Billed as a "special," Naruto Shippūden episodes 422 and also 423 take it the best strategy to anime-original material. There space no clunky attempts to tie them right into the action unfolding in the current timeline. (Between dodging blows, characters too often say something like, "this reminds me of a time in my youth," and also viewers space then treated to fifty percent an episode or much more of filler.) The excursion is minimal to 2 episodes aired back-to-back, ensuring the the main story is just put on organize for a week. Likewise to the credit, the story concentrates on a character who doesn"t receive a lot of attention in the resource material. Over all, this episodes space a nod come the series" lighthearted origins and serve up a generous helping of slapstick humor.

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Interwoven with short scenes from vital points in Naruto Shippūden up till Pain"s destruction of the town of the concealed Leaf, the two-episode special shows viewers vital events in the collection from Konohamaru"s point of view. Apparently, once Naruto returned to the covert Leaf in ~ the beginning of Shippūden, he promised to teach Konohamaru the Rasengan, even though he"d just mastered the himself. Every time Naruto returns to the town after a mission, Konohamaru displayed his progression to his idol/rival/teacher and learns the next step in the technique. When Naruto"s away, Konohamaru and also his teammates, Udon and also Moegi, come up with vibrant ways to fill in the gaps left through Naruto"s negative instruction.

It"s refreshing to be reminded that Naruto"s foibles at this stage in the series, when it seems he can do no dorn in the main storyline. The "Hero that the covert Leaf" it s okay a big head in the confront of Konohamaru"s idol worship. He"s additionally a damaging teacher, using onomatopoeic noises to vaguely describe what Konohamaru needs to execute in order to replicate the attack. He even attempts to teach Konohamaru the an approach his way—with the help of a zero clone—despite knowing that wasn"t the proper means to execute the attack to start with. He"s likewise highly competitive and also gloats as soon as he finishes his very own training first, also though Konohamaru is numerous years younger than him.

Even in ~ this allude in the series, it"s unclear even if it is or not the protagonist has actually much of a perverse side. Sure, he"s always chased after ~ Sakura, and also the Sexy method has remained in his arsenal since the beginning, but he"s no turned top top as quickly as plenty of of his male function models. Konohamaru and the rest of Team Ebisu mostly rely on their versions of the Sexy technique to discover the various steps of performing the Rasengan. Because of the influx of scantily-clad women, there are aroused-bloody-noses the Looney melody proportions as soon as Ebisu, Iruka, Yamato and also Kakashi gain an eyeful. Also Naruto gets a small hot under the collar at one point. Back the joke isn"t specifically original, the over-the-top visuals elicit a few chuckles.

The latest Naruto Shippūden special adeptly spans 175 illustration of the series from a different suggest of view. If the ton is light and also humorous because that the most part—far more so than we"ve checked out in the main storyline for some time—there"s room for darker moments, too. Indigenous Asuma"s funeral, which influenced his nephew Konohamaru to work harder, to Konohamaru acquisition down among the pains to save Ebisu, these two episodes cover a the majority of ground. By the end, the bond in between Konohamaru and also Naruto i do not care a small clearer, and also that alone makes this one-of-a-kind a worthwhile watch.

Rating: B

Naruto Shippūden is at this time streaming onCrunchyroll.

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