From the celebrated and also award-winning composer Dave Malloy come Natasha, Pierre & The good Comet the 1812, one electropop opera based on a scandalous slice of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Young and impulsive, Natasha Rostova come in Moscow to await the return of she fiancé indigenous the front lines. Once she falls under the assignment of the roguish Anatole, the is approximately Pierre, a family friend in the middle of an existential crisis, to choose up the pieces of she shattered reputation. Following a critically exalted premiere in ~ Ars Nova in new York City, a subsequent Off-Broadway transfer, and also an acclaimed run on Broadway, this award-winning musical expands the possibilities for the genre through its daring score and bold storytelling. 


Natasha, Pierre & the an excellent Comet the 1812 premiered at Ars Nova in brand-new York City in October 2012, under the direction that Rachel Chavkin. 

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PROLOGUEMoscow, 1812, just before Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and also the burning of the city. As the story begins (“Prologue”) we meet “Pierre,” a well-off aristocrat having actually an gift crisis, living a slothful life the wine, philosophy, and inaction.

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PART IMeanwhile, the young, newly involved Natasha Rostova and also her cousin Sonya arrive in “Moscow” to continue to be the winter with Marya D., Natasha’s godmother, while Natasha waits for her fiancé, Andrey, to return indigenous the war. Marya D. Tells Natasha the she have to visit she future in-laws, the demented, miserly old Prince Bolkonsky and his spinster daughter, mary (“The Private and Intimate Life of the House”), to win their affection and also secure the marriage, which is critical to the Rostovs’ status and fortune. However, Natasha’s visit ends in disaster (“Natasha & Bolkonskys”), and she leaves missing Andrey an ext than ever (“No One Else”).

PART IIThe following night, Natasha is introduced to decadent Moscow culture at “The Opera”; there she meets Anatole, a young officer and also notorious rogue (“Natasha & Anatole”); their interaction leaves Natasha feeling confused.

PART IIIAnatole, his girlfriend Dolokhov, and also Pierre go out drinking; they room met by Hélène, (Pierre’s wife and Anatole’s sister), who taunts Pierre. Anatole declares his intention to have actually Natasha, although he is already married. Pierre finds his wife’s familiarity with Dolokhov offensive and challenges him come a duel, virtually getting himself eliminated (“The Duel”). Afterward, Pierre reflects on his life (“Dust and also Ashes”). Natasha and also her household go come church (“Sunday Morning”); later, Hélène arrives and also invites Natasha to the ball that night (“Charming”), wherein Anatole seduces Natasha (“The Ball”).


PART IVNatasha and also Anatole do plans to elope, and Natasha division off her engagement with Andrey (“Letters”). Sonya find out about the plan and realizes the will mean Natasha’s damage (“Sonya & Natasha”); she determines to protect against her at any cost (“Sonya Alone”). The evening Anatole and Dolokhov setup for the elopement (“Preparations”) and also call on their trusted troika driver, “Balaga,” to take it them come Natasha’s house. However, “The Abduction” is thwarted at the last moment by Marya D.

PART VAfter scolding a grief-stricken Natasha (“In my House”), Marya D. Sends out “A contact to Pierre,” asking him to aid handle the crisis. Pierre kicks Anatole the end of Moscow (“Find Anatole” / “Pierre & Anatole”); Natasha prisoner herself (“Natasha very Ill”); Andrey returns. Pierre explains the scandal come him and asks that to be compassionate, however Andrey is unable to pardon (“Pierre & Andrey”). Finally, Pierre access time Natasha (“Pierre & Natasha”). After your meeting, Pierre experiences a minute of knowledge while see “The an excellent Comet that 1812” in the night sky.

There"s a battle going on out there somewhere, and ANDREY isn"t here.(Range: Baritone, F2-Eb3)NATASHA is young; she loves Andrey v all her heart.(Range: Soprano, G3-F5)SONYA is good; Natasha"s cousin and closest friend.(Range: Mezzo-Soprano, B3-C5)MARYA is oldschool; a grande dame the Moscow. Natasha"s Godmother, strictly yet kind.(Range: Alto, G3-B4)ANATOLE is hot; that spends his money on women and wine.(Range: Tenor, B2-C#5)HÉLÈNE is a slut; Anatole"s sister, married come Pierre.

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(Range: Alto, G3-F5)DOLOKHOV is fierce (but not as well important). Anatole"s friend, a crazy great shot. (Range: Baritone, E3-F4)OLD PRINCE BOLKONSKY is crazy, and MARY is plain; Andrey"s household - completely messed up. (BOLKONSKY Range: Baritone, Ab3-F4) (MARY Range: Mezzo-Soprano, G3-B4)BALAGA is simply for fun.(Range: Baritone, A2-E4)And what about PIERRE? Dear, bewildered, and also awkward PIERRE?(Range: Bari-Tenor, Ab2-Ab4)ENSEMBLE/VARIOUS rather (2F 2M +)

Time Period19th CenturyFeaturesElaborate / High Volume Costumes, duration CostumesAdditional FeaturesNot ApplicableDuration120 minute (2 hours)CautionsAlcoholGun ShotsMild Adult Themes


Critic"s Pick! "A witty, inventive enchantment from rousing begin to mournful finish. It is both the many innovative and also the best new musical to open on Broadway since Hamilton!" - The new York Times, Read MoreCritic"s Pick! "A vibrant, transporting new musical <...> Mr. Malloy’s lyrical voice is blunt, funny and also forthrightly modern-day <...>” - The New York Times, Read More"5 Stars (out the 5) <...> Dave Malloy’s Natasha, Pierre & The great Comet of 1812 feels favor a party from begin to end: lively, intelligent and also utterly engrossing <...> The dazzlingly variegated score - i m sorry covers musical terrain from people songs with rock, R&B and house music - catches their story in stirring and also surprising ways; <...> this is a rare and also marvelous event: between the din of new York, an oasis the artful illumination.” - Time Out brand-new York, Read More"Inventive, ravishing and also full-on romantic! <...> appearing out of i do not have anything to brighten the theatrical season, this thrilling new show relies on ambition, ingenuity, craft and heart.” - New York Post, Read More"This astonishing new musical adapts a 70-page ar of <War and Peace>, mashing increase imperialist Russia and also an eclectic variety of styles, transforming Tolstoy right into a swoon-worthy, vodka-soaked party. It"s a sensual, wild ride: rollicking music, beautiful singing, a feast for the eye, ear and also mouth." - NY1, Read More“Dave Malloy might be a genius.” - brand-new York Theatre Review, Read More 


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