted of with the summary of the steps below, it may be because your facility doesn"t offer that specific service or treatment. Part data is reported every month or quarter and also some is reported once a year. Occasionally, a measure up is no much longer used. However we continue to administer the data from previous years together a reference. The days we report data might vary through measure. Measure up quality, safety, access and patience experience requires time to ensure data is valid and accurate. Us report the very same tastecraftedmcd.comcare effectiveness Data and Information collection (HEDIS) provided by plenty of civilian treatment practices to monitor high quality of care detailed in the MHS. Prior to posting HEDIS data, a national Committee for high quality Assurance (NCQA) certified auditor reviews and also approves the measure process and data. We report several of the procedures in Calendar Year (CY) and some steps in budget Year (FY). Calendar years start on January 1st. Fiscal years begin on October 1st.

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