To advancement the rights, well-being, and also opportunities the children affected by the kid welfare mechanism through high-quality legit representation.

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Ms. Kim Dvorchak

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899 N. Logan Street Suite 208

Denver, CO 80203 USA

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Ms. Kim Dvorchak

Executive Director

Fundraising contact phone: (202) 810-9914

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899 N. Logan Street Suite 208

Denver, CO 80203

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899 N. Logan Street Suite 208

Denver, CO 80203

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Legal name of organization: national Association Counsel for Children

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Children's rights (R28)

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Children's and Youth solutions (P30)


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Millions of youngsters are affiliated in the boy welfare system, including youngsters who have actually been separated from their parental or guardian, kids at danger of separation, and also children and youth who are also involved in the juvenile justice system. A big number that children associated in these systems face obstacles to justice in the courts and also are deeply impacted by bad outcomes in the foster care system. These negative court experiences and outcomes are frequently exacerbated by racial and also economic inequality the affects children’s methods for education, healthcare, housing and also other crucial supports. Children need lawyers who room well-trained come ensure each child’s voice is heard, their civil liberties are met, and also that outcomes are achieved that store them v their parents and on a route toward success. The national Association of Counsel for youngsters helps lawyers execute this essential work and developments public policies that defend children’s rights, consisting of the ideal to counsel.

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What space the organization's current programs, exactly how do they measure success,and who do the programs serve?

NACC"s policy Advocacy Program gives a national voice on children’s legal advocacy sustained by countless practitioners throughout the country. Regardless of children’s need for legal advocates, in many states children have no attorney to represent them in court, or their attorney has an extremely high caseloads for really low pay. Accordingly, children’s best to one effective, well-resourced attorney is NACC"s top policy priority. Additionally, NACC offers a variety of resources to help our members in impacting the stays of children. NACC"s plan Agenda examines the role that child law attorney’s play, and also provides certain recommendations for son welfare, juvenile justice, child custody, and criminal proceedings. NACC"s plan Advocacy Guide provides a powerful tool for both first-time and experienced child welfare advocates. NACC"s requirements of Practice provide useful guidelines because that child law attorneys. NACC also proactively engages in appellate litigation together amicus curiae or through aid with other organization’s amicus efforts.