2015 is comes to one end and it has to be crazy, it lugged us a lot of of new shows, including reality TV fans an all brand-new season of MTV’s hit series Are friend The One yet how could we probably forget last season’s tattooed cutie Nate. Ns sat under to speak to Nate Siebenmark around his time ~ above AYTO, his see on the recent season the the show, and so much an ext in this week’s #TMITuesday.

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1. What were your expectations going right into Are friend The One 2?

My expectations to be something like any guy dreams of when you placed together MTV and a fact show. Walking right into a home with what I believed was just gonna be 10 girl turned out to it is in 11 ns was like hell yes. Haha yet I didn’t expect to loss for any of those girls like I did. I thought it would be easy!! Lol 

2. Due to the fact that today is #TMITuesday deserve to you phone call the readers something around you the they might not currently know?

I have actually an obsession with shoes. I have an abnormally large amount of different shoes! Idk I similar to to layout up and have options. 
I think it’s awesome. Only due to the fact that I love fights and also people arguing and going in ~ it!! Haha It’s hilarious. Ns don’t like exactly how everybody has actually the same sh*t going on. Like oh she wants him, yet they aren’t a perfect match, for this reason the various other girl is makin moves, the man is captured in the middle, someone is cryin, that’s choose 4 different couples ideal there!! Hahah but it is very entertaining. 
Yeah of course!! I average I speak to Bri a couple times a week. Ns hear native Ellie and also Jess as well. I understand if I contact Curtis, he will either answer or speak to me right earlier haha ns wish i was tho close through everybody else however everybody walk on to live and also do your thing. 

Shoot, I’ve to be watching MTV due to the fact that I was choose 14. Haha idk why ns just uncover it entertains. I usage to watch NeXT and also Made and also all those shoes. Ns watched the 1st season the Ayto and also loved it.


I work out haha my schedule during the week is usually: job-related 9-5 then gain home eat and go occupational out. I try to occupational out 7 days a week. I’m usually busy every the time. I work-related pretty lot 7 days a week. So when I don’t work, I plan my work out with what I require to get done haha typically after 9pm on a weekend I could go out, throughout the week i usually just listen come music or clock Netflix every night. 

I’m tryin to marry kendal Jenner..

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9. If you to be to be casted top top MTV’s The challenge who would certainly be your appropriate partner?

If i were to ever do the challenge, mine ideal companion would be my brother. The brand-new season “Bloodlines” so ns think that would have actually been dope to do a display like the difficulty with the person you have gone through whatever with.