Well, no. Sasuke didn’t gain his arm back in the Naruto Shippuden series or later in the Boruto movie or the Boruto: Naruto following Generation. He had the option to have. But for part reason, he chose to not take the option.

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How walk Sasuke shed his arm?

Sasuke shed his left arm in a battle against Naruto, i beg your pardon is known as the final battle. ~ defeating and also sealing Kaguya Otsutsuki and also Madara Uchiha (well, technically they didn’t loss him), the two friends battled for the last time. They combated with their very own ideal to save and destroy every other. Well, Naruto wanted to conserve his girlfriend Sasuke, while Sasuke to be trying to death Naruto-his rival and also only friend.

At the really last that the fight, lock both offered their remaining power to cast their Jutsu, Rasengan, and also Chidori. As soon as both strikes collide through each other, castle both lost one of their arms.

Did Naruto lose his eight too?

Yes, Naruto too lost one the his arms choose Sasuke in the final battle. Naruto shed his right arm in that fight. Because he was utilizing his best hand to cast Rasengan. Together the Rasengan collided v Chidori, there led to a big explosion and they both shed their eight in it.

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In which episode did Sasuke and also Naruto lose their arms?


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