Favorite Band:

The other day, ns heard Billy Joel’s For The Longest Time playing in a store, and had a total flashback to childhood. Ns was in third or 4th grade and also we to be on a road trip where my dad played Billy Joe’s Innocent male album many, countless times. I don’t have any memory of my dad hearne to previously Billy Joel songs, however I can tell you he certain loved that details album.

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The flashback acquired me thinking of other albums and also bands ns associate v my dad. Certainly Simon & Garfunkel. The Kingston Trio. The coast Boys. Those are the first ones that pertained to mind.

When i think of my mom, the memory of certain bands or albums aren’t together distinct. I’m not certain I might accurately surname a favorite band of mine mom’s. Ns remember might parents had actually a record collection, but I don’t know anything about how it involved be. Go they collect them every together? walk they lug their very own record collections to the marriage?

If my own youngsters were request what bands lock associate through me, I’m guessing the older three would speak Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, and also Sufjan Stevens. I’d say that’s exact — I do love all three really much — however it’s exciting to me that none of them represent music from mine teens, or even from college. Instead, I would say those 3 bands stand for my thirties. And it occurs to me that i don’t think I’ve excellent a very an excellent job presenting my children to the music that influenced me as soon as I was their ages.

In fact, v my younger 3 kids, i don’t recognize if they would associate any certain music v me in ~ all. In France, I would listen come music every time us were in the automobile — and also we were in the automobile a lot. But due to the fact that we moved ago to the States, once I’m in the car, I mostly listen to NPR or various other news instead of music. It’s prefer music has actually unexpectedly bring away a earlier seat to various other interests. Is this just a phase? Is it an age-related thing? I have actually no idea.

Thinking about all of this do me curious. As soon as you snapshot your own parents and also music, what favorite tape or song or albums come to mind? and if friend have kids of your own, do you think they associate particular music with you? Or know your favorite band? have actually you intentionally common favorite music from her youth? have you ever gone through a phase wherein you’re not listening to music an extremely often? I’d love to hear.

P.S. —Sometimes Ben will track in to an eighties station, and it’s therefore funny to establish I recognize every word to every song. Regularly I don’t know the surname of the band, or the name of the song, but still, I recognize every freaking word. Also on songs i didn’t yes, really like throughout the 80’s!! Hah. Clearly my brain must keep all this stuff simply in case. : )


We grew up listening to a lot of Neil Diamond, ABBA, Billy Joel, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Barbra Streisand. Ns still listen to it currently (except Barbra). I feel choose what i listen to now changes daily yet most that what I’m attracted to is music from mine past. Occasionally I love a brand-new band choose Bon Iver or. Leon Bridges. It took me 4 days that no music (which is unusual) after we lugged our daughter home prior to I played she the first song she would ever before hear. My husband wanted to simply turn the radio on, however I to be adamant the the an initial song she heard somehow would collection the soundtrack for she childhood. In the finish I determined Stevie Wonders, no she lovely and teared up as we danced in our living room all together (we waited and hoped for her for several years). Currently at 7 months she still likes Stevie and additionally shows one affinity for Bob Marley.



I flourished up in a house where music to be ‘mainly’ 50’s country, but additionally Johnny Mathis, Dean Martin, Billy Holiday, and others. (I’m no a vast country music fan)

When ns had children I wanted them come love every kinds of music for this reason they listened to every little thing from classic opera to Beasty Boys, Michael Jackson come Hawaiian slack key, rockabilly and showtunes… us were anywhere the map! but also, in ~ home and also in the vehicle – a the majority of NPR/PRI!

I witnessed the soundtrack for “Pulp Fiction” at Target and noticed it had “Miserlou” by cock Dale, (1962! as soon as I to be a really small kid) “Teen period Wedding” and a few other songs ns LOVE, so i picked it increase excited to present surf rock etc. Come our after college mandatory run party playlist. A few days later, we had a bunch of kids at the house and also one that my ideal friends, the Bishop’s wife. I chose this would certainly be a good time to not only use the brand-new “remote” attribute on the cd player, but also crank up part “Miserlou” and get our surf on. So i shushed anyone down and also said “Ok everyone, this is one of my favourites!” and also turned increase the volume very loud and pressed “play”.

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Now ns am not certain anyone has ever before seen “Pulp Fiction”, yet the first cut on that soundtrack album is labeled “Miserlou” however is came before by the totality “Hunny Bunny” sequence finish with the “muther freaking” all over the place really salty language!!! divine smokes! It was both horrifying and hilarious all at once. My kids will certainly be bringing this story up in ~ my funeral.