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If you spentany kind of time watching videos on Vine before the app shut down in beforehand 2017, you may remember the “My name is Jeff” meme. Today, this well known quotation from the movie 22 Jump Street continues to pop up on TikTok and also equivalent platcreates.

The Origin of the “My Name Is Jeff” Meme

The line “My name is Jeff” originates from a scene in 22 Jump Street in which actor Channing Tatum tries exceptionally tough to fake a foreign accent however fails terribly and also hilariously. It"s a brief scene, so it was perfect for inserting right into Vine videos (which were a maximum of 6 seconds). You can watch the “My name is Jeff” scene on YouTube.

Viners hadmany fun dubbing the “My name is Jeff” quote overclips of themselves, music videos, and also other movies. Users would certainly generally insert the line right into their own videos for random comedic result. Unfortunately, Vine shut dvery own on January 17th, 2017, so the platdevelop wbelow this meme first took off isn"t accessible anyeven more.



Wbelow to Find the 'My Name Is Jeff' Meme

Since the Vine archives shut down, it"s no much longer feasible to see “My name is Jeff” memes in their original create. However, some of the most memorable Vines live on thanks to YouTube. If you search for “My name is Jeff,” you"ll come across a range of videos, including parodies of the scene and “My name is Jeff” Vine meme compilations.

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The Spread of the 'My Name Is Jeff' Meme

The movie 22 Jump Street was released in the summer of 2014, yet the “My name is Jeff” meme only really picked up in popularity during the month of November. The meme initially blew up on Vine, but it conveniently made its way to other social networks favor Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit, and also Instagram. The“My name is Jeff” Facebook page once had over 84,000 likes, and an unaffiliated Twitter account had over 40,000 followers (both the Facebook web page and also Twitter account are no longer active).