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The National an excellent Rivers Research and Education field Station incorporates countless sustainable elements and is registered through the certification score of LEED Platinum. The 35,000 square-foot building sits ~ above eight acre leased native the U.S. Army Corps of designers south the the Melvin Price Locks and Dam in Alton, Ill. Strategically located near the confluence the the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri rivers, the ar Station will serve as an international center for science, education and public outreach, associated to vital issues that will enhance sustainable monitoring of large rivers.

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It will certainly also administer researchers access to the river and also the riverine mesocosms and also wet lab facililties will enable them come conduct unique experiments to expand our knowledge of the structure and role of floodplain-river ecosystems, information that is an essential to the advancement of conservation techniques to sustain the herbal resources this systems administer and economic benefits derived from this resources.

Join united state for a tour of the building and learn about the multitude of environment-friendly design and also construction attributes showcased in this unique structure including:

On site generation of electricity including solar, wind and also an speculative hydrokinetic generator facilityCold water cooling device supplemented by river water connection and ice storage tanks for off peak hoursLandscaping through numerous species of native types and educational area explaining types of plants and benefitsVegetative roof with an monitoring deck (educational area) and ADA obtainable rampGrey water system to feed toilets and also urinals for flushingOn site sewer treatment systemStorm water collection device to record 100 per­cent that roof waterSolar hot water system; All hot water will be heated by solar panels then stored for useThree experi­mental species of pervious pavers never before attempted by IDOTRecycled material used on task & 90 percent of building and construction related rubbish recycledExtension of the Madison County transport Bike Trail ~ above the property

WHENTuesday, June 14, 20115:30 – 6:00 pm – it is registered & Networking6:00 – 7:30 pm – brief Presentation & tour NOTE at an early stage START TIME

WHERENational good Rivers research study & education Center1 Confluence method / 2 Lock and also Dam Way, Alton IL 62002Click here for a map v directions come the structure (PDF)


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